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wheel of tortureCategory: (general)
Saturday, 13 November 2010
04:35:49 PM (GMT)
"Welcome to the Wheel of Torture!" A disgruntled male voice said in a room filled
with darkness. Sounds of confusion were the only thing in the room except the vile
laughter of the disgruntled voice of the unknown male figure. A dim yellow light
flickered to life over a large wheel similar to the wheel from The Wheel of Fortune.
Except this wheel was different, there was no money values on it but instead numbers
one through ten. And there was no BANKRUPT section but one section that said FREEDOM
and another that said DEATH. Altogether the twelve sections made up the gothic
colored wheel that was near where the confused sounds were coming from. Light snapped
on above five contestants who were behind different colored stands. Their legs were
bound to their places by four foot long chains. Their names were painted in black in
front of their stands.

The first contestant was named John. He appeared to be in his mid-forties and from
the raggedy clothes that he wore he was homeless. His face was smudge with dirt and
filth, his clothes smelt of vomit, piss, and cheap liqour. The second contestant was
named Rebecca. She appeared to as a redneck girl. Her hair was a fiery red, her face
covered in freckles. The clothes that she wore were blue jean cut-offs that stopped
halfway up her thigh and a yellow and brown plaid shirt that was tied up to her small
breasts. The third contestant was named Damien. He was dressed in black Tripp pants
and a black Marilyn Manson shirt. His hair was long and straighten, even his goatee
was neatly groomed and well cleaned. He was of the goth scene from what was visible.
The fourth contestant was named Alice. She was dressed in skimpy clothing. A bright
red miniskirt that hung over black fishnet stalkings. Her boots were knee high and
black leather. Her top covered her large breasts. Her hair was dirty blonde. The
final contestant was named Eric, whom appeared to be from the looks of it as a nerd.
His face was covered in bright red pimples under his thick black glasses. He wore
black Dickie highwaters and a blue button up collared shirt.

"what the hell is this?" Asked Damien looking around in terror and confusion into the
darkness. He couldnt make anything out except what appeared to be a man lurking in
the shadows watching them. "Who's that?! In the shadows?!"

"I reckon this is some kind of gameshow..." spoke the redneck girl named Rebecca.

"Yeah, and what kind of gameshow keeps the contestants chained to a fucking stand?!"
yelled John.

"Hey, hey theres no need for cussing now is there?" asked Eric.

"And Noone asked for your opinion either geek!" John snapped.

"Boys settle down. Please, we won't get anywhere by fighting now will we?" Alice
tried her best to break up the two yelling parties.

The laughter started again as yet another light flickered on. This one above the
source of the laughter. He wore a black tuxedo with a purple undershirt and green
tie. His shoes were green with dark purple laces. Over his dark brown, nappy, shaggy
hair was a black tophat with a green ribbon. His eyes were white with tiny black
pupils. His skin was very pale, his fingernails painted a dark black. In his hand was
a long brown cane with a golden skull on the end. He smiled calmly at the five
captives as they looked at him enraged and wanting an explanation.

"What the hell is this?"

"Explain yourself."

"I reckon you tell us what is going on."

The man stared at them calmly with pale eyes seeming like he either didn't hear them
or he didnt care. He then smiled and opened his mouth to speak in a disgruntled
voice, "Hello, you can call me Jack."

"We don't give a damn what your name is, we want to know what the fuck we are doing
chained to these stands!" The enraged John said.

"That will be explained in due time if you would only shut your mouth. As I was
saying, My name is Jack and this is a gameshow. The Wheel Of Torture is what you can
call it and you five have been selected especially for this game. You John from the
streets where you have mugged people just to buy your wine and beer. You Rebecca from
your farmhouse where you have been raped and beaten by your deceased bigot father.
You Damien from the school were you have looked down upon everyone else. You Alice
from the streets where you worked as a whore. And you Eric from your mother's
basement where you masturbate to your porn and dirty magazines. The game is simple,
when it is your turn, a small blue light will light up on your stand and you shall
press the large white button to spin the wheel. If it lands on FREEDOM then you'll be
free to go. If it lands on a number then you will be moved one step closer to your
eternal doom, however you will be given a chance to negate that. There will be
question that I will ask you base upon who you are. Answer correctly and you get
closer to your freedom, answer wrong and you get closer to your eternal doom...If the
pointer lands on DEATH then well you will die, no second chances...so with the rules
done being explained lets begin...Oh yes...the rest of the set...I suppose you have
the right to know..." explain Jack as he turned the golden skull that rested on his

