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Woooah creepy.Category: ahhh
Friday, 4 June 2010
03:51:16 PM (GMT)
Ok so i was just walking my dog outside and this car was coming so i went over to
the side of the grass and then the car started slowing down and i looked behind me to
see if there was a car coming or something and there wasnt so i was like why is this
guy slowing down and then he like stopped right next to me and was like heyyyy and
smiled and waved at me, i said hello and started to walk away and the guy was like
how r u and i said good you? and he said im great, you have a pretty dog there and i
said ohh thanks and as i kept trying to walk away he kept talking to me and i dont
wanna be rude and just walk away but this guy was really starting to creep me out. So
he finally said weelll i gotta go ill see ya around and i said okay bye. I quickly
ran off looking behind me paranoid that he would follow me. This guy was like atleast
25 or 26. He's the reason why i'm scared of old guys.

branches says:   4 June 2010   953726  
25 isn't old. :|
At all.

Glad he didn't kidnap you, anyway.
Oroborus21 says:   4 June 2010   816466  
why is HE the reason? if youve never met him before? your last
sentence doesn't make sense. Anyways, you shouldnt feel obligated to
talk to someone so don't feel bad about your reaction. 

Don't immediately assume something is wrong as the guy could have just
been needing directions (yes even in this age of mapquest and gps) but
as soon as he said Hi and not "can you tell me where...?" you should
either just walk fast or run (in the opposite direction that his car
is pointed or to the nearest house or store)..however if you feel like
he isn't going to jump out and try and kidnap you right at that
moment...what you should have done when he asked you how are you...is
say "fine, Mr. White man with brown hair and blue eyes, age about 25,
with a mustache, wearing a blue shirt driving a white ford
mercury....(stepping back to the rear so you can see it - but not
behind his car of course) License Plate XJKL9401!..

lol like that all very loudly...and watch him drive like a bat out of
hell out of there if he really is a "bad guy"...if he is just a dork
he willl still get the message and probalby just drive off..

but actually what u should do is jot down or call if you have a phone
someone and have them write it down before you forget all those

then if something happens in the community you might be able to give
them some information..

its not a crime for a creepy guy to stop and talk to a girl....but if
you jot down those details and keep your cool in that situationn and
actually make a note of them you might be helping someone and also you
are letting that guy know you arent some naive chick..
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   4 June 2010   816615  
Just to point out that she's 15. I doubt he'd be asking for
directions. But I agree with most of the other stuff though.

Oh and uh Ashlea, you probably should have not talked to him though.
haha. At least I wouldn't, I'd just walk away. But I know you. You
were scared and didn't know what to do and to put it your way you
'didn't want to be rude.' haha. XD 
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   4 June 2010   760896  
Well thats why its creepy i dont know this guy and he all of a sudden
just stops in the middle of the road to talk to me, hes a contruction
guy and he's working on a house next to mine they come every day so im
pretty sure he's seen me before. And i just think older men that i
dont know that would try to talk to me are creepy, the things ive
heard in the news or seen has made me feel like any old guy could do
that so when i see them i take precaution, i try to stay away, i didnt
want to be rude and just walk away i would feel really uncomfortable
doing that, so i just stayed and talked. I knew he wouldnt try to
kidnap me because he would have done it sooner in the conversation if
he wanted to but its still creepy. But as sarah put it im pretty sure
he wouldnt be asking Me for directions because im only 15 and if he
did i would still be freaked out. Idk older men just scare me i mean
sure if i know em they dont or if there not paying any attention to me
im fine but if the guy is staring at me and all that then it creeps me
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   4 June 2010   117343  
i know its not "old" but hes a lot older then me so yeah. It doesnt
matter if he's only 10 years older, if he's at least 20 and older im
gonna be scared. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   4 June 2010   728370  
people ask me for directions all the time.

norly though, stranger danger is win.
if someone asks you how you are doing and you do not know who they
are, skidaddle in the opposite direction cus he is a creeper. 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   5 June 2010   699512  
Um. Isn't that a little weird though? Asking a 15 year olds for
directions? I mean, I'm 15, and if any old guy stopped a car in the
middle of the road the thought of him asking me for directions is at
the bottom the list of thoughts a person might be trying to do. haha.
BUT that's just me. 
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says :   5 June 2010   371929  
yeahhh i agreeeee 


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