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Saturday, 1 May 2010
10:18:15 PM (GMT)
He watched her as she slept. The love of his life and she never knew that fact, she
most likely though that he hated her and wanted to destroy Konoha someday and kill
her and their best friend. He walked over to her and sat where her hip was.
Thankfully she slept like a bear during hibernation.

He looked at her body but of course it wasn't his first time looking at it. He took
his fingers and glided from her ankle over her perfect curves that were on her side.
She loved to be touched this way and the way he found out was by mistake when they
first had their little "secret meeting." This made her moan in her sleep and she
shifted onto her back her curves not ruining on bit.

He looked at her face. It was serene and just as perfect as her curves. He took the
back of his hand and rubbed it against her cheek. The touch sent shock waves of
excitement, lust, and love through him. He took a strand of her pink hair and pressed
it behind her ear so that she would not be disturbed in her sleep.

His onyx eyes studied her as she smiled making him smile. Her happiness made him
happy and he wanted to keep her dreams that way. He didn't want to watch her stir,
scream, cry, and shut her eyes as if trying to forget the pain.

The pain that he caused her, He leaned into her ear, his husky breath breathing on

"Forgive me…I didn't mean to put you through but I had to so that you could stay
safe." He whispered into her ear. His husky breath, still breathing on her ear and
down her neck, she moaned again in her sleep.

"Sasuke-kun…" this brought him to smirk. The way his name rolled off her mouth made
him want to make her scream it.

Images washed through his mind of Sakura screaming his name while he thrust into her
constantly, her face becoming flushed, her hands clawing at his bare back.

He pulled away only a little and brushed his lips against her jaw line and across her
lips. He then placed a peck kiss on her lips and went back to her ear.

She was not only his love, she was his obsession. "You belong to me. You shall love
no one other than me." He whispered into her ear. "…Yes Sasuke-kun…" She moaned
in her sleep.

He smirked wanting to hear her saying say his name again. This made him growl out of
lust. She shifted again going to the way she laid earlier.

He pulled himself up still having her trapped in between his arms. There was a
tightening in his pants that he tried so hard to control.

Not being able to resist his pull towards her he turned around and lay on the bed and
brushed a hair out of her face. She let out a breath from his touch and her head
moved down a little. And right now even if Sasuke was the secret King of her fan club
he had no idea that Sakura could purr.

All of a sudden her phone rang. Sasuke quickly hid and covered his chakra and went
into the closet to hide. He was able to see his cherry blossoms' actions.

"Hello…" She answered in a tired voice. A voice that sent shivers down Sasuke's
back and not in a bad way. "What's wrong Naruto?" She said this in a more aware
voice. The mention of his rival enraged him. He had been trying to win Sakura's heart
ever since he found out that Sasuke was in love with her.

"SHE DID WHAT!?!?" She screamed and sat up fast. That's another thing Sasuke loved.
Her anger practically spoke seductively to him.

"Yeah Naruto you can stay here…BUT I'M KILLING HINATA!!" Sasuke knew that people
get used to Sakura's screaming and that is why they never bothered to wake up.

They heard the door knock and after about 5 minutes Sakura came into her room with a
crying Naruto. "Naruto are you ok?" She said in a sweet voice. Her sincerity touched
Sasuke's heart all the time, but not now because of Naruto.

"No…I can't believe she would do that to me. I mean I gave her everything that I
had, everything that I was…she never loved me did she?" Sasuke couldn't believe
what he was hearing. So far the pieces that he put together were that Hinata cheated
on Naruto.

"Naruto don't say that. Maybe it wasn't what you thought it was. Remember how you
thought I and Shikamaru were doing it but it turned out we were trying to change a
light bulb and we kept on falling around." Sakura tried to explain.

"Sakura-Chan I saw them. Hinata was on top of Kiba! So are you saying that my eyes
are deceiving me?!" Naruto screamed at her, of course Sasuke wasn't really
appreciating that he instantly gritted his teeth and his Sharigan activated.

"Naruto calm down." Sakura said sternly. "I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! DAMN IT!" Suddenly
Naruto took Sakura and threw her to the floor. Sasuke burst out his hiding spot and
attacked Naruto before he was about to hit Sakura.

