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Tuesday, 18 August 2009
11:27:56 AM (GMT)
What channel is your TV usually on?	
Mtv, Abc, Fox, Tlc. haha.

When shopping, what store do you enjoy most?
Urban outfitters, Pac Sun, Forever 21, Charollate Russ, and little random stores :]

What are you listening to right now?
My sisters listening to "This is why I'm hot" hahaha.

Shaving cream or just soap?	
Shaving cream that smells like strawberrys (:

Do you drive with the windows down or the air on?	
If it's kinda hott, windows, If it's blazing, air.

Do you grab more mints than you should when you leave a restaurant?	
Hahah story of my life.

How many pairs of jeans do you have?
Like, 7? I need new ones.
Do you sleep with a comforter or quilt?
Kinda both? But only sheets in the summer.
Where do you keep all your shoes?	
In the laundry room.

What subject area interests you most in school?	
Science, English, and sometimes history?
Wow that makes me sound like a nerd.

What is your opinion on Ed Hardy?	
He's ghetto.

Do you enjoy non-fiction at all?	
Not really.

Who is your favorite American president?	
I actually like Obama (:

Are you a dog or cat person?	
Cats and MY dog. I don't like most other dogs.

Have you gone to any midnight releases before?	
Hahaha yeah for Breaking Dawn. How cool am I.

Are scarves just for winter?	
No, I wear this one in the summer all the time.

Hallelujah it's raining men!
woah, I actually spelt that right.

Sandals or flip flops?	
Flip flops, sometimes sandals.

Do you wear flip flops year round?	
Haha sometimes I wear my Adidas's in the winter with socks.

If you could pick any state to live in, which would it be?	
Washington, and/or England.

What about any country?	
Haha England, like Great Brittan.

Where do you get most of your underwear from?	
Hahaha, places like Target and Kohls.

Do you enjoy being around kids?	
Haha noooo. Well, when I'm in a good mmoooood yes

Do you jump right in a pool or do you get in slowly?	
Jump right in, but if it's like wayy cold, then i get out and keep jumping back in.

What colors are you most comfortable dressing in?	
Blues, grey's, whites,

Do you use one swimsuit for the summer or do you have many?	
I have like 5.

Big purse, small purse, or no purse?	
Depends on what I need to carry.

Do you use the bumpers when you bowl?	
Hahah yes.

Do you think bowling shoes are cute or disgusting?	

Do you have more of a problem sleeping when it's hot or when it's cold?	

For vacation, do you pack light or heavy?	
Heavy. ahha.

In class, do you pay attention somewhat?	
Yeah.. I have problems if I don't.

Do teachers tend to call on you a lot in class?	
Hahaha sure.

Would you rather write a long paper or give a long speech?	
Ahh neither.

Do you put eyeliner on the top, bottom, or all around your eyes?	
Bottom. If I even wear eyeliner.

When you find a new song you like, do you tend to put it on repeat?	
No, I just put the whole fucking playlist on repeat.

What type of music do you like listening to while driving?	
I don't drive.

Do you like your school's colors?	
Blue and yellow.


Do you tend to show school spirit or do you find it obnoxious?	
Middle school spirit is obnoxious.

If you're home alone and hear a noise, do you always check it out?	
Haha noooooooo.

Are you good at keeping track of jewelry or do you always seem to lose it?	
Um, in between.

Do your sunglasses usually have short life spans?	
Haha yeah.

Are you too embarrassed to dance in public, or are you comfortable?	
Embarrassed. Yeah.

Are you guilty of enjoying fast food?	
Noo, it's sick.
I only somewhat like Arbys and i love subwayy (:

Would you ever want the same jobs that your parents have?
Maybe a nurse, which is my mom.

Do you like the one hit wonders from the 90's?
Haha no.
Will you refuse to listen to music if you find the lyrics degrading?
Ummm, no?

xExotic says:   18 August 2009   649775  
"Haha sometimes I wear my Adidas's in the winter with socks."

hotairballoons says :   18 August 2009   899877  

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