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'Nother quizzie from ScharketCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 10 November 2009
12:46:06 AM (GMT)
1. Someone knocks on your door at 2 a.m, who do you want it to be?
Well, it depend on whether my parents are home or not. If they are, then maybe one of
my lady friends (and not you Suzi, I'm sorry but you're too noisy and hyper at 2am).
If they're not, then my entire circle of friends. We could have an LRP. Or just an
RP, I guess, since most of them are dudes. *shrugs*

2. Your boss tells you he/she will give you a $20 raise if you'll do your job
No, no, no, no, NO

3. Describe yourself in a nutshell:
Facking crayzee.

4. Have you ever seen a ghost?
I don't know. 

5. Happy with your body?
Sort of. I wish I was a little bit skinnier though. And less overall fuzzy. >_>

6. A reason you would move to Iceland:
Isn't Iceland where pot is legal? If so, then it'd be interesting, in the least.

7. A place you've lived that you miss:
My old house, and sort of Seabrook.

8. A job you would never do no matter how much you were paid?

9. A band you thought was cool when you were 13:
Every band I listen to?

10. You have a nightmare, who's the first person you think to call?
Probably Charles, if I could, just because it'd be an excuse to wake him up. He's my
favorite torturing victim >:D

11. Want to have kids before you're 30?
Hayull no.

12. A memory from high school?

13. Ever had a crush on one of your friend's parents?
Ew. No.

14. Worst thing you've done at work?
I was at a girl scout cookie booth with a group of eight-year-olds and I said "that's
what she said"... luckily no one got the joke.

15. Do you look more like your mom, or your dad?
My dad, he's awesome.

16. Something you've always wanted to learn how to do:
Sing decently well.

17. Still friends with your exes?
I don't talk to Jordan anymore, and Liam tries to bother me but honestly he's too
retarded now for me to even care. No offense, Scarket, but sometimes he's just...

18. Where you'd like to be in 10 years.:
In a moderately successful band.

19. Something you learned about yourself this year?:
That I am a fucking wuss.

20. What do you want for your birthday?
A better bass.

21. Name 3 things you did today?
Got hit in the face with a basketball, got stabbed by an eighth-degree black belt,
talked to my friend for hours

22. What's the last item you bought yourself?
Nail polish. Deep down, I'm a real girl, I just don't know it yet.

23. Do you have an ornament hanging from your mirror in your car?
Cars are for the weak, I say!

24. What did you have for breakfast?:

31. Last time you witnessed a fight?:
Sixth period today.

33. Do you like your hair pulled?
I don't mind, honestly. I don't feel it anymore

34. Name three places you would like to travel to:
London, New York City, Disney World

35. Do you know how to ice skate?
I went to lessons from when I was two until I started karate class, at seven years
old, and I was earning figure skating medals then. So yes. 

37. Name something you like that is out of the ordinary:
Dead things :}

38. Is bigger really better?
It' not the size, it's how he uses it. Unless we're not talking about that at all, in
which case my perverted mind does not know.

39. What do you think of Brad Pitt?
He's crazy for being with Angie, and he really needs to shave his beard.

40. Name a friend you have the most in common with?
I'm pretty equal among my friends, actually. 

41. What color are your toenails?:
Not painted, but thanks for reminding me I was going to paint them purple.

42. Last person you talked with on the phone?:
Charles, then Scharket, then Kenny. 

43. Do you own anything with a skull on it?:

Have u ever been to Europe?
No, actually.

44. Have you ever been to Antarctica?:
No, contrary to my profile.

45. Name five people you would trust with your life:
Suzi, Scharket, Kenny (maybe), Charles (maybe), um... butternut squash?

46. Last movie you watched?:

49. Last board game you played?:
Monopoly. I am a dork and I am proud.

50. Leather or lace?:
Either is good, depending on th situation.

51. Have you ever had a black eye?:
I don't bruise like, at all.

52. Where do you rent your movies?:
The Internet.

53. Have you ever worn fishnet stockings?:
No. (But I'm sure I know at least three boys and maybe a girl that wish I did)

 54. Do you know anyone in prison?:
I'm sure Rawhide's been there a few times, but not recently.

55. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you
I have fluffy hair.

56. How much cash do you have on you?:

57. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"?:

58. Favorite planet?:

59. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile?:
No mobile for me :D

60. What shirt are you wearing?:
Nirvana band tee.

61. Do you "label" yourself as anything?:
A dorky tomboy emo fat kid nerd. I'M SO NICE TO MYSELF.

63. Bright or Dark room?:
Dark, prolly. Bright gives me nightmares. I'm not even joking.

64. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?:
She's an awesomesauce friend.

65. What were you doing at midnight last night?:
Reading and eating candy.

66. What did your last text message you received on your mobile say?:

67. Where is your mailbox?:
Near the street, duh.

68. What's a phrase that you say a lot?:
I don't need swear words. :}

69.Who told you he/she loved you last?
Kenny, I think. Ew. Love is bull.

70. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?:
No illegal ones.

71. Favorite age you have been so far?:
One. People feed me, they play with me, they wipe my freaking butt for me. What's not
to like?>

72. Your worst enemy:
Liam. Or Ian Kristoff, he's a jerk.

73. Current image on your desktop:
A record store clerk from an IllWillPress cartoon.

74. What was the last thing you said to someone?:
A giggle, probably. Gragh I giggle like a girl and I hate it.

75. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to Fly?:
Fly, if I could without scientists poking me with needles.

76. Do you like someone?:
Love is a trick of the mind made by nature to keep humans reproducing.

77. What was the last song you listened to?:

78. If the last person you spoke to was getting shot at, would you jump in front of
the bullet?:
Yes, definitely.

79. If you could punch one person in your life right now, who would it be?:
Don't know, honestly.

80. What is the closest object to your left foot?:
A desk?

81. What's on your calendar?:

82. Whats your MAINNNNNNNNN goal to achieve in your lifetime?:
Live to see the world through that thingy in 2012 and beyond.
No, not the end of the world, you >_<

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