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Catalouging The Fail, AgainCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 January 2010
03:28:16 PM (GMT)
Time to catalouge some epic fails. :D Of OCs!! Whoop!
This idea was brutely kindly stolen from dear Rose_chan, and you can see her
similar diary here:

I think... well, I guess I'm doing this for the lolz to reflect on the amazing
fails of my fictional and role playing career? What a load of bullshit that is. Of
course, you can't blame the character (they're tortured by my evil genius as much as
it is), you have to blame me for the fail, but w/e. BUT ANYWAY. Time to lol.


Suke Kyuusho: the blood thirsty, sword swinging, crazy bitch. I guess that
would sum up her entire character? Dear Suke was created for the Bleach fandom, along
side Rose_chan's handicapped Yuki Ohna and fucked-up Maya Wakahisa. Suke was the
Captain of the Eleventh Company, but a certain Ichimaru seriously fucked her up one
day, and she's been out on a path of revenge ever since. At the beginning, I just
made a load of crap up, but her past began to develop as she moved along... and I
guess it turned out okay? Maybe? I don't know. She's pretty viscious when annoyed,
and has some insane fighting abilties, but she does lose a few fights, so you can't
fault her there... Oh, and she was one hell of a rude bitch when she was a kid...
seriously, she swore at everyone. o_e
She's hanging on the border of Sue-dom, as she has insane fighting skills and
sort-of-good looks, but her personality is not very nice, and she's not too bright.

She's very fun to role play as, I must admit. But, I couldn't imagine our Bleach
roleplays without her butt-kicking insanities.

Branded: Scraping the barrel of acceptance. With a tooth pick.


Taiko Kyuusho: The much nicer and more sophisticated brother of the one named
above. He was murdered... and he was such a nice guy. ;_; Poor thing. He was murdered
because his sister was too much of a badass.
He's a bit of a wimp, I guess, because Suke always was watching his butt, but he's
okay in a fight, as he did get to Lieutenant Captain in his alive days.
Then shit happened, and it all went a little crazy. Something about his soul, and a
zanpaku-to, and a bird... AND VOILA, he, somehow, got inside Suke's sword, and acts
as her conscience now? Yes, it's strange. But, without Taiko, everyone would had been
blow up, horrifically. I guess he's there to keep an eye on everyone else. Though,
he's capable in a fight, certainly smarter than Suke, and is, well... hotttt, so he's
basically a Gary-Stu. But, he's adorable. >3<

Branded: FAIL.


Harkonnen: Batshit insane, godmoding lunatic. What else? HER ACCENT IS AWFUL.
Harkonnen, which is infact her surname, is a Kido master, also used for Bleach
fandom. She's secretly a Visored, and is one of the first, created by some crazy
lady, called something-or-other, but I don't care. Harky Sparky (that's her nickname)
is the best friend of Suke, since they were students, and they're a kickass duo.
Harkonnen is unbeatable in a fight, though she's so lazy that she barely ever tries
(yet she's never lost... great). She has a zanpaku-to, but she never uses it, as he's
an ass, so she just attacks with Kido. Maybe one day we'll meet that spirit...? Her
past... is hazy. She was drunk for most of it. She super smart. And super irritating.
THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON EVER, I KID YOU NOT. You really just want to strangle her
sometimes. And her accent only adds to that.

"Wha' accent ya' talkin' 'bout, huh?"

Yeah, that one. I don't know why the heck she does that, but it makes her different.
Basically, she's a warped product of sugar and my imagination.

Branded: Undeterminable. This is Harkonnen, after all.


Rei Ling: It's been a long time since I got this one out. She was made a few
years back, for FMA fandom, and is basically the prototype that Suke (from Bleach) is
based upon. They both share the same kickass fighting abilities, they look basically
the same... the only difference is that Rei is more smart. So, that basically makes
her a Sue. The only thing that detracts from that is her vulgar mouth and her lack of
respect for authority. Which makes ehr pretty cool, but it still makes her a Sue.

Branded: FAIL.


Melanie Marcove: As above, Mel hasn't been about for a while. She's the main
character in an FMA fanfic of mine, which has bitten the dust atm. She... does stuff,
looks for some shit, dies, comes back to life, does more stuff... it's complicated,
and kinda silly, really. She's a super, law-defying alchemist (but the reason was
planned to be explained), but nobody bar me, knows why, which is a bit bad. She's got
smarts, but she's really gullible, so I want to hit her.

Branded: FAIL.


Tilel Van Giruet: A broody, moody vampire made for fantasy role playing. She
was a bitch, but was stunning, meaning she was basically a female Edward Cullen
wanabee. Pathetic, really. Probably why I couldn't be bothered in sustaining that
club, and it died.

Branded: EPIC FAIL.


Hero Udou: Some guy that I made for my rp club, TBC. He was pretty cool,
suave, and shuch, but he got too nice... He was quite awesome though. And he was
awesome on roller skates. Damn awesome. At the beginning, he was a fab character, but
then he just... flopped.

Branded: Descending into failure.


Pann: The Manager, from, which you should
totally join. She's mysterious, so I can't tell you much. She doesn't really like
people, so she hangs out with this pathetic little dog thing, called Sebby (created
by StarDust). At the moment, I feel she'll be okay, though role play hasn't started
yet... (I'm so lazy!). Uh... can't say anything else, except she makes a mean pot of

Branded: Potentially acceptable?


Matthew Isa: My character from HarryismyHero's Cafe club, the original
version. He was very sexy, and flirted with everyone, which was hilarious fun to role
play as. He was very cool, but I don't remember what is faults were, so:

Branded: Basically a FAIL.


There's a shit load of other crazy butts... uh, that gay guy, that biker chick, loads
of FMA folks, and a couple of Bleach go-ers here and there. Can't remember too far

So, done of these losers actually passed properly? Gee, great. :D

Harky: Wha' ya' talkin' 'bout? I defini'ly passed, yeah! Don' go pullin' m' leg
'cause I'll sure blow ya' up."

Last edited: 22 January 2010

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