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Me Working On That Set? No Way! (Short Story Part 2)Category: short stories
Sunday, 25 October 2009
10:06:34 AM (GMT)
This is part two. I hope you like it!

          “Hello?” I said.
	“Crystal?” said a deep voice.
	“Who is this?” I asked. I heard a little laugh.
	“It’s been that long? You can’t even remember me?”
	“Yep, you got that right.” Then we talked for a little while about my new life,
and we hung up. When I got to the hotel room, it was only noon, and I wasn’t hungry
for lunch. I decided to give Danielle a call. 
	“Hello, this is the Cooper family. Who would you like to talk to?” said a
boy’s voice. 
	“Hi, is Danielle there?” I asked. I knew she was a Cooper!
	“Who is speaking?” asked the voice again.
	“This is Crystal.”
	“Boy you guys ask a lot of questions.”
	“Yeah, and I am not even done. How did you meet her?”
	“On a plane,” I said. “Are you guys always going to ask this many
	“Hold on a second.” Then I heard some background voices. 
	“Hey Crystal!” said Danielle.
	“Hi, Danielle,” I said. 
	“So my brother was wondering if…”
	“I mean I was wondering if you already started working on your script.”
	“Does looking at the last page number count?”
	“Then it is a no!”
	“Hey, you didn’t tell me you were in the Cooper family,” I said.
	“Must have slipped my mind.”
	“Well, you didn’t tell me you were going to be in the new movie, Peace, Love,
and Happiness.” Ouch that hurt.
	“I didn’t think you would know much about it.”
	“Oh yeah? Well, I do! I know more about it than you do! And Sam get off the
phone!” Then I heard the line went died. Wait! Sam was listening to me talk to
Danielle. What was his problem? Why was he doing that? I mean did he think I was like
going to make out with her or what? Because I would never do to a girl! Well, since I
was bored I decided to eat lunch. For lunch I had a BLT, and Dr. Pepper; my favorite
lunch back at home. Anyways, after lunch I decided to start looking at the script. I
learned that this story was about a girl trying to be happy. Her life was even
tougher than mine. Her father ran away when she was little, and her mom died when she
was five. She thinks her mom died, because she doesn’t go by Lilly, she goes by
Mary. This is totally strange, because that has nothing to do with her name, and her
mother hated that name. Anyways, so she is living with this foster family. She has no
friends at the age of 16, and all she ever dreamed of was falling in love. At three
o’clock my cell phone rang. It was another number I didn’t know. I didn’t feel
like talking, so I let to go to my voice mall. At four o’clock I checked my voice
mail. There was one new message.
	“Hey, Crystal…this is Ryan. Anyways, I am just letting you know that just
don’t come in tomorrow. Stay at the hotel and study! Alright…bye!”
	Wow tomorrow is the second day that I have to do really, but reading, and
remembering my lines, but yet if I knew I would go back in time, and set myself up
for what was happening next. And yeah you can say this is where the story begins.
	I woke up on Tuesday thinking what I had to do. Nothing came in my mind. My cell
phone rang before I could do anything else. It was my mom. 
	“Hello!” I answered.
	“Sweetie, I just got a call from your dad, and he said he talked to you. Is that
true?” she said.
	“Of course!” I said. Then I told her how proud that dad was with me. We hung up
after 10 minutes. I got up, and ate breakfast, took a shower and practiced my lines.
At 11 o’clock my phone rang again. This time it was Danielle. 
	“Hello!” I answered.
	“Crystal?” said a boy’s voice.
	“Look I am here to say sorry, because Danielle made me.”
	“Put Danielle on the phone.”
	“Hey!” said Danielle. 
	“How do you know so much about the movie, because you are not on the cast
	“I know someone who does.”
	“Really? Who?
	“None of your business.”
	“No buts!” Wow! She totally sounded like my mother right then. 
	“Well, if you won’t tell me that is perfectly fine. I just wanted to ask. I got
to go. Bye!”
	“Bye!” Then I decided to call up Anna, because I haven’t talked to her since I
was leaving to go on the plane. 
	“Hey Anna!” I said.
	“Guess what!” she said.
	“Remember how I told you that guy called me?”
	“Well, the movies were great, but then he asked about you, and that totally threw
me off. I asked why, and he said I always see you with her, and my friend was
wondering about her. Then I told him that you were in Hollywood…”
	“Sorry, it just slipped.”
	“I told you don’t tell anyone…but its okay…I guess.”
	“Anyways, the guy is totally interested in you.”
	“Who? Your boyfriend?”
	“No, his friend. His name is Todd. Just talk to him please!”
	“No way!” 
	“Well, I already gave him your number.”
	“Anna! I have to remember like 200 pages of lines, so how am I supposed to have a
boyfriend?” Then I looked up at the ceiling, and saw a camera. “Anna, I got to
go…now. I think I am going to be sick.”
	“Why what happened?”
	“I will just call him okay?” She gave me the number, and we hung up. Then I
screamed my head off. Maggie came running.
	“What is it sweetie?”
	“That!” I pointed to the camera.