Lights came to life all over the room now to reveal the rest of the set from the
horrorific gameshow. It was all a giant room, the floor was tiled with several drains
scattered throughout. On one wall was a large screen that now came to life displaying
the names of the five unlucky souls. Next to their names was the number 0 signifying
that they would gain points for their spins. On the wall opposite that, the wall
behind the contestants was nothing except a small black hole, where a camera was
filming it all. On the wall to the right of the large screen was a sole green door
with the word 'FUNHOUSE' carved deep into it. And the final wall was a black door
with a glass window. On this door was a golden plaque that read "EXECUTION CHAMBER".
Jack smiled at the five unwilling contestants as they began to react.

"And what if we refuse to play?" Damien asked calmly, not wanting to particpate in
this man's wicked game of torture and death.

"Damien, I hate to break this to you...wait a minute, no I don't. I'm joyed to break
it to you, you can't refuse because if you do then you will die now and won't get a
chance to win your freedom," Jack said as he smirked at the goth for asking a
question which he thought for sure the nerd would've asked.

"So let me get this straight freakshow, we play and if we win we go free?" Alice
asked eager to try to get her freedom back.


"Then what're you waiting for? Let's get started, I'm ready to play," she said calmly
as the other four silently agreed with her.

"Oh and as you all noticed behind the me there is the screen with your names on it,"
Jack began again. "For every question you answer wrong you gain points, once you get
100 points you take a trip to the Exection Chamber. Everytime you answer a question
wrong you take a trip to the Funhouse. Everytime you answer a question correctly
however you get to give an additonal 5 points to another contestant's score."

"So we're helping in putting the eachother to death?" the nerd broke through.

"Not death, unless thats what you choose,,,," he smirked and laughed. "You aid them
into getting closer to their end, in this game there are no friends. You should learn
that as of now before its too late."

A small blue light came to life on John's stand, he stared at it coldly, not wanting
to take the chance of not doing well. "So I assume I press this?" he asked as he
pushed his hand onto the white button that was in the center. The wheel started
spinning rapidly.

"Correct," replied Jack as he saw the wheel come to a closed stop on the number five.
Jack smiled as he looked at John with his vulture like eyes. "Your question is John,
how many have you mugged in your life?"

John was taken aback from the question, he didn't keep track of how many he had
robbed to get by in his life. He shrugged his shoulders, "honestly I don't know. I'm
guessing 15."

Jack laughed wickedly as the door to the Funhouse creaked opened. Two very large men
came out. They were dress the exact same. Their clothes were a dark green, purple
boots, and a purple skin tight mask around their skulls. Jack looked at John before
shaking his head in disapproval, "John, John, you are wrong. These men will take you
to receive your torture..don't bother resisting. They can't feel a thing and I assure
you that they are abnormally strong." He laughed as they came to John and unhooked
his chains.

John tried to struggle regardless of Jack's warning as one of the men slapped him
upside the head. Within seconds John was carried into the Funhouse. On the screen
besides John's name was the number 5, signifying that he had gained 5 points for his
wrong answer. The screen changed from the score and a camera shot of a room. The
other 4 contestants were puzzled by this as Jack broke the silence.

"The room you see is where John is being taken," explained Jack as John came into
view and was thrown on a metal table and strapped down. "The number 5 on the wheel
represents body piercing"

"And what is so painful about body piercing?" Damien asked hoping that all the
negative solutions were that simple and easy. He enjoyed the idea of pain.

"Just watch," spoke Jack as the four contestants looked on at what was going on in
the room.

