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Kiss Me Goodbye ((part one))Category: (general)
Sunday, 20 December 2009
11:16:54 PM (GMT)
Jenny walked her way down the sidewalk back home. The air was full of autumn and
leaves, along with the chilly winds. 
She held her cell phone in her warm, soft hands waiting for a call or text message
from the boy she had been in love with for 3 years.

Jenny had just moved to Weaton, Illinoise. She had known noone. She missed the big
city of Los Angeles in sunny California she had come from. Jenny was 15 years old. A
Sophomore in High School. 

Her phone rang.
It was her boyfriend, Matt. She answered eagerly.

"Hey Cutie!" She answered, excited.
"Hi." Matt said to her with a cold edge to his voice.
"Are you okay?" She asked, questionable.
"Yes. I'm in love." He said quietly.

Jenny stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. It was quiet outside. She was breathing
heavily but quietly. The only sound you could hear was the wind and his cold voice.

"I love you too, baby." She smiled to the phone, still frozen.-
"Not. With. You." He interupted her.

Her stomach dropped. Her heart skipped a beat. Her eyes began to tear up. She was
shaking althrough her fingers.

"W-What?" She asked, confused. Her voice was weak.
"It's not you im in love with. It's Lily." He said, harsh. 

Jenny had remembered the Lily from her old school in California. She was blonde and
tall and had perfect skin. She was Cheer Captain and Prom Queen. Jenny was 5'8,
brunette and  the girl everyone noticed and talked to, but didnt care about.

"Lily?!" Jenny screamed, horrified.
"Yes." He said to her, sharp and quick.
"Your in love with Lily?" She asked, not believing a word he was saying. "Are you
drunk? Are you kidding? Did you loose a bet?" She screamed as loud as she could.
"No. Non of thoughs." He said to her. "Jenny, I dont love you anymore. I love Lily.
Were done." He said slowly and quietly, then hung up.

Her jaw dropped open. Tears were flooding her eyes and creating a small salty puddle
beneath her feet. She was gasping for air. Her knees were shaking and she was close
to falling to the concrete ground. She did. She covered her face with her frantic
hands. She had dropped her phone and it fell hard to the sidewalk, not breaking.

~Emily Michelle Berry~
Last edited: 20 December 2009

Lilbutterfly says:   20 December 2009   654742  
Well this is very good it made me have tallent
‹Hot Mess› says:   20 December 2009   853436  
Thank you so much! Yeah.  I was tearing up a bit while writing it.
Thank you, that means alot to me.@Lilbutterfly 
Lilbutterfly says:   20 December 2009   190749  
Your welcome i just hope thier is going to be a part 2 ^_^
‹stacy's mom♥› writes:   21 December 2009   725108  
reaally good story
you are a tallented writer
‹Xilovehimx› says:   21 December 2009   221135  
Emily, your amazing. As I've told you all along. You have a great
talent never give it up. You may like drawing but you can never drop
this talent because your wonderful <3
‹Hot Mess› says:   21 December 2009   121348  
AWW!! I love you Dawn! You have always been there for me to support
me! If it werent for you Id probably not be a writer to this
‹Xilovehimx› says:   21 December 2009   568723  
awweeh no! really?? aweh ilu
‹xXLove_with_All_You've_GotXx› says:   21 December 2009   280328  
You're awesome, Em!
‹Hot Mess› says:   21 December 2009   331246  
I LOVE YAH MOMO!@Mimi_loves_kota 
KaulitzJunkie says:   21 December 2009   937643  
This is great.
It's really sad !
I loved it .
< 3
‹Hot Mess› says:   21 December 2009   408006  
Thank you!  
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   20 April 2010   753699  
shows what really happens in life..
not like one of those peppy fairy tales that people want with their
but then again, if life was a fairy tale... what fun would it be?
‹Hot Mess› says :   20 April 2010   447575  
Exactly!! Life needs drama. And pain. Thats what makes life, life..


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