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I had the most fun ordinary birthday ever :)Category: (general)
Saturday, 23 October 2010
04:57:02 PM (GMT)
yeah-I'm finally 16 guys ((:
2 more years and i'm outta here~(the house i mean <3)
anyways i don't normally get a lot for my b-day (for example) last year all i got was
the Coraline DVD that i DID watch like a biljillion times liek-lol xD
but THIS year I got:
Manga Studio Debut 4 (for pc-from father) [He said he was gonna get me a tablet but
none of the ones he saw worked with my computer!! AHSFKJGHADFHKLL;; D=>]
A Charlie the Unicorn shirt-says Front "SPARKLE SPARKLE" on back " IT'S THE MAGICAL
AMULET" lol (from Switzerland (: )
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep walk-through book.
A hug.
A high Five.
My 2nd Block class sung "Happy Birthday" to me.
And about 5-hundred "Happy Birthdays'" (:
&& I'm having a party on Halloween to celebrate my birthday-ness :'D
So even though it's not gonna be "huge" like my father wanted it to be-
all in all- it's the best birthday i've ever had (:
When i logged in on kupika and saw that teenagedreamx3 had said happy birthday
to me on lapost it just finished off the say-oh and azuresky1231 also wished
me a happy-be-lated-birthday (:
so thanks you guys for finishing off a great day for me :3
AND THEN~! last night at our football game we won-61 to 14 :'D
even though the other band was soooo tiny i love them they were soo cute~ they only
had like 20 people at most but oh well. (:
and in my friend-hetalia group-eh we have two new names for our friends-so basically
2 new recruted countries-Prussia and Transylvania :D
anyways thats' all i've got to say. So cyaaaa guyss (:
Q. of diary is-
What was the best b-day present you've ever gotten???& from who-a friend ...family?


‹・ω・yaoicake› says:   23 October 2010   857935  
i'm gettinng re:coded at January >D
hopefully. ;0;
Biihtei says:   23 October 2010   334853  
curses!! I'm always the last one to get everything i want then another
one of it comes out ;~;
I still don't get the point of re-coded i've always been to busy t o
go found out for myself xD 
‹・ω・yaoicake› says:   23 October 2010   720024  
i think it's about like. after chain of memories, or a contiunation.
or it could be because i'm and idiot and haven't played kingdom hearts
in a while.
my brother TOTALLY, stole 385 /2 days. -___- 
‹・ω・yaoicake› says:   23 October 2010   919536  
Biihtei says:   23 October 2010   752553  
ohwow ;0
i did NOT see this one coming/serious ;o
awh i'm sorry :C lol I already beat that one-the only one i can't 
seem to beat is the first one wth? D< I effing hate the first one...
and i'm still playing KH:BBS so yeah( this is like-only my second day
of playing it...so yeah :B)
but re:coded-..hm, i just wanna see what well.. ugh, it seems kinda
pointless but i dunno... and I don't like how sora looks in the first
one either-lol i'm such'a haterr 
‹・ω・yaoicake› says:   23 October 2010   511358  
‹Alexander;♥ ShitHappens› says:   23 October 2010   639865  
It's after KH2, according to the wiki owo

Anyways, happy 16th! :D 
vast says:   23 October 2010   326622  

happy birthday? o;
today was my best friends birthday.

& I never get shit for my birthday ever since I was 10 c:
Biihtei says :   23 October 2010   451927  
ohhh okay-like-when they get that letter at the very end & junkk? (i
hope that doesn't count as a spoiler :x)
but anyways...
thank you :'D

Thank you-lol well actually-mine was Thursday-but i just now made a 
diary about it. x)
psch right-right? adults either "don't have money" or they think we're
to old and mature for a lot of stuff D;> 


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