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Monday, 27 July 2009
06:53:32 AM (GMT)

You come up with a lot of ideas; if one doesn't work out, there's always another
waiting in the wings. You often have interesting solutions to difficult problems.
You're practically a one-person brainstorming session.

You are less interested changing the world than in dealing with things as they are.
Unlike those who spend all their time trying to solve problems, you prefer to zero in
on things that work and stick with them.

You appreciate art, beauty, and design; you know that they are not superficial but
absolutely crucial to living the good life. You have good taste, and you're proud of
it. Those with a high score on the "aesthetic" trait are often employed in literary
or artistic professions, enjoy domestic activities — doing things around the house
— and are enthusiastic about the arts, reading, and travel.

You don't think it's pretentious to be moved by art and beauty. You're not one of
those who believe it doesn't matter what something looks like as long as it does its

You are good at solving problems, coming up with original ideas, and seeing
connections between things, connections that most other people miss. People with a
high score on the "creative" trait often are employed in such fields as finance and
scientific research, and enjoy avant garde and classical music as well as literary
fiction and scholarly non-fiction.

You do not shun abstractions and concepts in favor of the concrete and tangible.

You are constantly coming up with new ideas. For you, the world as it exists is just
a jumping-off place; what's going on inside your mind is often more interesting than
what's going on outside.

You don't feel that the road to success is to be a realist and stick to the program;
you never stop yourself from coming up with new ideas or telling the world what
you're thinking about.

You would rather hang out with others than spend time alone, and you'd far rather be
doing something with your friends than just sitting around. You're happy in a crowded
room, club, stadium, or auditorium.

You're not a private person who is ill at ease in a group; you don't view excessive
socializing as a waste of time.

You are in touch with your own feelings, which helps put you in touch with the
feelings of others.

You don't buy the logic that your happiness comes ahead of everyone else's because
unless you're happy you're incapable of making anyone else happy.

You like to think a task through before you embark on it. If it's the slightest bit
complicated, you make a list (even if it's only in your mind) and methodically work
your way through it. When you have a goal in mind, you're not satisfied until you
reach it.

You are not one of those people who ignore the details, and you don't understand how
anyone can get anything accomplished without thoughtful planning ahead of time.

You strive to master everything you undertake. You tend to learn quickly and do not
shy away from challenges.

You are not a "que sera sera" type of person, nor do you go easy on yourself when
attempting to master a new skill or get a job done.

You are thoughtful, rational, and comfortable in the world of ideas. People find you
interesting to talk to. You're the living embodiment of the saying "You learn
something new every day." In general, those with a high score on the "intellectual"
trait are employed in such fields as teaching and research, and are enthusiastic
about reading, foreign films, and classical music.

You do not avoid abstract conversation, experimenting with new ideas, or studying new
things. It bores you to stick to the straight and narrow of what you already know.

You're comfortable expressing yourself in words and actions, with no self-censorship.
You believe that if someone doesn't like what they see it's not your problem, but
theirs. A high score on the "accessible" trait suggests that you have a lot of
friends, socialize often, and enjoy rap/hip-hop music.

You don't see the need to keep your thoughts to yourself, or to have a zone of
privacy that encompasses only yourself and a small circle of friends and relatives.

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