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Monday, 29 November 2010
06:32:27 PM (GMT)
A - Available: m'hmm. - Age: five plus six minus one times ten minus three plus three minues eighty seven. =) *COUGHthirteenCOUGH* - Annoyance: a lot of things. - Animal: owl =D B - Beer: goes best with FancyCakes. <3 - Birthday: august 25, 1997 - Best Friend(s): i only have a few, haha... - Best feeling in the world: i honestly don't know. - Blind or Deaf: that's tough. - Best weather: summer rain at night. - Been in Love: very very much so. - Been on stage?: not for a while.. - Believe in Magic: haha yeah. =) C - Candy: is delicious. - Color: aqua, black, and silver. - Chocolate/Vanilla: vuhh-nilla. - Chinese/Mexican: both! - Continent to visit: i dunno...haha. - Cheese: chedduh. D - Day or Night: night. - Dancing in the rain: yes please. E - Eyes: most of the time green, sometimes blue. :] - Ever failed a class?: lots. F - First thoughts waking up: WHOO! half-day today. - Food: all. G - Greatest Fear: being buried alive.. - Goals: get shit together - Get along with your parents?: most of the time with my dad.. - Good luck charm: i have a little note and a guitar pick that i carry around when i need good luck. H - Hair Color: ugly, brownish color. - Height: five foot two. - Happy: not too much. - Holiday: halloween. - How do you want to die: in an amazing, unforgettable/gruesome way. =D I - Ice Cream: is okay? - Instrument: clarinet, bitch. ;D haha J - Jewelry: earrings. haha. soon, a nose ring. - Job: none quite yet. K - Kids: not yet. - Kickboxing/Karate: hahah no. L - Love: LOVE HURTS, LOVE SCARS, LOVE WOUNDS, AND HARMS ANY HEART NOT TOUGH OR STRONG ENOUGH TO TAKE ALOT OF PAIN, TAKE ALOT OF PAIN, LOVE IS LIKE A CLOUD, HOLDS ALOT OF RAIN. LOVE HURTS, OOOOOOH, LOVE HURTS. ? haha...yeah. - Laughed so hard you cried: almost a daily thing. M - Milk flavor: i hateee milk. - Movies: scary. funny. =) - Motion sickness?: never. :] - McD’s or BK: idkkk? N - Number: 13. O - One wish: to have more wishes. =) P - Perfect Pizza: one that's...not burnt? edible? - Pepsi/Coke: cokeee. Q - Quail: haaaail yeah. x) R - Reason to cry: stupid reasons. horomones. fuck you, HOROMONES. - Reality T.V.: some of it's okay. - Roll your tongue in a circle: yep - Ring size: round? S - Song: right now? "Start The Machine"-Angels & Airwaves, or "Memories"-Weezer. <3 - Shoe size: nine-/nine and a half. - Salad Dressing: eww, - Sushi: ickk. - Slept outside: yeyahhhh. - Smoke?: indeed - Skinny dipped?: hahah! always a good time. - Sing well?: no. - In the shower?: still no, i can't sing, PERIOD. - Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries. - Sunrise/Sunset: sunset. T - Tattoos?: are amazinn. - Time for bed: anytime? - Thunderstorms: my favorite. sit on the porch under a blanket and watch. mhmm. U - Unpredictable: every second. V - Vacation spot(s): Jamaica; we got this all planned out! W - Weakness: too many. - Which one of your friends acts the most like you: it's hard to tell. - Who makes you laugh the most: anyone who has a hilarious memory of us together pretty much, haa. - Worst feeling: being alone. - Wanted to be a model: haha even if i wanted to, there's no way in hell. - Worst Weather?: snowy coldness X - X-Rays: glasses. - Ex's: all suck. Y -Year it is now: 2010. -Yellow: love it =) Z - Zoo animal: i love all of them! LAST PERSON WHO… 1. Slept in a bed beside you? uhhm...i don't remember. 2. You went to the mall with? Daddie and Dewey...='[ 3. You went to dinner with? i dunno? 4. You talked to on the phone? Bo. 5. Made you laugh? Courtneyyy. 6. Hugged you? Courtneyyyy. 7. Said they loved you? I don't remember.. 8. Held your hand? I don't remember that either.. 9. You spoke with? My sister 10. You cried over? a...person...whom...i hate. hahah.

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