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Monday, 11 April 2011
05:29:19 PM (GMT)
I awoke slowly, as if waking from a drugged sleep. I found I was still next to the
bars. Torch light leaked in, soaking me in red and orange. I sat up and looked down
the hall toward other cells. I looked toward the middle right cell to see Stark
slipping from a cell. He turned and seemed to smile again. Again I looked away.
     My attention moved to the cell across from me. Inside was a boy, no older than
sixteen or seventeen. He had black hair. His eyes were closed, for he was sleeping.
His skin wasn’t tan, but it wasn’t very white either. I smiled a bit in spite of
myself. Now, what could he have done? Even through his innocent look, which someone
would easily take as a murderer, he wasn’t… A petty thief, possibly?
     I turned away and back to my previous thoughts. The Knights couldn’t keep me
long… I was wanted for… Well, a lot. Murder… Theft… Attempted assassination
of a Knight and his seven guards… They’d have to come get me… And I’d fight
my way out, no matter the cost.
     “You feel better?”
     I looked up to see Stark. “Why?” 
     Stark laughed. “She speaks more than the word ‘no’!” He leaned on the
bars. “Since you don’t seem to be inclined to go through normal medical procedure
around here —namely letting me check for things you-know-how — I’ll ask you
this: you diseased? At all?”
     “No.” I growled.
     “Mmh…” Stark began walking away. “And she returns to ‘no’! You may
as well know your trial is in but a few days.” Then he disappeared through a door.
     I turned to look at the boy opposite of me again. For some reason, I was drawn
to him.
     Could he help me with Silver-Arrow and the Trians?
     I considered trying to wake him, but the guards would be alert. I turned back to
the inner section of my cell. I’d have to break for it when I was brought to trial.
And I’d have to come back to get that boy. Unless…
     “Hey!” I called down the hallway, letting my voice sound higher. “Hey!”
     “Quiet prisoner.” called a guard.
     “Would you mind coming here?” I asked, sweetness seeping into my voice. I
might have almost thrown up from it.
     The guard rounded the corner. “What do you want, girl?”
     “That boy— ” I pointed to the other cell. “— Can I be moved in
there?” If I sounded sweeter I’d be in a candy shoppe. 
     “Why the— ” the guard shook his head. “Fine. But keep it down, will
     I felt my face burn with embarrassment. The guard opened my cell, grabbing my
arm viciously and then opened the boys. I stepped into the cell, the guard honestly
pushing me along, and he locked the door.
     “Like I said, keep it down.” 
     I cursed under my breath. I leaned against the far wall and watched the boy
sleeping. I turned to the guard, now fumbling with his keys. “What did he do?”
     “Theft and assault in the tavern.” He replied. He walked away as if the
conversation had never taken place. Lovely.
     I noticed the thief was still asleep. I looked around. There was a small, barred
window. I walked over to it and held the bars. Moonlight flooded over me. I slid my
hand down the bar, wishing I was out there. I looked at the sleeping boy for a moment
then turned away. I looked out thr window and began pondering how to escape.
     I must have fallen asleep, because when I looked up, sunlight was shining
through the window. I found I was in the far right corner still. I started to stand
when I realized the boy wasn’t with me in the cell. I anything but jumped up at the
bars. At the end of the hall I saw Stark. He was talking to someone behind the
corner. Men’s clothes were on the ground. Weirdo… I saw Stark hand the clothes to
someone, and seconds later he and the thief were walking back to the cell.
     “Ah, hello Khione.” said Stark, a smile touching his lips in amusement.
     “Khione?” asked the thief. “Who’s… oh, her.”
     Stark began opening the cell when I had an idea. Pretty good one, too. I shot
the thief a glance with the plan in my eyes and he nodded immediately. Right as Stark
opened the door, I pushed out. The thief pushed a surprised Stark in as I grabbed the
key away quickly. Stark reached for it but the thief kicked him back, sending him to
the far wall of the cell. The thief kicked the cell shut and I locked it within
seconds. Stark stared at us, surprised but silent.
     “This way— There’s a back.” Said the thief. I followed him tentatively.

     The thief pushed at the back wall in the hall with the cells. It dented in and
he took a handhold, ripping it open to reveal a passage. 
     “We just take a left, go straight, another left, go down the diagonal hall,
take a right, snag our stuff, take a left, another hall, another left, and we’re
out.” he said.
     “How do you know all this?” I asked while running after him.
     “Used to be a knight.” He said with a smirk.
     By the time we got out of the castle, I was ready to leave Fayrfax for a long
time. The thief and I navigated the streets effortlessly to a small, abandoned tower.
I pushed in the seemingly locked door and slipped in. The thief followed me in and
locked the door behind him.
     I slipped on my cloak and hood while the thief made sure no one followed us.
When he came back over to me I slipped my hood over my head and removed the contacts,
replacing them with new ones discreetly. 
     “How long have you been in Fayrfax, Khione?” he asked.
     I paused. “Fourteen*. And you…?”
     “Cilan.” laughed the boy. “And me? … My whole life. Say, eighteen
years.” I nodded, though I was barely listening. I took my dagger from my sack and
began sharpening the blade on a stone in the corner. Ailaden looked at my dagger
     “What’s your story?” he asked.
     “What do you mean?”
     “Why you’re in such an effed up place like Fayrfax.”
     I paused. “I… Those are just those things that… Well…”
     “You just don’t trust a former Diamond Knight? Think I’ll sell you out or
something?” he laughed.
     I nodded, but even I knew I was lying to myself.
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‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says:   13 May 2011   932663  
I love it~
Serene_Tears says:   14 May 2011   694414  
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 May 2011   749994  
o.o *waits for the next part*
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   12 June 2011   455047  
I'll get it up ASAP Sorry it's taking so long :[ 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   12 June 2011   686075  


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