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Sunday, 6 December 2009
03:33:56 PM (GMT)
Hey its been months since ive been on but hi im working on a new story too so tell
me what you think 

				Isle of Kendal 

	I awoke on the charred island with a burning in my lungs and a fiery pain in my
torso. I turned around and looked at the boat witch was ablaze in a burning flame.
Every breath I took was filled with the smoke of the unforgiving clouds which put
even more of a deathly pain in my heart. I would have died if not so driven to kill
it, it the thing that only five summers before took this land and made it it’s own
charred next full of spirits who wander to find the next world. 
	Then a loud screech came from the dark clouded sky from above. Then it swooped into
the dried up mountain and then screams from those on fire scorched my head and make
me burst in curses. Angry was I so that I ran up the mountain to take give back what
he gave to them all of them. I was now going to get revenge through my horror and the
crimes I committed would all pay off now. 

				Five Summers ago 

	Fifteen was I when I was to be wed to my beautiful bride Veronica daughter of
Isthalain. She was magnificent her hair white with a light brown shadow her eyes were
as blue as the sky. She was also fond of wearing the color yellow and she would sing
to the spring lake everyday. Her voice was that of magic a fine voice was it.
Sometimes I sat and listened for hours looking at her beautiful figure crafted by
	Today we would wed by that glistening water and I would be her husband. The whole
Isle of Kendal would be there to see us be together forever. One thing she will do is
sing a song for us all. The love between us was an ongoing flame that could never be
put out. Till death do us part. 
	We gathered at the lake for the ceremony that would be brought from life and make
the will of the god come to life. I loved Veronica but sometimes I thought why should
I be wed to her I’m not worthy.  
	All from our small village showed even our chieftain who only one moon ago was mad
at the decision that I a common villager was to be with the most beautiful woman on
the whole isle. He came up to me with a stern, angry look above on his face and the
brow of his eye was lined and wrinkled. His muscular face looked at mine and stared
me in the eye and said “Treat her like she deserves” in a harsh voice. 
	“I know” I said in a startled voice 
	“Good” he said fast and then stomped into the crowd 
	One by one the people of our isle came into our midst and took a seat on the
specifically set evergreen logs and willow branches were placed on them to help keep
younglings in there place and stop them from falling right off. 
	“Brother!” yelled a voice in the distance I recognized the sound 
	“Sister!” I yelled back in a cheerful voice 
	We ran to each other I offered the greeting of a shake on the hand instead she came
and hugged me tight. She was two summers older then I and had already wedded our
towns apothecary who was great at making holy potions. His name was Widge, at first I
did not think that he should be with my sis but eventually I grew to like him. Now I
get 5 copper off cure potions. It still makes me laugh to this day. 
	“The day that my young brother now weds and becomes a man never would have seen it
coming.” Said my sister with her face grinning ear to ear.     

So message me

Candi123 says:   20 December 2009   180093  
omg that is sooooo frickin good!!!!
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says :   22 December 2009   249558  
why thank you


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