	“Oh, that? It doesn’t even work.”
	“How do you know? I saw it move!”
	“Trust me it doesn’t work.”
	“Some how I need a walk. I will be back in a little bit.” I grabbed my cell
phone, and ran out of there. Who ever was watching me, was going to kidnap me or
worst. I was not ready for this. I mean I just to Hollywood! I ran out of the hotel
doors, and started walking around. I didn’t want to cross the street, so I turned
the corner, and I saw a lemonade place. I was thirsty, so maybe just these once I
would get a drink. I walked in there. There was a huge line, and there was only one
girl working. I just got in line. For ten minutes I didn’t move. I got to the
	“I know…leave if you have to!” said the girl, whose nametag read Michelle.
	“What do you need help with?” I asked. 
	“How would you know how to do anything?” asked Michelle.
	“I used to work at a lemonade stand that looked like this. Here I take the
cashier, and you do the drinks. Okay?”
	“Fine. Oh, and my name is Michelle.”
	“Mine is Crystal.” I hopped over the counter, and started taking people’s
orders. The line was getting much shorter, and people were leaving happy. Finally, no
on was left in line.
	“So what do you got here?” I asked.
	“Funny, because you should know.” I laughed.
	“I do, and I would like to take medium lemonade.”
	“Sure thing and you don’t have to pay.”
	“Are you sure?” I asked.
	“Well, you helped out when you didn’t even have to.”
	“Yeah, I guess I did.” Then she went, and made the lemonade. Meanwhile I sat on
the counter. I was staring at the menu, and I didn’t even hear the door open.
	“I want strawberry lemonade…large, and could you hurry. Wait…where is
Michelle?” I heard a boy’s voice behind me. I turn around, and see Sam Cooper.
	“That would be $5.95,” I said. He looked up and saw me.
	“Where is Michelle?” he demanded.	
	“Oh, she is here. I was just helping her.”
	“Yeah, right,” said Sam. Right then Michelle came out from the back. 
	“Oh, Sam!” she said, and jumped over the counter and gave Sam a kiss on the
mouth. “Hey Crystal can you do me a big favor?”
	“Sure,” I said.
	“Close for me and make sure you give Sam Cooper his Strawberry Lemonade.”
	“I am NOT going to close for you,” I said. 
	“Yes, you are.”
	“No, I am not.”
	“But you wanted to help out, so I thought maybe you should close.”
	“No, and I got to go,” I said while jumping over the counter and leaving my
lemonade in the back. Yet, I must have been too slow, because Michelle jumped on me,
and I landed on the floor. Great…a girl fight. I started pulling her hair and she
scratched me with her VERY long nails. I screamed, and then she got off of me.
	“Sam let me go!!” Michelle yelled.
	“As much as I would like to see you fight I don’t think you should,” he said.
I just walked out of there. I didn’t want to hear anything. I ran all the way back
to the hotel. I couldn’t go in. I just couldn’t take all what I had to do. I had
to memorize words, I had to act completely fine, and I had to act like I didn’t
miss my friends! I got out my cell phone. I called my mom. We talked, but she
couldn’t do anything. She said something that really surprised me though. She told
me to call my dad. He worked around Hollywood. He didn’t tell me! I called him. 
	“Hello, Crystal,” said my dad.
	“Where do you live? And could send me a taxi?” I asked. He sighed and hung up.
Next thing I knew a taxi was right where I was. I got in.
	“I heard you want to see Mr. Wright,” said the taxi driver.
	“You know him?” I asked.
	“Know him? I am his personal driver.”
	“Oh,” I said.
	“I heard you are his daughter,” said the driver.
	“Yes, I am.” Before I knew it we were pulling up to this huge house. The house
was light blue. It had many windows, and a brown door. My dad was waiting for me on
the drive way. I got out of the taxi and went up to him. He gave me a huge hug. It
hurt a little, but I hugged him back.
	“You sounded upset on the phone,” he whispered.
	“Well, I kind of was,” I said. He nodded. 
	“Why don’t you come in and met the family,” he said.
	“Family?” I asked. He laughed. We walked through the doors, and I found kid toys
lying all over the wooden ground. My dad stepped over the toys and went into the
kitchen were there were four boys and one girl eating dinner. Then I saw a women
standing over the table. My dad cleared his throat. They all looked up and saw me. 
	“Now, before you go jumping on her you got to met her properly,” said my dad.
They are still starring at me. My dad pointed to the boy that was sitting at the head
of the table. “That is Adam. He is the oldest being at 10 years old.” Then he
pointed to the boy on the left first chair. “That is Jake he is 8 years old.”
Then he went to the right of the table and pointed to the first two boys. “This is
Evan and Owen. They are twins. The difference between them is Evan has one blue eye
and one brown eye. They are 6 years old.” Then my dad pointed to the girl. “That
is Maddie. She is five years old. And everyone this is Crystal.” The women now came
over by me and hugged me. 
	“I am your dad’s new wife,” she said. I just nodded and hugged her back. Then
all the kids jumped up from their seats and jumped on me. 

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