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The new girl next door part 1Category: warning
Friday, 23 April 2010
03:30:09 PM (GMT)
Jenna, was your ordinary girl, so ordinary people hardly noticed her, she was quiet
and shy and had never had a boyfriend.
One day some new people moved in next door.  A mum and her daughter, the girl was the
same age as Jenna. That's lovely Jenna's mum said, you can have a friend for once.
The two parents chatted about school, (ex) husbands and boyfriends and cooking
recipes. Easy for them Jenna thought.
She stared at the new girl, she was small, and freckly with wildly curly strawberry
blonde hair. she wore a ragged skirt with mismatched converses. Her top said 'Hate
me' on it. 
I will thought Jenna.
She wandered over to say hi, to make it look like she was putting an effort in. 'hey'
she said.
'hey' said the girl.
'what's your name?'
'That's a boys name' Jenna said.
'So what if it is?' the girl retorted. 'it not my fault my dad wanted a bleeding twat
of a son is it?'
Jenna stared, 'Okay no need to get shirty.....god'
there was an uncomfortable pause.
'what's your's?' said Max
'whats mine?' Jenna was confused
'Your bl- name'

'what?' Now Jenna really was puzzled.
'A pretty name to go with a pretty face...mines a bleedin boys name..can't exactly be
a stunner with Max can you?'
'Oh shit there I go again, no wonder people called my a frickin lesbo at my old
school....just cos I admire a girls looks, I mean the length of your hair to start
with, can you sit on it?
'Erm...well yeah, whats a lesbo?'
'Fresh as well eh?' Max was leering at her, it made Jenna uncomfortable, she smoothed
down the cream dress she was wearing 'pretty?' she thought, really? no-one ever
called me that before....plain....yeah plain and average that was Jenna Teece from
head to toe. But now this girl thought differently....
'Lesbian' Max stated
Jenna nearly choked. Oh my god she thought, THAT was what it meant, god, the girl
only thought she was pretty becuase she was gay. It made her uncomfortable,
and made her feel ashamed, she couldn't get a guy, but a girl on the other hand. It
disgusted Jenna. being gay, well there was nothing wrong with it in a sense, but it
repulsed her, she could never.....why was she even thinking. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how
could you not like guys? even if they didn't like you. 
'Im not one' Max was saying, Jenna didnt believe her, no wonder people called her
names, she was so obviously one, who did she think she was coming on to her. The
cheek, she was branded now, all Jenna wanted to do was run away and never see this
girl again. Just her luck their mums we new best friends.
'I just appreciate a girl's looks, I mean I can't exactly admire my own can I?'
That comment made Jenna look more closely at the girl in front of her, she was
freakish certainly, but the colour of her hair was nice and she had nice blue eyes,
and, Jenna noticed, rather large boobs. 
Jenna might not think she was totally ugly but her number one cause of stress when it
came to body parts was her boobs, barely big enough to fill an A-cup they stuck out
more like spots than actually curvy, bouncy, breast-like shapes that Max seemed to
have. Jenna's mum assured her that she would grow, but a year would go by and
nothing. Jenna had given up hope and was seriously contemplating a boob job when she
was older, just to be average she thought. Well here was the nub of it all, all she
ever was was average the only thing different was her boob size and she would give it
up to be normal?
yes she would thought Jenna
'No....your....okay.....' said Jenna, she might not like this girl but she did not
want to get her angry or upset, she could run away later...
'Shit basically'
' your have nice eyes' stammered Jenna
'Really?' Max's eyes were shining, gosh, thought Jenna, she's really insecure, a bit
like not like me, she's a lesbian
'That's the nicest thing anyone ever said to me, including my own mother..' Jenna
thought this was stretching it a bit far, Max's mother seemed nice, young, but nice.
'Im sure that's not true' she scoffed
'Oh but it is' Max suddenly grabbed her hand, her fingers were warm, contrasting to
Jenna's pastry-cold-hands, her fingertip brushed lightly across the back of Jenna's
It felt like electricity, Jenna disentangled her hand carefully, not sure quite where
the 'buzz' had come from, 'its becuase i'm wary of her' she thought, 'i know what she
"Girls.....girls" Max's mum was yelling, she seemed incapable of talking quietly, her
laugh echoeing round the area.
'Jenna! you can see each other tomorrow, time for tea!'
The two girls separated, Jenna was left feeling confused as to what caused the
feeling when Max touched her hand.

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