John stared at the now six identical men in the room. One in particular was larger
then the rest and he didn't wear a skin tight mask, instead he wore a purple surgical
mask covering his pale bald head. He was handed a large double-zero gage needle.
John's eyes winced in horror as he wandered what was going to happen to him. The man
took hold of a slab of flesh and skin right under his throat. With a slow merciless
tab the needle was through and John was wincing and screaming in pain. Soon there was
a large studded loop where he was now pierced. He soon realized it wasn't over as the
man steadily stabbed the same large needle into John's Eyebrows three times each,
filling the hole with a silver eyebrow ring. Again the tormentor wasn't done as he
slid the needle through John's bridge and sectum replacing them with even more
piercing. John was bleeding and was in pain as the Doctor made 3 more piercings with
the needle. John's lips were pierced with the double-zero gaged needle. The Doctor
exited the room as the men unstrapped John and carried him back to set, rehooking the
chain onto his leg.

The others were horrorified at what torture had come of John with only the pressing
of the button. Damien tried his best to make a humorous nature of the hobo's pain,
"nice piercings dude."

"Shut....up," John snapped through pain clinched lips

Jack smiled as the blue light appeared on Rebecca's stand and she started the wheel.
It came to a stop on number 6. She prayed that she would get this question right to
avoid any torture as the large screen flicked back to the score board.

"How many times were you raped by your father?" Jack asked the redneck girl as she
stared at him thinking back on the many times her father had slapped her and thrown
her onto the bed and violated her.

"I reckon," she began. "More then fifty."

"Rebecca I wanted a specific answer so off to the Funhouse to experience alittle
medieval torture through the art of stoning," Jack laughed as the men came from the
Funhouse once again to carry Rebecca away to her fate as her score changed to 6. The
screen changed onced again to show the room where she was taken to endure her

Rebecca was tied to a stone wall as the Doctor appeared with a bucket of large
stones. He clutched a stone tightly in his hand and threw it at the girls chest. It
caught her in the ribs, shattering the bone. Another one slammed into her chest
followed by another and another until ten total had bashed into her body. Now there
were bruises as the masked men carried her back to the set and replaced her chains.
She was out of breath and stared at Jack with cold eyes filled with a new hatred.

He smiled at her as she mouthed "Fuck you" but no sound came out.

The blue light appeared on Damiens stand as he shook his head no before pressing the
button carefully, sweat dripping from his forehead down onto the stand. The wheel
spinned for what seemed like an eternity as it landed on 7. Jack laughed at how
chronically the numbers were going.

"How many cds do you own?" Jack asked.

"Too many to count, bring the torture on. I'm not afraid," Damien said as the men
unhooked his chains and as they did he pushed them away and walked himself to the
room that was classified as the Funhouse. The screen showed that the points Damien
had were equal to 7. The scoreboard changed to the room where Damien had willingly
walked into and sat in the cahir, allowing the men to strap his arms down as the
Doctor entered the room carrying a pair of pliers. The Doctor reached Damien in a
hurry and bent down to where he was on his knees. He shoved the pliers under Damiens
thumbnail and pried it off, ripping Damien's flesh and driving a pain into the four
watching contestants, Alice turned her head in horror as sounds from Damien's grunts
indicated that they removed another fingernail. The Doctor removed all 10 and left
them on the ground as he once again vanished from the room. The men unstrapped Damien
and escorted the walking man back outside to his chain, where he himself reatttached
his chain.

He smiled and licked some of his own blood from his hands as he notice Alice was
looking on in disgust. He smiled at this too as he asked the prostitute, "what you
want some?"

"Uh...no thanks," she replied as she pressed her button and spinned the wheel. It
stopped on 6. She didn't want to share the same torture that Rebecca had endured so
she prayed she would get her question right.

"How many guys have you fornicated to earn your pay?" Jack asked.

"33," she said as Jacks face grew a grin.

"The first right answer. Very well whom do you decide to give the 5 points to?" Jack
asked as she sighed, her prayers were answer.

She thought about who she had no respect for then she smiled as she pointed to
Damien, "him. He creeps me out so I choose him."

Damien's score changed to 12 as he turned to the whore, "what the hell? Why couldn't
you give it to the bum or to the nerd? Stupid bitch."

"As soon as I'm freed from this chain I'm going to beat the dogshit out of you!"
snapped the bum who was trying not to move his face much because of the pain from his

"What did I do?!" Eric broke out confused about what he had done to piss the goth

"Eric," Jack said in a harsh voice. "I believe it is your turn. Go ahead spin the
wheel, you've got nothing to lose."

Eric slammed his hand on the button as the wheel started its violent spin. It landed
on the number 8. He sighed as he waited for his queston.

