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Saturday, 23 October 2010
11:29:05 PM (GMT)
So I am taking a break from doodling on Kupika to doodle elsewhere or something. Idk. I'll post to my dA more often if school work doesn't interfere with that. School work and laziness. Hn. I estimate this break to be... idk a month or something. While I won't be really trying/practicing/anything during this break, I'm hoping to have improved a bit once I get back to doodling here. Not art-wise, I also want to work on how I talk to people. Being nice doesn't seem to have a payoff at allllll ughhh so I don't see why I should try to 'be polite' anymore, but I don't want to be a complete jerk either el oh el. What the hell is in between that? I'm already Kupika's weird Nazi guy -- not really sure who sees past that anymore. And I don't really talk to anyone here, so... yeah. Don't fret I'll probably log in to reply to messages and crap, post my lame ass poems about slash, but no oekaking for me herrreeeee. Gotta focus on the big picture. I really like the look of romanticism art. I'm not really sure what I do when I'm online besides drawing and talking to peeps. Researching Nazis if I'm in the mood? TL;DR leaving on a journey of sorts, debating whether or not to be a 'nice' person (do people even think that lol), and being whiney about my art GOD DO I HATE THE WAY I COMPOSE THE HUMAN FACE and for once I'll try to draw a nose that is actually a nose. Gotta appease to my fetishes. Kupika does not approve of my fetishes. It makes me feel unloved. - needs ego stroked daily - WORKING ON JUST STROKIN' MY OWN EGO HURRRHURR If I ever post my crap up on dA, you can check there if you like my stuff just that much. Luckily for you gauize I don't post my gayer doodles there. as a parting... something. I wouldn't call it a gift; Me as a Nazi. If I was tall and manly. Like you never saw that coming. HURRHURR but instead of hating 'undesirables', I just hate everyone. If I was a political leader that could somehow manipulate everyone into supporting me then creating groups that carried out my murderous acts, I'd so go for it. The hard part is convincing them they'd have to die as well... hm. WORSE THAN A NAZI???

‹gunk› says:   23 October 2010   546559  
ego strokes are orgasmic durrhurr B)
IMO i think your noses are pretty frickin awesome.
solvoamor says:   23 October 2010   351540  
they don't do much for me any more -sadface-

lol thanks. When I 'come back' they'll be even more frickin' awesome.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   24 October 2010   176147  
your droll and rather pessimistic doodles and drawing (and mini
drabbles and rants below them) are liek the first i look for on my
subsciptions thingie..sigh

i shall have to add you to me da watch then. though if as lazy as i
am. if so u probs dont update it much

i shall be waiting for your (what some people would call) odd fetish
drawings and slash nazi's (somewat)patiently for when you deem it
worthy to return

*strokessolvoamor'sego*  ^^'
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   24 October 2010   975761  
Answer: have a facade of  niceness but in your heart, be a bitch.
solvoamor says:   24 October 2010   739833  
Ohhh you'll have to wait a while for those then -- I hardly write
anything for my dA except for technical information lol you're too
kind, really.

I want to be a jerk with a heart of gold. Or silver. I like silver
better than gold. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   24 October 2010   821711  
Silver IS better than gold. 
‹burblegurm› says:   24 October 2010   861017  
Hurry and stroke that ego! I'll miss your art so much, but in the
meantime enjoy yourself well alright?
solvoamor says :   24 October 2010   178352  
My ego doesn't need any stroking anymore, since I just wrote this on
one of my art funks, but I still just want to do this because. I'll
probably update my dA with my practice crap then start doing some
'cleaner' work, all that jazz lawl 

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