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EpicFaithCategory: Stories
Sunday, 28 June 2009
06:24:03 PM (GMT)
Please don't copy this story. Anyways, its called EpicFaith and it's not done yet
but part 1 is. And this is also a POV story, meaning point of view. I hope you enjoy

Great..I was moving again! I don't know what I'm going to expect here now when I'm
already a geek at my old school. At least I get to have a make-over on my
personality. Maybe I'll have some friends at Limpton Sulner. At least that's what the
big sign said. I KNOW I'm going to have a bad day here, I just KNOW it! Once I said
that, the clouds turned gray and I knew it was going to rain. Bad choice of words..
"Well, hun, heres the new school you'll be attending", my mom said, smiling.
I didn't want to do anything to hurt my mom's feelings so I just smiled and went off
running to the school. I looked at the note of where my classes were and jogged
toward my language arts class. With the rain poured all over me, I looked like as if
I jumped into a swimming pool and got out.

Sitting on my original chair, I looked up at a girl who was standing next to the open
classroom door. I stared. I tried to stop but there was something familiar about
"Class, we are having a new student attending our school and classroom. Her name is
Epic. Please say hello.
"Hello.", chorused the students.
I kept staring at her and stopped when she sat in the chair next to me. I couldn't
stop thinking about who she was and stuff. I just think that she was familiar. Since
I wanted to be nice to her and stuff and not let her end up being something like me.
No friends and all. I started talking to her without thinking.
"Hi.", I said.
"Hi.", she replied.
"So...where are you from?"
"Los Angeles. Even though Los Angeles is pretty close to where I am now, my mom says
she wants to save some money of gas, so I have to transfer here. She is so not

Woah. Someone already talking to me! Is this a dream? Well if it is, I don't want to
get out and go to the real world. But if it isn't, then maybe this wouldn't be so bad
after all.
"Well, what's your name? I think you already know what mine is.", I laughed.
"Faith. My mom says it's a unique name but I think it just sounds goth and emo"
"My mom said that too!"
I was about to say something back but the bell rang already. Dang! Just when I was
about to know someone here, the bell rings. Whenever I have fun in class, time goes
faster. When I'm bored, time goes slower. Weird.
"Well, I'll see you later."
I smiled. Wow. I already got a friend. But there's something familiar about her..

I smiled. Finally there was a girl who's actually nice to me. Remember what I said
about me no having friends? Well I kind of do but they don't act like it. Kelshey,
for one, she's pretty mean to me all the time and insults me, but she does sit with
me for lunch with her friends. Sometimes I think I'd rather sit alone then sit with
Kelshey and her bunch. But I guess I'd better think positive. Skipping toward the
cafeteria, I landed on my favorite lunch table. After a few minutes Kelsey came with
her friends. I looked around for Epic but couldn't find her.

Ugh! Where is the cafeteria?! I should have took the map in the front office of the
school. Okay this is going to be okay. For now, I'm agreeing that I'm pathetic.
Getting lost in middle school! Wow, I wonder what will happen in high school. When
it's 10x bigger than here! But finally I found the door to the cafeteria. I pushed.
What? I'm locked outside? Correction. This is NOT going to be okay. But then I read
the word on the door. PULL. Wow I'm dumb. I pulled on the cafeteria door and found
Faith sitting with a bunch of other girls. When I was ready I walked naturally toward
the cafeteria table where Faith was and sat next to her.

Yay! Epic was here! Okay I don't need to be this excited. But, wouldn't you be
excited to having a true friend sitting next to you? Well, yeah.
"Hey.", I said while I motioned to Epic.
"Hi.", she replied casually.
While my other friends were gobbling their food and talking about clothes and stuff I
was thinking about what to say. Think. Think. Think! Nothing good. Before I could
keep thinking Epic already asked a question.
"So..wanna come to my house after school?"
"Sure if your mom and my mom agrees."
"Don't worry, my mom loves having visitors."
I thought if my mom would let me go. She probably will.
"Okay, I'll meet you there! Just tell me the address."
Epic smiled. "Sure."

Yesssssss! I am so excited! I can't wait til Faith comes! Hmph. Didn't even start
getting ready on the schedule for what to do. And she's coming today. Already. All
well, I have time, right? Now lemme get start on the sche----Before I could say
anything else, I heard our doorbell ring. I ran to the door before my mom could
answer it.
"Hey.", said Faith, jumping up and down.
"Hi. Sorry, but, I didn't get started on what we should do today."
"It's okay, I already know what to do."
I smiled, proudly, and so did Faith. Once she took one step into my house, a
vibration pushed her out, and the door slammed shut. What was that?! I tried to open
the door but somehow it was locked. Trying as hard as I could, I finally opened the
door. But Faith wasn't there. She was there a few seconds ago. I looked around and
finally found her on the sidewalk.

