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Saturday, 9 April 2011
06:20:25 PM (GMT)
I walked down the hallway with my best friend  Maria. She was bi too. I looked at
her butt. Gosh she was hot.
I stared at her skirt going up and down, showing her panties. I walked toward
homeroom with her and sat next to her. "Jennifer, are you ok?" She asked. "Ya I'm
fine Maria." I looked at her shirt the entire time, which practically showed her
boobs. The rest of the day was a blur..until she came to my house. She flopped on the
couch. And she took a nap. I got under the blanket with her and felt her. She woke up
on top of me. Her boobs dangled over my face. She looked down at me then humped me.
God, that felt good!

My mom came home, watching me seduce my best friend. 
She did not care. She brought her girlfriend too.

Maria brought out a yellow plastic vibrator and put it on my boobs and slid it down
to my pussy. She hit my but and it jiggled. She started to massage my boobs and i
sucked on her hard nipples. I felt her hand rub my pussy and I cummed all over
her.She giggled and called her older sister Angelina. Angelina came in with no top
and pants on. She ran over to a pole in the middle of the room and did a striptease.
After she was done she jumped on top of us and shoved a dildo up our pussy.


Finally, my dad came home. "How was school honey?" "It was fine dad." Angelina and
Maria were hiding in my closet in my bedroom, waiting for me. I ate supper and
brought some up there for them. When i opened the door, a smell hit me. It was their
cum. They were seducing in my room! I shut the door and walked to them. They were
giggling, masturbating and seduce-talking

I smiled as I jumped on top of Maria and shoved a dildo up her ass. "In and out" I
thought going to the rhythm. "OH JENNIFER OH BABY. YOU GET AN A+ IN HAVING A
THREE-SOME OH YA!!!" Maria said between moans and gasps for air. Angelina opened her
legs over Maria and I licked her pussy the same time I was shoving a dildo in Maria.
Suddenly, a white liquid came from Maria. "Sorry, could not hold it." I smiled and
let it go on me and drip down my breast to my feet. "Cum baby, CUM!!" Angelina
chanted while licking my hard nipples. She started sucking my boobs hard which made
me VERY horny. I started to scissor her while I left Maria alone shoving a dildo up
her ass by herself. She took it out and sucked on it seductively.  She got up and I
heard a vibrate from her bra which she had took off. "Oh shit." She told Angelina.
"What?" Angelina said. "Our mom's home." Angelina quickly put her clothes on and
jumped out the window. "Babe!" I yelled "We'll be back tonight." Maria promised as I

"Shut up Maria" Angelina said to Maria softly. Suddenly, a figure jumped on top of
me. It was Maria! I turned my desk lamp on. She had a strap-on cock and was shoving
it into me. Her hair was in a french braid, she was wearing no bra, a tube top and
booty shorts. She took the strap-on off and started stripping herself in a sexy way.
First she took off her braid and put her other hand inside the crack of her boobs. 
She started rubbing around. Then, she took her booty shorts off in a sexy way. She
unbuttoned her booty shorts and pulled the zipper down. She started to moan and
giggle. She took her thumbs put it on the sides of her booty shorts and inch by inch
her pants came down.
Last edited: 11 November 2011

Jusbecauselul says:   9 April 2011   176953  
U MU$+ |34Rn 2 R34D & Ri+3
Pussy4Me says:   10 April 2011   499197  
My mum walked past casually, squeezing her gf's boobs and leading her
I stroked Maria's pussy tenderly, then shove dmy finger up it and felt
for the milk
Angeles says:   10 April 2011   789982  

HAHAHA. There isn't any milk in there (or in her breasts, unless she
was pregnant/had a baby recently)
Pussy4Me says:   10 April 2011   932454  
i mean cum
reyeslove11 says:   7 July 2011   601300  
awwwwwwww y can u finish it ? I LOVE IT , plz finish it
lesbiangal says:   10 July 2011   225679  
ok! Fine lol.
reyeslove11 says:   23 September 2011   318700  
RedDino2000 says:   4 October 2011   977913  
I love your story finish it plz
lesbiangal says:   7 October 2011   691480  
ok. i think u'll like it
ElmosEpicWorld says:   7 October 2011   689364  
i read this more than 10 times. finish it pl0x? :3
lesbiangal says :   19 October 2011   257793  
Ok just added some more.

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