Sakura's eyes widen at the scene. Sasuke and Naruto punched and kicked at each other.
She crawled backwards into a corner. Naruto who was losing control of himself was
about to touch Sakura until Sasuke grabbed his ankle and swung him across the room
knocking him out. He was in his seal form.

The wings spreading out of his back looking like giant hands.

Sakura stared at Sasuke's back. Sasuke's eyes just stared at Naruto.
"S-Sasuke…t-teme?" Naruto said in shock. Sasuke disappeared and reappeared in front
of Naruto a bit closer and grabbed him at his neck lifting him up.

"You dare touch her." Sasuke said in a demon voice that was very terrifying. "Sasuke
I didn't mean to. You know I would never do any…" "Then why did you?" Sasuke asked
in the same voice. "Sasuke stop!" Sakura screamed and hugged Sasuke from behind

His eyes widen. The warmth that he had lost as soon as he saw his cherry blossom hurt
began to return. He turned around just to make sure. He saw her crying, and scared,
of him. No… she shouldn't be scared, she should be in love, happy.

Sasuke turned and let go of Naruto. He fell to the floor weakly. The curse seal began
to immediately retreat back into his neck. His wings disappeared back into his back.
"D-don't C-cry…I-I'll s-stop…" He said in a voice that only she could hear.

He turned around again to see that she owned up to their small agreement.

"Sakura-Chan I'm…" Naruto was caught off with Sasuke growling at him the same way
he had growled at Suigetsu. "Sorry Sakura-Chan." Naruto said ignoring Sasuke's
threats. "It's fine Naruto." Sakura said. "I'm gonna go and talk to Hinata to see if
we could work it out." Naruto said.

He left leaving them alone. He looked at his love and obsession. He showed her
everything. How long he loved her, why he left, how much she meant, everything.

She took her hand and placed it on his cheek, once again the electricity, lust and
love flowing through him. He could feel himself being drawn in, she came closer as
well. Their lips made contact and Sasuke loved it. He wanted more so he began to lip
her bottom lip.

She opened her mouth and his tongue shot into her wet cavern. He slammed her against
the wall. Her leg wrapped around his as her hands found their way into her hair. He
loved the taste and his sneaky hand went down to her thigh and lifted it to wrap
around his hips. Sakura did a small jump and wrapped the other leg around his hips.

He started to get addicted, and he didn't want to stop. They pulled away for air and
looked at each other. "I love you…" kiss. "So…" kiss. "Much…." Tongue fight.
Sakura moaned as Sasuke worked his way down to her neck. He sucked and licked her
neck making a love mark. Sakura moan a little louder. He held her up and then laid
her down on the bed.

The rest of the night in the room was nothing but moans and groans.

Sasuke held his love while she slept. He let his thumb gently caress her shoulder
skin. So soft it was like she was a drug. The sheets messy but covering them up until
Sasuke's abs. He wanted more but he knew she was exhausted. After all he did make her
scream his name a couple of times. He even screamed her name as well.

She moaned as a sign that she was awakening the sun had just raised and the streams
look so beautiful on her. Her beautiful emerald eyes opened and looked at him. "Just
so beautiful…" Was all he had to say because it was all his eyes could see. "Sasuke
don't you have to go back to your team and hunt for…him." Sakura said.

"Why would you think that?" Sasuke asked looking at her. He was only about 4 or 5
inches taller than her. "Doesn't vengeance mean more to you than…?" He cut her off
with a kiss. "Nothing is more important than you." Sasuke said in a soft voice. She
looked at him with a small blush. "Besides…" he started.

"You are my love and my only obsession." He told her. She blushed turned into a
regular smile with a glow he loved to see. She kissed him and he savored the drug
addicted feeling. He then remembered her promises that she had said during their love

"Sakura, you're mine."


"No other can pleasure you like this."


"No other may love you the way I do"


"No other may touch you they way I can"


"Sakura you're mine."


Sasuke smirked. "Why are you smirking like that?" Sakura said having a bad feeling
about that smirk.

"Oh nothing just that….you belong to me…" He said smirking. "KYAA!!" Sakura
screamed as Sasuke flipped her over and started repeating some of the things that
they had done last night.

