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Genderbended Soul Eater Characters? Yeah, I went there.Category: Random Thoughts
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
04:55:39 PM (GMT)
Finished and uploaded on!  ( username Sonozaki-Sharingon )
Over the course of last week, I drew (and colored, MIGHT I ADD) Soul Eater characters
as the opposite gender. It was the most fun I've ever had drawing anime characters.
It was hard, yes, but lots of fun. Including the coloring. Although it was annoying
when I couldn't successfully find the color I wanted, ((FFFFFFFF 72 COLORS AND NO
NON-PINK SKIN TONES? BWA!)) I still got the job done. And just in time; Several
(THOUSAND) people have asked my to draw them, and out of the goodness of my heart
(nya), I'm coloring all the pics as well. Plus I'm making this huge pastel drawing
for my mom for mothers day in one week, and my Drawing of May is underway, so I gotta
work on that. Plus I have this stupid Romeo and Juliet writing assignment due
Wednesday and I only have one paragraph written. 
FFFFFF I'm off topic. Back to Soul Eater Genderbending. 
The first picture was meant to be the only picture, but I COULDN'T STOP! Eventually I
reached a point where I had no more usable characters. 5 pages, 21 characters.
(^o.o^) Yes. 
None of the other pictures, (meaning the first one was the only correct one) were
proportional. Expecially with Liz and Patty and Marie. They appear smaller then the
other characters on thier page, but I have (eh) explanations. Liz and Patty I put
together on the same page to save pages, so they kinda squished together in the same
cell. As for Marie, I was originally drawing Blair there, but it was not working at
all. So I erased and decided to make this page the Death Sythe page and make it (a
little) organized. So I kinda fell into the outline of Blair, which was small. And
Marie ended up tiny. Plus by the time I truly realized how freaking tiny she was, I
had already colored. It's impossible to successfully erase colored pencils. 
GOOD FREAKING LORD it was hard to genderbend Arachne and Blair. And that one
black-haired Death Sythe girl looks almost no different. I did all I could with
Arachne, but she still looks like a girl. Actually, she looks like a different person
altogether. Crap... Also, I couldn't figure out a way to draw her clothes in boy
form. CURSE ARACHNE AND HER MAJOR BOOBAGE! As for Blair, she still looks like a boy.
I just changed her clothes a bit and her hair is short. Bah. You try it. 
One more thing...
Shinigami-san - ...Seriously, how do you change that? I tried different methods;
nothing worked. 
Mosquito - no. Just. No. 
That Samurai dude - He already looks like a girl. I couldn't really add much. 
Any stragling characters - They're straglers. I barely recognize thier faces at all.
What's the point?

I believe that's all I have to say. Took about 30 minutes to upload the pics and
write this. I listened to Unmei no Wa about 3 times, then I listened to Chikai by the
same person, and now I'm half-way through Diorama. Same person. 
I happen to really like Eiko Shimamiya. My kind of music. SHADDAP!

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