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What time is it????!?!?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 August 2010
08:59:35 PM (GMT)
haha thats what i yelled on the bus today
and everyone was just like "wtf is adventuretime????" or- "that's a stupid little kid
dawhh it nearly broke my heart-i love that show!!! (:
ANYWAYS! today was my 2nd day of school-highschool-
Teachers give us more freedom and are cooler-
no one tells me I HAVE to eat lunch.
I have a few classes with my friends.
and band!-ohmygawd-i absoutley ADORE it now- i thought i liked it before but now!
well APERENTLY there was summer camp i was SUPPOSt to go to- i didn't know o__o'
And everyone kept asking me "did you jummp off a cliff???? 'Cuz i thought you jumped
off a clifff..." 
-me-"....... uhmm okayy????" haha lawls :P
but tomarrow i have to go and get my uniform *SQUEELL* after school and then go to
the backof the school to pratice our half timae show or whatever for this friday-
We're doing lady gaga songs and we get to spell out lady gaga! im the middle if the
last A!! yay!! i feel so special!!
 I couldn't pratice on the field today tho-so.. i stood on the tower and watched-and
it actually spelled Gaga - well...at first it said "GAGS" i was like "HAHAHA?!?!
WTF?!?!? " LOL XD
but it was fun i stood up there with 2 of the 3 band directors and a new kid and we
were just like "I feel so left out and retarded......" 
so i sadly cant do the lady gaga songs friday night-and i've been looking forward to
them since last year-when i first found out in october-but!
I think we go to someother place and do that-and they said i could do it in that one
and i get a cool hat with a feather on it and get to wear all white :>
plus almost all my friends are in band and we have 4 new foreign exchange students!
i think 2 are from like-Germany and my friend thinks the others from Italy!! SPLEE!
"It's a small world-After all!" LOL.
im sorta hyper-er-excited!! EEKK!!! 8D
ALSOO-my friend-a different oneee-rides the bus home with me-which is awesome because
we have NO classes together D;
and i wanna do my S.S. project on Gay marriages! :D
im serious.......
anywho.. yay! 
im friends with 2 asians!!
and one of them-Serah! is making a manga club-for reall!!! she even came up and asked
"hey, if there was a manga cluub-would you prefer it after school or during
I said after school so we could have more time and do our homework during homeroom

so yay!
im sooo happy!! right now!! 
allright enough ranting-
Q of the diary right? kay here it is......
Do you truly like school-yes or no...explain 

‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   26 August 2010   432179  
In Kids Crusade at my church, everytime before they would start
singing, some lady would come up and be like, "What time is it?" And
all the kids would scream "SINGING TIME!!!" But no, not me and my best
friend Rachel. We would shout at the top of our lungs, "ADVENTURE
TIME!!! GEEZ, get it right kids!!!!" xD
Biihtei says:   26 August 2010   342058  
@  azuresky1231  :
haah thats amazing!! :D 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   27 August 2010   835326  
We're the same age...
Only in Britain, middle school and high school are combined into
Secondary school.
Honest to god, I'm surrounded by so many boys I'm developing a
Biihtei says :   28 August 2010   917528  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
really? thats whats gonna happen here in my town beacuse this stupid
school levy passed gahh,.. im just glad i'll be almost done with
school by then so i won't have to deal with those little children who
annoy me so... :/ 


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