'She is my love, my addiction, my obsession.' 
I watched her as she glided gracefully through the streets. Oh how much I would love
to be there with her. I would love to hold her, and feel her warmth. The dreams I
have had of her have been going on non-stop ever since I first met her.

My hands longed for her. My tongue never seized to wanting to taste her. My ears
throbbed to hear her voice. My nosed denied any other smell until I smell her scent.
And my eyes whenever I was away wanted to make themselves blind until she came into

I wanted to know though, Why was she out so late at night? It bothered me to no end.
Things could happen to her and imagine if I wasn't there, luckily I was. I had killed
both Orochimaru and Itachi about 6 months ago. It was funny how all I could do was
smile after I returned to the village and saw her.

She ran straight into my arms and I could tell she was worried. I embraced her back
and boy did it feel good to have her warmth the way I have wanted it. But soon the
moment was interrupted with that blabber mouth idiot number 1 hyper active ninja came

If only he wasn't there I would have told her what I have been meaning to tell her
all of these years. But of course I was too scared.

I looked at the high tower that had a huge clock. 6:30 am was what it read. "I should
get to the training grounds before her. That way I can stare at her for as long as I

I ran at lightning speed and got to the training grounds. Of course I was always
first I guess old habits die hard. 'Ok how do I tell her my feelings? Oh I know I'll
take her to that secret spot I found when we were genin. I know nobody has found it
because it's in the Uchiha district… nah that will be too cheesy and too mushy. How
about that tree that over looked the entire village including the Hokage Mountains?
No then I would have no idea what to say.'

'What about just telling her after a nice bowl of ramen? NO damn it I don't want it
simple. It has to be somewhat exciting…I need help on this.'

"Sasuke-kun, are you ok?" I hear the sweetest voice say. I didn't even notice she
came. "Yeah I'm fine why wouldn't I be?" I asked her denying the fact that I wasn't
ok. "Well you're pacing back and forth and you keep mumbling to yourself." She
clarified for me.

Great now she thinks I'm crazy! UGH! Come on Sasuke act cool and calm, wait…this is
my chance. I act as if I like another girl and then describe her! "I was just
thinking…about…" I said to her starting my shy routine. I had been acting for a
long time.

"About what?" she asked now complete curious. The fish has taken the bait! "Oh
nothing, just a girl that's all…" I said. "What girl?" She asked. I am not sure if
her voice went down a little because it sounded low and sad but then she was smiling
at me.

"I am not gonna tell you! I mean it isn't embarrassing or anything but I was scared
to ever tell her when we were genin." I told her. It wasn't really embarrassing at
all I was just scared to tell Sakura THE Sakura that I was in love with her. I always
have and I always will be.

"Oh come on Sasuke! Please!" She said giving me the puppy eyes. DAMN IT!! SO ADORABLE
CAN'T RESIST!! "Ok how about I describe her for you?" I told her. "OK!!" She said and
looked at me as if she was a little kid. Another thing I loved about her. Her
childish antiques amused me and made me smile even if I hid it.

"Ok…She is beautiful, she is one of the Rookie nine, she is very childish, you know
her very well, and she has the most passionate heart ever." Her face was priceless.
One eyebrow was quirked up and her lips were puckered and pointing to the side. I
wanted to laugh so badly, but she had to know that I was serious.

"I give up. Who is it Sasuke!? Please tell me I can help bring you guys together!"
she said a pleading tone. I smirked trying to hide a smile that I would only keep for
her. "Ok come with me…" I said. I had another plan. I was going to take her to that
secret place. The one I always went after our days were over when we were genin.

Just a little further and then I could blind fold her and right here! "Ok Sakura I
just want you to close your eyes for a couple of minutes." I told her. This might
just be the most romantic thing I will ever do. Well I would do anything for her but
hey this was my first time doing this.

I went behind her and took off her leaf village head band and covered her eyes with
it. I grabbed her hand and then led her to the destination. We were finally there
after about 5 minutes or so. There was an open field in where there were a bunch of
Sakura trees all lining up as if to form a pathway.

From the Sakura trees the cherry blossoms fell beautifully and it was as if the
cherry blossoms never ran out no matter how much fell. I loved this place so much
because it reminded me of Sakura. I walked behind her and took off the head band. Her
eyes widen in shock and that made me smile.

