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Kiss Me Goodbye ((part seven))Category: (general)
Tuesday, 22 December 2009
01:36:34 PM (GMT)
Jenny slept through the night in that bush. 
Soon, it became morning. She woke up, it had rained and she was thankful she wasnt
drenched from the pretection of under a bush.

She looked up to Adams window which was right above her on the 2nd floor. The light
was on and loud music was coming from it.
She was tempted to know what he was doing in there. She sat up and thought. She
looked at her phone and thought of talking to him when her phone was minutes away
from dieing. 
She dialed his number.

"What?" He answered. Jenny could also hear his voice coming from up in his room.
"Adam. Im sorry." She apologized for nothing, trying to calm him down so he could
hear her out.
"What do you want?" He asked in a sharp, cold voice.
"My bestfriend back." She said to him, lowering her voice level. She stood up and
walked to the sidewalk in the front, waiting for him to look out his window to see
that she was there. 
He saw her, and he was shocked. They starred at eachother with silence over the

"Jenny, I need to tell you something, and why we cant be friends." He said calmly,
starring at her through the window. 
"Why cant we be friends?" She asked, walking down the sidewalk, away from his house.
She didnt want to look at him. Small tears werer falling from her eyes and sliding
down her cheeks. 
"Are you crying?" He asked, concerned.

Great. Now hes being nice. She thinks to herself.

"Why cant we be friends, Adam?" She yelled at him over the phone.

Her phone was beeping, warning her that she had low battery. He wasnt saying
anything. Her phone was about to die.

"Hurry!" She screamed to him.
"Jenny, we cant be friends because I love-"

Her phone shut off. 
She began panicing. Her phone wouldnt turn on. She threw it to the sidewalk and didnt
bother to watch it break or pick up the pieces.
She ran as fast as she could back to Adams house. She knocked on the door, eager. His
mom answered and let her in, up to his room.
She ran up the steep stairs, heavily breathing. Without knocking, she barged in
through his bedroom door. 

He was sitting on his bed with his face in his palms, his cell phone on the ground. 
He looked up to her with tears in his eyes. His eyes were red and water filled.

She walked over, slowly to him. He stood up. 

She wrapped her arms around his nexk the same time he wrapped his arms around her
waist. They held eachother close and tightly. They were both sniffling, trying to
stop crying. 

"I love you, Jenny." He cried to her, holding her close to him. 
"I love you too." She cried into his chest.

~Emily Michelle Berry~

‹Xilovehimx› says:   22 December 2009   500495  
Zoommmgggg!!! That's very epic!! This is my favrite part so far.
‹Hot Mess› says:   22 December 2009   111503  
Thank you!! Yeah, me too!! I love the ending. I was so close to
‹Xilovehimx› says:   22 December 2009   350811  
Same here same here
‹SupernaturalFTW<3› says:   22 December 2009   255249  
You're a good writer. 
When he yelled at her in the 6th part I was like WTF!? but this made
it better :D
‹Hot Mess› says :   22 December 2009   661100  
haha yeah, Adam was feeling a little Bi-Polar. LOL
Thank you so much!  Happy you like it. ^^ 


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