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This isn't over baby, don't believe a word they say,Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
07:59:19 PM (GMT)
Do you still talk to the last person you kissed?

Would you get married if you could right now?
No. I'm 13.

Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
In between.

Dark hair or light hair in the preferred sex?
Doesn't matter.

Last person you talked to on the phone?

Ever kissed a random person and then walked away?

Are you a jealous person?
I can be.

Have you known any of your friends for your whole life?

Is there a person of the opposite sex that you care a lot about?

If you could move somewhere else, would you?
God yes.
I hate Palm Coast.

Who took your profile picture?
I did.

Do you find piercings attractive in the preferred sex?
I have a thing for lip piercings.

How's your hair looking?
Pretty crazy.

Have you ever regretted letting someone go?

What are you listening to?
Not the American Average.

Who are you expecting a call from?
No one.

How are you feeling right now?
Kinda tired.

What are you looking forward to?
The weekend, concert, spring break.
All that jazz.

Are you a forgiving person?

Have you ever dated a soccer player?

What were you doing at 7:00 AM?
Getting ready.

Did you speak to your mother today?

If I looked under your bed, what would I find?

Do you sleep on your stomach?

This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
I don't think so.

Have you ever swam in a pool that wasn't yours?

You have to get a face piercing, what do you get?

Will you be a strict parent someday?

Do you believe ex's can be friends?

What time did you go to sleep last night?
11:30 I think.

Do you like waking up to new texts in the morning?
I loveee it.

When will be the next time you kiss someone?

Do you miss the way things used to be?

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?

When was the last time you laughed?
A little while ago.

Has someone ever called you at midnight on your birthday?
No, but that would be awesome.

Have you ever kissed anyone who's last name started with an M?

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?

Do you think you will ever be married?

Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?

Was the first person you talked to today male or female?

Do you like hugs or do you freak out when people hug you?
I loveee hugs.

Do you like to hold hands?

Ever kissed a T,M,R,K,S,D?

Are you happy with the choices you've made?
Not all.

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
Oh yes.

Do you sleep with a fan on?

Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?

Is something bothering you?

Do you regret dating anyone?

Do you like when people play with your hair?
Not really.

Eyes or Smile?

How was your day overall?

Ever had a best friend of the opposite sex?

What color is your hair?
Blonde and black.

Would you prefer to date someone taller, shorter, or the same height as you?

When you're getting ready for something, do you listen to music?
Well of course.

Where is the person who broke your heart?
Eh, no.

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