"Do you like it?" I whispered in her ear. All she did was nod still in shock. "I love
it because they remind me of the girl that I've always loved." I whispered in her
ear. All of a sudden out of nowhere she spun around a kissed me. HALLELUJA!!!!

Soon my senses were satisfied. My hands didn't long for her touch anymore because I
was touching her. She let my tongue in and I was able to taste her. I was able to
hear her sweet moan when my tongue brushed against hers. I made sure no place was
left untouched.

When we pulled apart I held her close and I took in the scent of her hair. I looked
at her as she opened her eyes slowly after the kiss. I could tell she was savoring
it. "Why didn't you just tell me?"she asked. I smiled the smile that I would only do
for her.

"Because I thought you would've known by now." I said playing a little game, it was
her game. "No fair that's my game!!" Then she tackled me and her rolling until she
stopped it by putting her feet on the floor and slamming me into the ground floor.
"My game…" She said low and in a childish voice.

I laughed, only she could make me do that. She stuck out her tongue which gave me an
idea for revenge. I wrapped my legs around hers and pulled her down grabbing her
tongue with my teeth. "mff?" The noise she made. HAHA she wasn't expecting that.

I pulled her tongue and started to suck on it making slurping noises that were
necessary because her tongue held that essence. She moaned and began to push her own
head down wanting me to do my actions.

I could feel her grind herself against me making me moan from arousal. I let go of
her tongue and she began to kiss me on my neck. After placing a mark on there she
began to kiss my lips again, my moans being very frequent.

We pulled away and I looked at her. "So beautiful…" was all I said. Her eyes
softened but then widen when I rolled her over so I was on top. "This is so much
better though." I said in a husky voice. She blushed and looked away from.

I took my index finger to her chin and pulled her to face me. I gave her one command
that I expected her to keep forever.

"Don't ever turn away from me."
"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!!" She screamed at him. In her eyes it was as if he
didn't trust her. She had gotten a call from an old friend, Garra and he went crazy
and started a fight with him.

"WHAT, THE HELL ARE YOU DOING CHEATING ON ME?!?!" He screamed back. The only reason
he did was because she was screaming. It wasn't like he was partially death. He could
hear her very well. Either way he saw it as no big deal in his eyes.


This was one of the times that she hated him being so over protective of her. She
understood that it was because he loved her but she hated it whenever there was a
UCHIHA!" She screamed to the top of her head.

He suddenly grabbed her by her wrist and slammed her against the wall of his
NOTHING!!" He screamed louder.

She glares at him and suddenly flips him over and slams him against the wall. Yes for
a girl she was very strong. "IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME! BUT DON'T YOU GET THAT I
AT ME!" She screamed get louder and louder.

All of a sudden his lips crashed on hers. His hands rested on her waist and her hand
went on his cheek while her arm went loosely around his neck. "Stop
screaming…please…" he said out of breath. "…ok…"

Halo: Beyonce

She saw him at school and immediately found no interest in him while every other girl
drooled over him. He found interest in her through the 350 girls in the whole school.
She didn't trust any man except for her brother like friends Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji,
and Kiba.

Too bad they became friends with Sasuke behind her back. "Why doesn't she trust men
except for you guys?" He asked they group of men. "Sakura-Chan had a boyfriend and
she caught him cheating on her with a friend. That was the last man she ever went out
with and she hasn't talked to her ex-friend Ino since." Naruto explained.

"But not all of man is like that." He said to the group. "Well we haven't gotten
around to telling her that…hehe." Kiba said. Sasuke sighed in annoyance. "I'm going
to try and talk to her now. Maybe she will change her mind about me and date me. Do
you guys know where she might be now?" He said in a voice that somehow had hope.

"She hangs out in the park after school. She is usually on the swings." Shikamaru
said. "Thanks!" He said. "Sasuke…" Sasuke stopped at the sound of his voice. "Good
luck." Neji said. Sasuke nodded to him and ran out the door. The four boys stayed
there only hoping.

He saw her sitting on the swings…alone. She was looking to the ground and seemed to
not want to be bothered. He walked

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