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Shannan-Louise Wood [Uncovered]Category: (general)
Saturday, 11 July 2009
11:06:54 PM (GMT)
I’m Cupcake the Vampire Kitty Insomniac Dinosaur cross Mutated Bunny.
Or, I suppose you could call me Shannan-Louise / Shannan - I’m not picky.

I’m just your average thirteen year old English girl - with a pinch of fairy dust,
a handful of insanity and a bucketful of random.

Who am I?

Well, I can be whatever you want.
I can be the monster under your bed.
I can be the guardian angel in your dreams.
But mostly I’m me.
Totally original, not sold in a can, pure unadulterated me.
Watch out!
It’s full of e-numbers and can be pretty lethal

I’m changing all the time - I’m a castle full of unexplored rooms, but every time
something happens another door closes and is locked forever...
(Unless you're a magician and develop a rare key to unlock it...)

I don’t really have a personality - just a bunch of not even slightly related
traits thrown together to make a wonky mess of a cake.
Still, at least it was baked full of love and good intentions.
Even if it does poison you, it’s good to know that you were poisoned by somebody
who cared.

Sometimes, I’m the only person who thinks I’m funny, but I love to make people
laugh, even if it means I have to make a fool out of myself.
All that is worth it to know I’m bringing laughter into somebody’s life.

Take some time getting to know me - I can’t guarantee it’ll be worthwhile, but
hell it’ll be fun!

I pepper my conversation with trademarks of me, when you spot them you know you’ve
spent way too much time talking.
I can talk for hours, but I can listen to - new people fascinate me, and differing
opinions compel me to talk to you.

I’m one of those opinionated people you see at bus stops, always talking and always

If I could describe myself in three words i would have stopped writing a while ago.

Still, if you want an accurate portrayal of my personality the best thing to do would
just be to talk to me and find out - and if you fail at opening a new door, at least
you tried and have something to tell other people.

My life revolves around my friends - without them, I’m nothing.
I’m fiercely protective of those who I deem my ‘loyal band of squishy
marshmallows’ - they’re the best people you could ever meet.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice for them, even if it meant living in a
cardboard box in Greenland for the rest of my life with one hundred cats named after
rulers of Kazakhstan.
I have a small amount of friends, but I’m attached to all of them and even with one
of the pieces missing I wouldn’t be able to function.

I watch a television - little boxes with moving pictures.
Really there are tiny people inside acting out everything, they just tell you it's
wires so they don't let the secret out.
I watch all sorts of things and it would bore you if i wrote them all down.

music; animals; my laptop; msn; my friends; my GHD's; skateboarding; playing my
guitar; jumping roud my room like a faggot :] ; meeting new and interesting people;
being awake; chocolate; photography; writing; watching the sunrise and the sunset;
watching anime; sitting in bed all day; drawing; going to gigs.

the fact that while i a writing this people are dying from starvation, murder, rape,
manslaughter, suicide ectect; child abuse; animal cruelty; people that judge people
by the way they look, instead of who the person really is; spiders; not getting my
way xD ; tripping up and everone laughing -_- ; sleeping; eating; homofuckingphobes
{they suck cock!?}

Things that are purely Shannan.

I have an obsession with crayons; msn; music; dinosaurs; robots; bright colours and

I am bisexual and proud.
You heard me.
Eat it.

I am in love my my bright pink and blue cupcake boxers ^^

I'm an insomniac, but when i sleep, i love it.

I live to take photo's.
Every morning at 5am you will find me sat on the roof or hanging out of my bedroom
window taking photo's of the sunrise.
And - Every night at whatever time the sun goes down, you will find me sat on the
roof or hanging out of my window taking photo's of the sunset.

I am in love with the most amazingly, perfect boy i may ever meet.
24/05/09 <3

Whoever said that sunshine was happiness, has never gone dancing in the rain.

There are five things I live for;
My Friends.
The Rain.

Kthanksbai *waves*

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