I layed on the sidewalk, trying to breath. It felt like every second, I got more of a
high pressure, lack of air. I didn't know what happened. I just went into Epic's
house and a force just pushed me back and gave me a bruise. Then, this happened. Once
I looked back at Epic's house, she was running toward me.
"Hey! Are you okay?", she asked.
"I'm fine.", I lied.
She frowned.
"Doesn't look like it."
I bit my lip. I need lieing classes.
"My mom isn't here, she just left for her vacation, so I'll call a doctor."
"Don't. I'm fine."
"You sure."
"Well then, I guess we can talk about what happened."

"I don't really know WHAT happened, but I guess were going to solve it if we ever
want to hang out at my house or yours.", I said to Faith, who was still lying on the
"Ughhh!", she groaned.
"Okay, that's it! I'm calling a doctor."
"No! Please."
"I can't just leave you like this."
"I told you, I'm fine."
"No your not! I know it!"
Before Faith could say anymore, she closed her eyes.
She didn't answer. I got really freaked out but didn't have the nerve to call the
doctor anymore. I just froze, thinking of what to do next. Then it happened. A
flashback. I was standing in my house when Faith ( or what looked like her ) got
pushed back. I ran outside and talked to her a little bit and she suddenly closed her
eyes and then she was gone. When the flashback was done, there wasn't anything left
of her except..a book. I immediately picked it up and just kept flipping all the
pages. De sha vu. It felt as if I did this before. Then I got to a few pages of what
happened. Nothing after that.

I opened my eyes. Where was I? I could finally breath normally. When I looked around
me, all I saw was black. Nothing. Silence. Not even one little noise except my
breathing and heart beats.
"Help!", I yelled.
My voice echoed. I freaked out and tried walking but it was dim black. Then,
suddenly, a light came and I saw Epic, she was freaking out like me.
She turned to face me. Her eyes were puffy, like she was sobbing for a long time
before she calmed down.

Woah. In my head, I just heard a little whisper to me. It sounded like Epic and I
just looked back at the book. When I did, I felt it vibrating, so I flipped more
pages until I found her. I'm dreaming. This is NOT happening. Faith was all alone in
what seemed like a dark black hole where nothing but she was in.
"Epic. Where are you?"
"Still at my front lawn, where are YOU?"
"I don't know! I just stopped breathing and I ended up here."
After a few minutes of talking, another page appeared. It was after the page of where
Faith stopped breathing and disappeared. The new page was where Faith was in that
black hole place.
"Faith. You might think I'm crazy but..I feel as if..I've been here before. Like
I've..been through this before."
"Woah! Me too!"
"Wow this is weird. Lets first get this all settled and we'll find out what to do
next. Well, you know how I'm talking to you and stuff? I'm just reading and looking
at this book, and your there. And.. I think were suppose to find out clues and what
to do next to well..get you back."
"Sounds weird and crazy but I'll agree."
Faith was smiling like nothing had happened. I copied her.

I didn't know why I was smiling like crazy, but, it feels as if we were going to
survive. Well at least me, Epic was pretty much safe. But something might happen to
her. I got a little worried after that. Maybe this won't be much of a challenge,
maybe we'll make it out of this..maybe..
"Faith. Are you feeling fine?"
"Yeah. So what are we suppose to do now?"
"I don't know, well ma---"
Before she could finish, her voice faded. I looked at her real close and saw that
someone was looking at her. When I squinted, I saw that the person didn't
look..human. Can't be. I guess it's just a stalker. Epic backed away a little and
started to run and I saw that the man followed her, but slowly. Even though Epic
looked like she was running as fast as she could, the man was walking slowly and was
still catching up with her.
"Yeah?! I'm a little busy here!"
"Why are you running?"
"I don't....really know. I just feel like this guy is well...bad..like as if he's
going to destroy this book. Which is the only chance of getting you back.."
"You are crazy, maybe the man just wants to---"
Before I could say anymore, Epic stopped and looked back. The man took out a knife.
Epic, who was frozen, looked back at the man and she just continued to run. When she
did, the man threw the knife. But by luck, it missed Epic by a tiny inch. She
screamed and increased her speed by what seemed 100. O.O
"HELP!", she shrieked.
Once she did, she looked at the book that was glowing and Epic and I saw that a new
page came.
"Well..at least a new page came.", I said, trying to be cheerful.
Unfortunately, when Epic looked at the book, she stopped at her tracks, and the man
catched up to her A LOT. In fact, the man was right next to her, and just grabbed
her. Epic shrieked and yelled. I tried to help her but I just remembered I was stuck
here. When I looked back at the light, I saw that Epic had her mouth gogged and that
she was tied with a rope, with the man squeezing her next to him.