"How many books have you read?" Jack asked as the nerdy boy.

"148," the nerd replied.

"Correct," Jack exclaimed amazed that yet another contestant answered correctly. "And
whom do you wish to inflict your points upon?"

"I'm going to say the gothic dude, Jack," Eric said as he watched the score of Damien
turn to 17.

Damien looked at Eric and sighed, knowing that if he didn't change the way he was
playing the evil game then he would be dead before he would have a chance for
freedom. Jack stared at the five contestants especially towards the two who had
answered correctly, he hadn't plan on the whore knowing how many guys she had layed
with, however he did expect the nerd to know precisely how many books he read. He
smiled as he glanced at the boy known as Eric as a faint screeching sound erupted in
the room. The contestants grabbed their ears as the sound pierced their eardrums and
caused torture to them all, Jack smiled as the sound came to a end.

"What the hell was that?!" Alice screamed as she uncovered her ears.

"That was the end of round one," Jack said to the five contestants. "Now if you wish
we may begin round two or we could take a quick break and you can watch a scene from
John's past."

"I object! No you can't air my personal shit!" John exclaimed through the mangled
sounds of his pierced face.

"On the contrary, I can do whatever I please but John insists so round two begins
when he pushes the button," Jack laughed as the wheel started spinning meaning John
had pressed the button. The wheel stopped 9.

Jack smiled wickedly as he asked the ungrateful bum his next question, "how many
drugs have you taken since you became homeless?"

John was sure he would get this one right because he had only done a few, "four.
Hereoin, Pot, Cocaine, and Soma."

Jack smiled as the Funhouse door whipped opened again and johns score changef from 5
to 23. "Wrong answer. I asked how many you've done, not how many types you've
done...so now you lose the ability to speak..."

John was confused by this as the same masked men came and carried John back into the
room again. The screen turned to the room where now John was strapped down to the
table again, a large masked man held his head as the Doctor readied the needle and
thread. He stabbed it under John's lips piercing and started to sew the mouth shut
going through each piercing a total of 4 times ensuring that the thread wouldn't
break. John hadn't struggled surprisingly.

As he was rechained to his stand tears flowed from his eyes, the redneck girl smiled
to herself and whispered to the bum, "speak no evil." The bum looked at her enrage by
this and hoped that she would get her own chance to suffer as bad as he had as she
turned the wheel. It spun around seven times before stopping at the FREEDOM section.
A look of utter happiness appeared on her face as Jack smiled at what appeared to be
the girl's triumph.

"Rebecca, you have passed and you have won yourself freedom, But you have 6 points
whom do you wish do give them to?" Jack smiled as she pointed to the bum silently.
"Very Well."

John's point total increased to 29 as Jack turned the skull on the cane once again.
This time a small drill saw came from the girl's stand and sliced through her ankle
severing her leg from the chain. A trapdoor opened under her and she fell through.
The screen changed to where a small camera was following her move, the trap door had
opened onto a hidden slide and had taken her for quite the ride. There as a splach of
water as she landed in a dark murky water. Where she had fallen from what the other
contestants could tell was a room filled with water, on one side of the room was a
muddy bank with a sole door that read "FREEDOM". Speakers were in the top corners of
the room and Jack spoke through the girl through these, "Rebecca you are free to go,
as long as you exit through that door, but beware in the water around you are
leeches, snakes and even two very hungry alligators. Enjoy your freedom."

The other contestants watched in horror as the one footed girl made her way to the
bank, it seemed like the alligators weren't aware of her presence because they hadn't
made their appearance yet. When she crawled onto the mud she looked at her leg and
let out a violent yelp, and sat there crying only feet away from the door and from
her freedom. Leeches covered her legs and arms, even on her neck and under her shirt.
A snake slithered up to the bank but ignored the girl and silently went back into
it's hole. Then there was a violent snapping sound and Rebecca wished she would've
left when she had the chance. A massive alligator crawled up from the side and
stalked the girl. She tried to crawl towards the door but f

goregalore says:   14 November 2010   841229  
You're an amazing writer. I wanna read more!
It kinda cut off at the end. D:
steven_strange says :   14 November 2010   487940  
oh damn....

i'll post the rest of it in another entry right away!!!!! 

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