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Monday, 11 January 2010
05:36:46 PM (GMT)
I dont want to tell all of you that i am a fan and that im writeing this completely
on the facts that i love it. BUT im not because in ways i agree with both sides, its
stupid BUT really good...

The Reasons of why its Good:
If you get past the "nonsense" of how supposevly the author ruined the tradtional
sense of vampires and wereovolves, the book is quite great to read. And again if you
get past that, the movies are really good too.. But if your a guy thats not into the
chick flick and "Oh-mi-gawd Edward/Jacob is so hawt" thing then i wouldnt blame you..
The literature of her series are quite un-real but really good. They give the sense
of fear and yet sadness of the main character Bella. And if you get past the
"nonsense" about the vampires and werewolves and so on, you would realize the image
(before the movies) that girls who read the book they, wanted a charming, beautiful,
protective guy like Edward. OR they wanted a Strong, large, protective, warm, cuddly
guy like Jacob. But not saying thats what girls are trying to find in a guy right
now. But thats what they thought they wanted. And guys, you dont have to be gay to
like it. And im not saying only gay guys read the book. Im saying that when a guy
mans up and is mature and pushes aside the "nonsense" they realize how good the book
is. I mean of course i dont think they'd go around in fan t-shirts and all that but
they read the book. 

The Reasons of why its Bad:
Okay, its not nonsense, but i kinda dont agree with the sparkly vampires and coming
out during the day types. Or the metamorphing of a werewolf when ever, instead of
just on a full moon. And... uhhmm.. Thats about it..

Now for how immature people can get over this ONE series...

The ways people get immature is of the few bad reasons i listed.
They either wont get mature enough to give the book a chance just because they don't
like the fact of Sparkly vampires running around with humans in the middle of the
day. OR about how a werewolf is formed by the genes in ones family, and how they dont
morph only on full moons. Im sorry if your one of those people but its just plain
stupid! Grow up! And dont pick on people just becasue they like the books and the
movies! Its just stupid of you guys to do that, if you dont like the book that fines,
you hate the movie too thats okay.. But dont go around dissing it just because of
those two small little things. 

Just because the morals about the vampires and werewolves that you grew up with was
changed and made just a bit more interesting doesnt make the book and movies
completely dumb and stupid. Again just grow up and act mature and stop complaining of
how "dumb" or "stupid" the series is because your just acting immature. 

If your the type that goes around dissing things left and right because of little
things you dont like about it (i.e; its in france instead in canada) but yet when
someone disses something about what you like because of one little detail dont you
get defensive and say thats stupid its just one little detail your just pointing
three fingers right back at you because that what your doing about the Twilight

SO again just grow up and be a bit more mature?

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