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Monday, 13 September 2010
01:46:43 PM (GMT)

me? what an interesting subject. well, first and foremost my name is Alli. although i like to go by the name Alligator. i like too sound or... be portraded as being bad, and not caring. but really, once you talk to me im actually a big softie and are sweet and kind. I have long black hair with a light brown fringe. a swishy one. chavs call me emo. i s'ppose that'll do. im short aswell. 4" something? but i get strange looks because i'm quite thin aswell, with quite a bust. im very pale too. i have 2 big sisters. 2 big brothers. two little sisters and one little brother. yeah, not big at all? i talk too much aswell. and im on EVERYTHING. and i mean e v e r y t h i n g. i have friends all over the world. i don't even know how i can keep up with everything. 3rd year in highschool too. like i said, i have problems. but seriously i don't bite and i most definetly do not brag about it. im bi, yes. and i have a girlfriend. 8 months now. and i game, xboxlive and psn. i also have a wii and nintendo DSi XL. i have everything. i have alot of connections, so i get everything from anyone. and i skate. i'm pretty good actually. nearly died though once, but. it's one of the risks, know what i mean? hm. what else? my music. hah. none of this dance.... crap. i only listen to rock<3(as a whole). and i normally wear band tees and skinnies. what a chav would call "emo" clothes. but i just let them laugh because they know i can beat the up. boxing is my life<3. i play football alot too, oh and basketball. but im too lazy to be bothered with anything else. hm. i think thats it? if ive missed anything out, all you need to do is ask, okay dokey<3?

Laura, my moste favouritest girl e v e r<3. we have been together for like... well, you came in at primary 3? so that would be... seven years? boy thats a long time. the laughs we have yeah? about Russia, and Germany and pipes and our "juice"? ohman. i feckin' love you man<3. dude<3. whatever<3. although, we dont use words like BFFL or BBTD. thats just gay. we k n o w we are gonna be friends for like, donkeys, so we don't need everyone to know<3. i love you, my little Greece<3.

i can't forget everyone else though can i? Rhys, Jamie, Jordan, Liane, Kyle, Jack, James, Kimberley, Nadine, Janie, Sarah-Jane, Jody-Lynn, Jamie-Lee, Patrick, Tommy, Andrew, Lorin, Lauren, Errin, Erinn, Jacky&&Brie<3<3 i l o v e every single one of you guys<3.

Janie<3. my little whore<3. my girlfriend. shes amazing btw. takes her time with me, never rushes. listens to me. hugs me when i'm down. and overall, loves me. although, we have had fights(Rhys...)we always come through. 8 months now<3? nearly nine<3. only seems like 3, right? at your house every sunday for sunday dinner with your mom and dad XP. and then every Tuesday at your Aunties for Dinner with Keiran, Danny and Calum? they give me funny looks<3. ijust l o v e you

Likes:]. sweets, sunny days, hoodies, ipod, iphone, msn, comfy pillows, money, energy drinks, straightners, hairspray, skinnies, eyeliner&&music. dislikes:[. mean people, people who think they are all t h a t, fat people who are all "im fat... right?" old people, having no money, having no sweets, pop, chavs, neds, weegies, spain, son of a preachers man.

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