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Wednesday, 27 January 2010
10:16:42 PM (GMT)
My honors project, due in two days. Please, please, please respond to the
emboldened text, especially if you're from another country, or America. (Yes, I know
I just included everyone on Earth. I did that purposly.)

Part I-
How do Americans veiw America/Americans?
How does this compare to how people in other countries veiw America/

Part II-
How do you veiw yourself?
How does this compare to how the people around you veiw you?

I spend one to seven hours online every day. That's as much time as I spend in
school. I think you guys are in as much position to answer as anyone I know in real
life, or more, because I'm probably more honest on the internet.

So, and be harsh and cruel in this-
Please tell me what you honestly think of me.

I need balanced, detailed responces to do this properly, but anything you have time
to write will help. 

Do this, and I will be in your debt. Post a way I could repay you, and I'll try to do
it. But without this project i won't be eligable for Honors Credit, and a A- average
in Honors is good, but and A- average in regents is barely satisfactory. This is
really important to me.

Thank you in advance~
*bites nails anticipating lack of responce...*

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   28 January 2010   599395  
Well... I'll try to help...

Canadians are very similar to Americans, what affects you affects us.
When you go down, you might take us with you. Most of the TV channels
around here are broad casted from the US, and there are other things
we get that I don't want to list out.

What do I honestly think of you? I think you're overall cool. You have
an interesting perspective, one that I'm not used to here. Honestly,
it's a bit hard for me to start a convo with you, but I'm sure that's
just a bad gut feeling I have. Once we get talking though, I enjoy
listening to what you have to say, you're fun to talk to.

Is that helpful? D:
tiggerlemon101 says:   28 January 2010   386476  
Americans in general view themselves as immensely intelligent and
amazing overall.  They think that what happens in America is all that
happens.  I once was sitting with a group of about five Canadian girls
and one American girl.  We were talking about Rememberance Day and the
American thought that Rememberance Day was for 9-11.  Seriously.  
   Which brings me to what other people think of Americans: they`re
idiots.  They`re like Canadians only with less intelligence, more
annoying accents and no peameal bacon (also known as Canadian bacon
over there).  Plus, they think everything should be adapted for them. 
Why Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone when they can change it
to the Sorcerer`s Stone.  Why have the same Thanksgiving as Canadians
when they can have a seperate one.
   Also, all Canadians resent you for making us get rid of the Avro
Arrow so that you could be the top dog in aeronautics.  Grr.

   But no offense to you or anything.  You`re awesome.  :D  However,
sometimes you are immensely rigid in your and sort of uncompromising. 
That would be my only complaint.  I think you`re very intelligent and
not a wast eof skin, unlike most people.
Kirti shouts:   28 January 2010   818206  
Thank you, both of you! 
Kirti says:   29 January 2010   604946  
Would either of you like to see the paper (the part about the worlds
veiw of the Untied States anyway?) 
tiggerlemon101 says :   30 January 2010   961941  
Ooooh yes!!!! :D

Yes please. 


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