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oh yeahhh XDCategory: (general)
Sunday, 20 September 2009
05:45:26 PM (GMT)
1. Does the last person you kissed have blonde hair?:
if my mom counts, then yeah XDDD

2. Ever stole something from your work place?:
never stolen anything and sorry i dun work xD

3. Do you only buy things when they're on sale?:
pfft thats wat my mom does XD

4. How old do you think your third period teacher is?:
im guessinnng.....34? XD

5. What college do you go to/do you have in mind?:

6. When you move out, where do you plan on going? 
i plan on living in british columbia wit tay and andrew xD

7. Do you prefer to dip your fruit in something or eat it plain?:
plain is better -w-

8. Do you normally work on Sundays?:
nah i dun work

9. How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?:
about 3

10. What time do you get out of school?:
2:20pm maybe later if i want to XD 

11. Do you go to a public or private school?:
Catholic failure

12. Are you happy?:
i am very happy 8D

13. How long would your perfect sex session last?:
ALL NIGHT LOOONG XDDD jk jk , man i dunno XD

14. What cereal did you eat last?:
life XD

15. Last phrase you remember hearing in another language?:
kiniro no sora ha hatashinai sora = the golden sky is an endless sky XD

16. What's your desktop background?:
 so long mr despair desk top WOO 

17. Last thing you bought from Amazon.com?:

18. Last time you wore a tie?:
like 4 years ago when i pretended my sock was a tie XD

20. Does the last person you kissed have any feelings for you?:
shes my mom -A- XD

21. Where did your last kiss take place?:

22. Do you listen to any Korean, Chinese. Vietnamese, or Japanese music?:
yuh man XD

23. Last time you wore Uggs?:
i hate uggs, but theyre sooo soooffft

24. What's your favorite flavor of Poptarts?:

25. Did you ever get in trouble at work? What happened?:
i dun have a friggin job

26. Last time you got paid?:
andrew gave me ten bucks XD

27. How many hours do you work a week?:
none XD

28. Ever kissed someone with blue eyes and blonde hair?:
why do u keep bringing up my mom like this man XD

29. How many people have you hugged in your life?:
like 42 XD

30. Ever made an icon?:

31. Or a survey?:
yeah but it sucked ass

32. Do you like anyone at the moment?:
nope -A-

33. Which of your co-workers did you talk to last?:
uhh no one?

36. Do you own any traffic cones?:
lmfao wat xD no,i wish XD

37. What color is the couch in your living room?:
brown, im not telling u the other one cuz its like
8293624754983759883407638964938346792 colours XD

38. What color is the desk in your room?:

39. Did you ever have to share a room with someone?:
sadly yes, my sister

40. Do you have any shirts with Tinkerbell on them?:
yeah but i dun fit it anymore XD like 4 years ago xD

41. Do you own any fishnet stockings?:
nope -w-

42. What about Hollister t-shirts?:
hollister is for loser preps 

43. Ever got stuck inside a snow fort?:
almost XD

44. Does it even snow where you live?:
oh geez yes , at first its like WOO SNOW, then its like wtf theres snow/slush

45. How old is your oldest grandparent?:

46. Last time you visited a cemetery? Why were you there?:
my great grandma died

47. Would you rather light a lighter or a match?:
a lighter, matches r hard e3e XD

48. Are you afraid of sleeping without a night light?:
my room is COMPLETELY dark, its so nice -w-

49. Did you ever use a sound machine to get to sleep?:
if that counts as a radio, yeah but like forever ago xD

50. What color is your underwear right now?:

well that was fun XD friggin 12903467946394863992384638463958673784562389 coloured
couch XD

‹krista ♥› says:   20 September 2009   868194  
i cant stop laughing at the sock thing XDDDD 
catloverextreme says:   20 September 2009   472873  
its just a sock XD
‹DasAtem› says:   20 September 2009   815454  
I love how you took the time to type in
all those numbers for the couch..
But you wouldn't type the colours. xDDD
Lmfao win.
catloverextreme says :   20 September 2009   192365  
lmfao cuz there is so many colours =A+
i couldnt put them all down XDDD

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