I tried to get out of the tight rope and tried to scream for help but my mouth was
gogged. I couldn't even move because the man just squeezed me right next to him. It
was hard to breath, with the paper in my mouth. After a few minutes I ended up in a
forest of dead trees. Then the man took out a blindfold and then it was all black.
Great. Now I can't see anything. It's going to be a miracle if I'm going to make out
of THIS. It's already been two hours..now what? But just then, the blindfold got
taken off and I could finally see. I held the book even tighter in my palms.
"Hello.", the man muffled.
He then took out the paper from my mouth.
"What do you want from me?!", I yelled.
"Careful, I can kill you right now. The book. Please."
"So I can destroy it of course!"
Knew it. I wondered of how I can get pass this guy.
"And you are..?"
"Oh, how rude of me. James. But just call me Sam. Now, the book."
"Why should I give you the book and why do you want it?"
"First of all, I'll kill you if you do not give me the book. And second of all, your
little friend is in their, isn't she? Stuck, huh? Your lucky she IS in that book,
because she would have died a long time ago if she hasn't been. This book is
powerful. It protects "certain" people. Immortals, of course. It will be hard to
destroy it, but its worth it."
"That doesn't explain why you want the book or my friend!"
"Why, your friend is powerful that's why! Once I destroy her I get HER powers. The
destroyer does. But don't worry, I'll just put her to sleep and I'll get the
"Whaa--t do you mean?"
"Ugh! You do not understand anything! Just give me the book!"

I stared at what was happening. Dazed. Amazed. Frozen. Frightened. And of course,
wondering what he was talking about. What did he mean "immortal'? He must be
suggesting someone or something else. Maybe he got the wrong person. Then the book
glowed and I knew it had another page now.
"Fine. I'll do it the hard way then.", Sam said harshyly.
Then I was suprised that he let Epic go. But then he took the book away immediately
once he saw it.
"Hey!", yelled Epic.
"Little girl, you do not understand."
"Yes I do! Once you destroy the book you might destroy my friend!"
"She'll die painlessly."
"So what? You can't do that!"
Once they were done chatting, Epic grabbed the book away from him and ran as fast as
she could to a random place. Sam laughed.
"You can run but you can't hide.", he said loud enough for Epic to hear.
Epic ran into different tunnels. For some reason, I had a feeling I was here before
and that I knew where she should go.
"Epic!", I called loud enough for her to hear.
"Listen to me. Go to the right tunnel."
"Just go to the tunnels I say to."
"Now left.
And it kept going on until we were finally in the forest. Epic just ran north and
after an hour or two, we were finally back to her home. Suddenly, the book glowed
again. Woah, another page.

I flipped the pages until I found the two new pages that I didn't look at. Just need
1 more..Woah. Didn't know this would be easy. Kewl. Suddenly, a silk blanket tangled
around me. Great. Another enemy. The blanket pushed me backwards, until I found a
girl standing in front of me.
"Now, what do YOU want, and I'm NOT giving you the book!"
"I do not want the book. All I need is you for now."
Then before I could protest the silk blanket pushed me behind the girl and then she
just carried me to a different forest, except this time it was on the west horizen
instead of the east where the man kidnapped me from. Suddenly, she stopped and in
front of her was a waterfall of a color blend of aqua and sky blue. She went passed
the waterfull, but somehow didn't get soaked and went on until there was a beautiful
meadow. The girl stopped again and put me gently on the glowing green grass.
"Where are we?"
"Land Of Elementah. Where else?"
"Well I went to the west and didn't see this place."
"Ah ha! That's because only I can open it. Well, since you reached the age of 14,
then I guess you can get your pearl now."
The girl studied me and then went wide eyed.
"You aren't her, are you?"
"What do you mean?"
"Aren't you Faith?"
"No. I'm Epic."
"Well in that case, my name is Aurora, my nickname is Kaitlyn. Just call me that when
other humans are around."
"Wait what's going around?"
"What's going around is that I need your friend here, NOW."

What are they talking about?! Needing me? Ugh. Great, another crazy person. Suddenly
I got sucked out and into where Epic was.
"WOAH. How'd that happen?", I questioned.
"Fools. Only I can do that. I created the book for heros to die unpainfully. Now, I
will start you off with some training.", answered Aurora.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean training. Don't you understand?"
Before I can ask another question, Aurora handed me some white glowing arrows and a
bow. After she studied me, Aurora gave me a small knife in a pocket and connected it
to the new mini skirt she gave me, along with the white spaghetti strapped shirt.
"Cute.", said Epic.
"So your on our side?", I asked. She smiled. "Actually..Your on MY side.", answered

To Be Continued...

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