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Monday, 13 July 2009
02:29:28 PM (GMT)
1. last beverage:  Coca Cola.
2. last phone call: My Mother.
3. last cd played: Black Eyed Peas- The E.N.D
4. last time you cried: Yesterday. -.- I got upset about hospital stuff.
5. last text message to: Can't remember...


1. dated someone twice?  Never dated.
2. been cheated on? Nope.
3. not kissed someone & regretted it? Never kissed.
4. lost someone special: No.
5. been depressed: Nope! :D
6. been drunk and threw up: Never been drunk! Gross.


1. Green
2. Pink
3. Blue
4. Red


1. Made a new friend? No.
2. Laughed until you cried? Yes. It was over a chicken falling off someones head.
3. Met someone who changed your life? Nope!
4. Found out who is your true friend? Yes. Who would stand by me no matter what.
5. Is there something you want to tell someone? No.
6. How many kids do you want to have? None.
7. Do you have any pets? Yes! My two dogs, Toby and TJ.
8. Do you wanna change your name? No. I like Rachel.
9. What did you do yesterday? Slept and Read!
10. Last time You had pizza? About a week ago.
11. What time did you wake up today? 8 am.
12. What were you doing at 10:30 p.m? At an eye appointment.
14. Name something you CANNOT wait 4? To get out of hospital.
15. Last time you saw your father? Right now. He's sitting beside me.
16. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? Idk. So that I could
walk again?
17. What are you listening to right now? La Roux- Bulletproof.
18. Have you ever talked to Tom? Who?
19. Who's getting on your nerves right now? My ex-best friend.
20. Most visited webpage? KUPIKA!!!
21. Coke or Pepsi? Coke.
22. Have you seen anyone naked? Why would I do that? Gross.
23. Ever kissed someone? Nope.
24. IM'ing with anyone?
 I don't do IM.


‹The Skater› says:   13 July 2009   259241  
hello how r u
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   13 July 2009   127313  
I'm okay thanx you?
‹I have quit.› says:   13 July 2009   775231  
You do IM = Skype,Msn ect...
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says :   14 July 2009   294111  
Oh...xP Duh. I Thought it was a different type of messenger. :P

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