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some interesting/random facts about me.Category: Random
Saturday, 7 November 2009
05:36:45 PM (GMT)
105. i add things to this alot. 104. i eat some raw garlic every morning, helps to keep me from getting sick. 103. i was a virgin until i was 18, rare nowadays. 102. ebay is so entertaining to me. 101. in my room i have, a hamster, a turtle, a fish, and two frogs. :} 100. i don't really like fast food, i'd prefer not to eat it. 99. i always have my phone, usually i'm alway's texting someone. 98. sometimes i like just chillin at home, rather then partying. 97. but i deffinatly love to party. . i don't do drugs, smoke, or get wasted all the time anymore. 95. my hair is naturally dark brown. 94. i workout everyday, i love it. 93. i need glasses to drive, and see things far away, 92. i have a heart shaped light birthmark on my inner thigh. 91. titanic is like, my favorite movie ever. 90. i love, and always will be obsessed with joe jonas. 89. carnivals, festivals and fairs are my absolute favorite! 88. I wanna be in a band, but I can't do anything musicly. 87. i have a lot of broken things, sunglasses, cameras, phones, just clogging up my room. 86. i save everything anyone makes me, no matter how big or small. 85. i use to draw and write more then anything. 84. one day i'll own my own hair salon. 83. I love mascara, lashes are like the cherry on top. 82. i don't like getting my nails done, hello plastic nails, hello glue. DIY. 81. i would rather shop at the dollar store, salvation army then name brand stores. 80. if i'm at a name brand store, you'll find me in the clearence, sales section. i don't like wasting money. 79. i've only been in love once, that's with my current boyfriend. 78. i talk in my sleep if i'm really tired, or have a interesting dream. 77. i'm pretty sure i have minor ocd. 76. i hate feet, i can only tolerate phils and my sisters. 75. i can fit my fist in my mouth & touch my tounge to my nose. 74. i'm horrible at math, i get pissed at it. 73. i have an extreme paranoid fear of puking, i have since i was little. 72. random thing's bother me, volume on a tv being at like 32, i'll make it to 35. 71. i don't hangout with as many people as i use to, moving is a win/lose situation i guess, win a nicer house, lose some friends? 70. i'm mixed with a lot, mostly italian. 69. < that's always fun. 68. i strongly believe in karma, and everything happens for a reason. 67. i use to fight a lot, and have anger management. 66. i have high pain tolerance. 65. i get complimented on my hair in person at least once a day. 64. even more on pictures & such. 63. i have a life size cut out of edward cullens from twilight in my room. 62. i've been pretty much home schooled since grade school. 61. i use to want to be in the army, navy, marines. i still might consider it. 60. i once had 19 cats at my old house, yes all at once. 59. i eat to slow, and i get full fast. 58. christmas is depressing to me, but i like the candy canes & presents. 57. i will have your back no matter what,if someone is bothering you i'll be the first to go up to them and settle things. 56. i love helping out & supporting bands. 55. i want to volunteer with elder people & mentally impaired kids 54. i don't care what people think about me, i don't want to be like everyone else. i do what i can NOT to be like everyone else. 53. i'd rather chill with boys most of the time, girls can be so fake and annoying. 52. i have a binder filled with poems, songs, and stories i'v been writing since i was thirteen, if you were a part of my life your most likly in it, you'll never see it. 51. i hate the feel and sound of styrifoam, cotton balls, and cardboard. 50. i don't l like my nose or ears. 49. i listen sad music and cry out my problems. 48. i have no enemies at all. maybe people don't like me, but i'm unaware of it. 47. i support teen parents & gay, bisexuals. 46. I still have a baby tooth and the adult tooth behind it. 45. my wisdom teeth are just now growing in. 44. i love giving advice or helping people. i would never tell anyones business or secrets. 43. when i'm with my bestfriend amber, we are the most annoying, loud, obnoxious people you'll ever meet. 42. my best best friend is my boyfriend, philip. 41. i don't hate, nor like obama. 40. disney movies and songs make me the happiest. 39. eminem and lil wayne will always be my favorite rappers. 38. taylor swift is my favorite country singer. 37. i like all music. 36. yes i'm almost 19, with no license or car. i'm working on it. 35. harry potter is amazing to me, i love the books and movies. 34. i like hannah montana, miley cyrus. 33. i can drink a whole jar of pickle juice. 32. i would beat you in a jalopeno pepper eating contest, i have yet to lose. 31. xbox, wii, gamecube? nah, but i rock & roll @ spryo, & crash. 30. i have all the pokemon games on gameboy, and a collection of the toys. 29. when i get married i will keep my last name, but add his. amber nicole justice-moser. 28. my grandma died a few years back, she was my hero. 27. i google everything and anything. 26. i really want to build a build a bear. 25. i have had pizza maybe twice this year. i don't like it much. 24. i know if your a fake person or would be someone i wouldnt like from day one, i read people very well. 23. i could live off of ramen noodles. 22. i secretly like the smell of gasoline, bonfires, & grilling. 21. my hair use to be brown and past my butt. 20. i don't capitalized a lot. 19. i refuse to use a porter potty, ew. 18. i don't like writing in pencil. 17. i could entertain myself all day with sharpes. 16. me and my bestfriend amber know every line from the movie "white chicks". 15. my two other siblings died. 14. my eyes change from dark blue, to light blue, to silver. 13. i don't understand most sports. 12. my first crush was on a boy named david, whom me and my bestfriend at the time called karate boy. 11. ashlie cline and shelby erickson are the only friends i had from kindergarden i still talk to. 10. i wish i could get in contact with some of my old friends from elementry david, samantha, kyle pierson, and amber wyatt. 9. i spent 70% of my life at the doctors/hospital. 8. i don't eat white bread. 7. when i was little i only liked eating cheese, bologna, pickles and veggies on a plate as meals. 6. i never sucked on a pasifire. 5. i usually slept on the couch or my parents floor growing up, i didn't like sleeping in my room. 4. i use to live in florida. 3. i take at least an hour and a half to do my hair, not including washing and drying. 2. fruits are mt favorite food. 1. i clean when i don't feel good, or am bored.
Last edited: 7 November 2009

GinaMarie says :   7 November 2009   717368  
DAYUM,Girl,That is alot.Haha,I had fun reading them all though


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