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how obsessed with vampires are you?Category: (general)
Saturday, 8 January 2011
10:43:35 AM (GMT)
[x] I have read the Twilight saga
[x] I like like/have heard of/ have read/ the Vampire Kisses Saga
[x] I have read / like the Darren shan saga
[x] I own the Twilight saga and other Twilight merachandise
[x] I own more then 15 Twilight merchandise and/or own more then 5 Twilight shirts
[x] I own the vampire Kisses saga
[  ] I own the whole darren shan saga
thus far: 6

[x] I wish I could meet Vladimir Dracula
[x] I wish Blade was real
[x] I wish Edward Cullen was real
[x] I wish the Cullen/ Hale men were real
[x] I know who the Hales are
[x] I wish Count Orlock was real
Thus far: 12

[X] I have watched Dark Shadows re-runs
[x] I watch the Vampire Diaries
[  ] I watch True Blood
[ x] I've seen every twilight movie thus far
[x]  I like Nosferatu
[x] I have watched Nosferatu the vampyre
[x] I have watched Nosferatu the vampyre in it's origanal German form
[x] I know that Nosferatu the vampyre is really Nosferatu, Phantom der nacht
[x] I call Nosferatu by it's german name
[x] I know the difference between Nosferatu and Nosferatu phantom der nacht
thus far: 21

[x] I have defended Edward Cullen
[x] I have had a debate and/or argued about Edward Cullen
[x] I know Edward is emo
[x] ...and I like it
[x] I have no intention of insulting real Emo's by calling him this.
[x] I know vampires really no not sparkle
[x] I know vampires need HUMAN bloos, barely surviving on animal blood (if they
choose ew) and vampires do not drink snythetic blood
thus far: 28

[x] I know who Carmilla is
[x] I know who Dracula is
[x] I know they aren't real
[x] I know Bram Stoker was Irish and didn't really know who the real Dracula was
[x] I know who the real Dracula is
thus far: 33

[x] I call the real Dracula by his first name
[x] I know he's not really a vampire
[x] I know what 'Dracula' means in English
[x] I know who Vladimir Dracula is
[x] I get the vampire theory about him
[x] I know who his father is
[x] I know who his brother is
[x] I have studied Dracula for more then a year
[x] I have studied vampires for more then 2 years
[x] I have studied vampires for more then 4 years
[x] I know what necrophylia is
[x] No i'm not a necrophyliac
thus far: 45

[x] I have tasted blood
[x] I have bitten people
[x] I have bitten myself for my own sheer fun
[x] I get thirsy at the sight of blood
thus far: 49

I... ...
[  ] kick
[  ] scratch
[X] bite
thus far: 50

[  ] I have flase fangs
[  ] I have false vampire eyes
[x] my natural eye color is vivid blue and/ or green
[x] I havhe naturally sharp teeth
[x] I am pale
[x] I hate sunlight
[x] I have shadows under my eyes
[x] I know the difference between a Goth and a vampire
[x] When I was younger I said I wanted to be a vampire
[x] I still do
[x] I know Marlyn Mansion is not a vampire
[x] I don't even like Marlyn Mansion
thus far: 60

[x] the sun doesn't kill vampires
[x] garlic doesn't kill vampires
[x] holy water doesn't kill vampires
[x] crosses don't kill vampires
[x] vampires have fangs
[x] vampires have red/or yellow/or blue/or green/or black/ or gold eyes
[x] I believe in vampire-human relationships
[x] I believe in vampire-lycan relationships
[x] I know what a lycan is
[x] not all vampires want to eat humans
overall: 70

now times your overall score by 3 and you get your answer
post it with I am ___% obsessed with vampires!

my answer: I am 210% obsessed with vampires!
Last edited: 8 January 2011

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