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Animal Cruelty: The Reason I don't eat much meat anymoreCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 26 April 2011
08:59:31 AM (GMT)
Last January, I decided I was going to cut back on eating meat, I'd only eat fish
and chicken. Last night I was searching for some info on baby lambs and stumbled upon
a video called 'No Mercy- Animal Cruelty Exposed'. I've only seen the first few
seconds of it. A cow gets killed by being struck on the head with what looked like a
hammer. The place where this was taken is know for abusing their animals. Stepping on
them, kicking them repeatedly, cutting them, all of this is done to those innocent,
loving animals who want nothing more then love and shelter. These horrid people take
their anger out on innocent animals who can't fight back. I got the rest of this info
from the article that was under the video. The cow that they killed in the first few
second was doing nothing but lying in the grass and being a cow.
     Look down at your meat. Unless it's from an animal you have, how do you know
there isn't abuse going on from the animal's life? For now, the only meat I will eat
is fish and chicken, and those are on rare occasions. As for going vegan, I only
drink organic milk and organic food items. Now, I'm not judging anyone who eats meat
and will NOT try to make you a vegan. But if you care for animals, give a
shoutout or a post. Repost this if you want. But remember, I'm not trying to make you
do anything. Just wanted to get this out. :3

                   Re Summer Ce

‹► Asim ◄› says:   26 April 2011   235454  
I mainly eat chicken and lamb, but the ones that are not treated
cruelly and are killed in the least painful way.
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   447849  
Ah-greed. But my familiy is the meat-every-meal kind of family, so I
have to compromise by getting turkey hot dogs or meat made of turkey.
It's healthier, and turkeys don't usually get abused!~:3 So, have you
seen the video I was talking about? 
cbmminimitch says:   26 April 2011   309234  
I only really like chicken, and I've always wanted to become a veggie
but I love bacon and chicken too much, i could easily give up burgers,
but not marinated lamb chops mmmm, or kebabs.... My friend she's a
veggie but she eats fish, and it's really awkward for her all the time
like when we go on school trios and BBQ's cuz most if the vegetarian
food she has is horrible :L
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   481031  
Anything is a start! Like with me, I don't eat red meat. I don't eat
ANY cow meat, lamb meat, deer meat, pig meat, only chicken, turkey,
and fish. Think about it. Your saving many animal's lives each time
you refuse to give in to that burger craving or ham slice. We all are.
Most cows are put in to pins that don't even give enough room to turn
around. And for veal meat, it's even smaller! 
cbmminimitch says:   26 April 2011   169467  
@<greek> I have stopped eating those tinned Frank ferters cuz
they are made from that meat that is just crushed up with the grissel
and stuff, and guess what they are mostly made of! They are s'posed to
be pork but they have more chicken in them!! I haven't eaten them
since November 2009 :D so I'm happy bout that hahaha XD 
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   506485  
Ikr? There are so many things that are promised to be real meat, but
are really a cheaper item disguised as meat. That's awesome that you
haven't eaten them in that long! 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   26 April 2011   110031  
The only meats I ever eat are chicken, turkey and certain
types of fish. :I
I saw a lamb being killed once, in India. It was grotesque. Put me off
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   523759  
Same with the lamb. When I was a child, I knew someone who raised
little lambs. He raised them as pets and let me bottle feed them. He
died recently, and his lambs were all killed. 
cbmminimitch says:   26 April 2011   403098  
@<greek> thanks!! I don't know what to cut down on next, is
there anything else that isn't what it says that it is? Cuz then I
will cut down on that and then slowly only eat good things haha :D I
don't think I would become a vegan because I love cheese, and they
can't have cheese right? But I could live without milk, I prefer soya
milk :D 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   26 April 2011   210028  
Ahh, how horrible! D: 
I only ever let my parents buy free range eggs too, and refuse to eat
them otherwise. c: 
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   649391  
As for veganism, I've found a way to still get hte nutrition I need. I
substitute dairy products for organic  products.

Yeah. I'm trying to convert my family to do this, but they say it's
one[me] against two[them]. My mother wouldn't even try a glass fo
organic milk for nearly a year! 
toffelle says:   26 April 2011   392044  
I buy free range eggs too... But I can't live without hamburgers, as
much as I hate it. DX My family gets the ones prom the one place...I
can't remember the name... where there is proof of no technical
abuse...when they're...y'know, shot, it's done in a way so they feel
no pain, which makes me  feel a little bit better. XD
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   195314  
 I totally don't mind that at all. I'm trying to find a good veggie
burger recipe. I hate it when places hurt the animals as much as they
can for their death. Like hanging a cow from a wall and slowl cutting
it's limbs off. I screamed when I saw it ;c 
‹► Asim ◄› says:   26 April 2011   948065  
I think I might have seen a similar video, it showed pigs, cows,
chicken, lamb and fish being raised in a cruel way and the way they
were killed was horrible too. 
‹hypnohsis› says:   26 April 2011   191802  
Yeah. I aboslutely hate that vid. 
‹Shadowsoftheheart› says:   26 April 2011   922527  
I can not comment on this...
‹The Lark› says:   28 April 2011   910842  
That's horrible. It reminds me of when I was reading a book on fast
food, and they were describing the way they treat the animals they use
for their meat. There was just so many things wrong with it.
Remembering it makes me cringe.
The thing is, I can see where vegans and vegetarians are coming from.
Don't get me wrong, animal cruelty does upset me, but I really can't
see myself becoming one.
‹hypnohsis› says:   28 April 2011   457330  
  That's perfectly fine! Remember, I will not try and change your
views. And there are many trusted meat brands of which I actually ate
when I wasn't a vegetarian. 
summerrain says:   28 April 2011   858681  
I think I've seen the video. D:
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   21 June 2011   740325  
Actually, not all stockyards are like this. Before Temple Grandin,
they were, though.
‹How_Could_You_Be_So_Heartless?› says:   21 June 2011   969014  
I am a vegan....Its not because of animal cruelty...I want to be a
good role model for my brother and not each meat.I do agree with the
‹hypnohsis› says:   21 June 2011   241954  
Good for you! C: 
‹GeeGasm› says:   21 June 2011   425201  
Thats why I'm going vegan. No more meat for me except fish, and
sometimes chicken. 
‹hypnohsis› says :   21 June 2011   970925  
Same things I eat. And if your family is like mine, they like to cook
out, try buying turkey hot dogs. They're made out of turkey(obviously)
and are healthier for you anyways. It's a win win!  


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