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Gay is like the new Pink/black. :)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 2 June 2010
07:19:37 PM (GMT)
you know how there once was a timenot to long ago; everyone went gaga for pink, (the
color) , thean everyone had a phase where black was the new pink.
Well, now it seems that, gay is the new black/ or pink.
now; i love gay/lesbians/bi sexuals ( if you didn't already know) you name it.
Personaly, im straight and yes, single. not a surprise there.
but, when i started watching Glee (this amazing TV show :D ) i was like "Oh cool! my
faveorite charcters are the criple kid and tha gay guy (Kurt)~!" *back when i didn't
know there names.
but  then i noticed; there was quite of bit of people who started to really like gay
people. now, where I live, being "gay" is frowned abon greatly, which i just think is
and that's probably why i don't have a lot of friends but oh well!
i know im not self confidete... ( and I still can't spell!!!) but when it somes to
standing up for what I believe in, im all for it!
hence', why ican't wait till im 18, i want to go to a gay pride parade!! 8D
(but thats just me!)
ther's a lot of other stuff i wanna do to, not relating to same sex love but
i guess my most recent.. hmmm, i would say 3-5 diary entires have been what's ever on
my mind at the moment, so there mostly rants and I completly understand if you don't
read these, there mainly like those, how do people say/do... things where you write
something out on paper then burn it or throw it away or something....
i guess, i just won't some people to know what gose on in my head...
no, that dose not mean all i think about all day are "gay" people,...well.... im not
really sure what i think about all day..... sigh....oh well....
im not normal...if you havn't already noticed.......
wow, i just realised i just wrote a boat load o_o'
no ones' going to read this XD
herm....oh well xD

&I think im going to start naming my random rant diarys so people know if they're
safe to read (rant) or not XD&

‹KAORUUU-CHAN; lorai 'n'› says:   2 June 2010   146064  
the gay/homosexual population increased tremendously.
that makes me so happy. that. i wanna live forever. ;3;

Biihtei says:   2 June 2010   817930  
@  bokuranolovestyle 
dosn't it though? gosh it's so amazing, i just love them so much TwT'
ohh yess, can you imagine whats going to become in 5 years? like,
ohmega deatailed yaoi!!! XD
branches says:   2 June 2010   127859  
I'm happy. People are less afraid of being lynched or shunned or
whatever and coming out of the closet.
I just hope nobody's doing it as a trend thing.
Jesus, I hate it when people do things because their little subculture
tells them to. goddamn sheep.

Power to the gays. Let them be married and adopt babies from poor
‹KAORUUU-CHAN; lorai 'n'› says:   2 June 2010   601636  
junjou romantica..? 
times ten?
the world is a awesome place to be in. <333 
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   2 June 2010   567823  
OhyayIfoundaGleek! :DDD
Personally, I love Kurt too, and not just cause he's gay! xD (is a
gays right activist too) I think he's funny and has a GREAT sense of
salsabuffalo says:   2 June 2010   621963  
I don't think the gay population has increased, people are just
making theirselves more known now.
‹i lv y s mch tht t hrts m hd› says:   2 June 2010   480382  
I agree. People are becoming more accepting of gays, and gays are more
open because of that. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   3 June 2010   483107  
It's totally shit. But at least my friends gives a damn about it now.
Biihtei says :   3 June 2010   338728  
oh my ;D
yes, yes it is. gotta love this polace sometimes :D <3

oh my! of course im'ma Gleek!<333
on the last day of school, i got all dressed up and got my hair to
look just like his, than i tied it all together with a burndagy hat
it was amazing!!!

@salsabuffalo  &  truemeaningof
well sort of both, i mean, either the population has grown a lot or
people just think it's really cool so they go around using gay as a
label for themselfs.soo....whatever floats their boats ...i guess....

Flamboyant? :D
( I think I totaly just failed at trying to spell that amazing word xD

im just replying to everyon in this way to tinnie message box bacause
im'ma lazzy bum who dosn't wanna make'm all seperate nd junk so nyeah

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