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Saturday, 6 March 2010
01:35:04 PM (GMT)
Basics & Appearance

Name: Kennedy Kason B.
Age: ohai liek five-teen yo.
Location: San Jose, Californiaaaaa.
Marital Status: Takentaken.♥<3Andrew.
Birthday: january 7thhhhh.
Zodiac: capricorn. c:
Birth Place: so liek, Artesia, CA.
Ethnicity: a bunch. italian, american, german, russian. c; andandddd, swedish.
Height: lieliekk, im pretty sure im near 5'5" now.
Weight: a million? pretty accuarte if i do say so myselfff.
Hair Color: black. since its tight. well its natural so whatevaaaa.  
Long or Short: LULWHUT. idk i'd probably say long. medium?
Straight or Curly: straighttt. looks kinda wavy though.
Eye Color: sometimesss; brown. or this weird green thing. but usualyyyy grey,
grey-blue. lol. c;
Tats: nonee.
Piercings: none right nowww, might get lip piercing yesss.

This or That.

Fire or Ice: fire babyyyy. BURN BABY BURNN. (;
Day or Night: night. im nocturnalllll.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: coffee yess. <3
Tea or Soda: EH, neither. but if i chose it would be sodaaa. c; depends what kind
though lol.
Juice or Water: bothbothhh.
White Milk or Chocolate Milk: i dont even drink milk that much LUL. so liek niether
Italian or Chinese: italian biitchhh.
McDonald's or Burger King: mickey D's biitchh. c; luil neither though.
Pizza Hut or Domino's: Dominos. way better. but neither.
Watermelon or Kiwi: watermelon. IT INCREASES YOUR MATABOLISM. :D
Strawberry or Blueberry: bothboth. c;
Cherry or Banana: cherries. :D
Summer or Winter: winterrrr. 
Spring or Fall: Fall. :D
Rainy or Sunny: Rainyyyy.
Snowy or Rainy: bothhh. mostly rain. (:
Love or Money: bitch please, its love.♥

Have you ever:

Smiled for no reason: uhm yea. :D
Danced in the rain: IF IT DOES RAIN MYGOSHHH. but yea. C:
Sang out loud: mall. ryan. travis. me. julia. orlord. funfunnn. 
Kissed in the rain: nope.
Gotten in a bar fight: olord. damn straighttt. (;
Done drugs: eh. WHAT KIND? lmfao.
Been drunk: yeaaaaa.
Been in love: been? psh. i still am. ♥
Sat on a roof: yus. c:
Gotten thrown out of a store: dont ask. me. travis. olord. srsly savemart was asking
for troubleeee.
Cried over a guy (if yes, was he worth it?): yup. though none were worth my time. 
only one guy is, i love him, very much. you know who you areee.
Played an instrument: drums. lol i wanna learn guitarrr.
Smoked a cigarette: ew. nononooo.
Lied: is this a trick question? only to people i sometimes hate. like Marcus. you
Cheated: depends on what kind of cheated. tests? you know ittt. relationships? hell
no. >:c
Stolen: ... d-depends on what store exactly.
Stayed up all night: yes, but that is what sleeping pills or for yes?
Been arrested: almosttt. but no.


Height: taller.
Body Type: lmfao. body type? wdff. average? 
Dark or Light hair: either. 
Dark or Light eyes:light, but dark sometimes. c;
Rich or Sweet: S w e e t.♥
Cute or Hot: gorgeous. c: ♥
Rocker or Cowboy: LULWHUT. rocker? lmfao.
Gangster or Punk: gangster? lmfaolmfaooo. punk bbyy.


Movie: friday the 13th(09 one), my bloody valentine, yes man, and and anddd, soon its
gonna be Alice in Wonderland.♥
Music: mcr, breaking benjamin, slipknot, never shout never, breathe carolina, relient
k, switchfoot, the red jumpsuit apparatus, thousand foot krutch, afi, anberlin,
gorillaz, lifehouse, panic! at the disco, rise against, michael jackson, and
Singer: eh. idk.
Rapper: eminem, 50 cent, diddy.
Food: pastaaaa, chocolate, and apples.
Drink: water... anything? lol.
Alcoholic Drink: cx lets see... Rum, vodka. thats it really lul.
Dessert: ohlord. ice creamm, cupcakes. cx im such a fatass.

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