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REMEMBER character outline... thing. >>Category: Two Rings
Saturday, 6 June 2009
01:52:37 AM (GMT)
...That's the new name for my Sarah Simmes-Luke-Super Hero- weird story thing going
Just 'cause Sarah doesn't remember her past.

AnywhoxD, I just wanted to write the main character's character outlines, just 'cause
I can't trust WORD and my computer.
They have a tendency to delete my stuff. :x
So, here we go. 8'D
P.S. They're at a boarding school. :U

Sarah Simmes;;
*A naturally happy, ...interesting person. 
*People are automatically drawn to her. She has a warmth about her.
*When she's angry, it's more direct and unconcealed, which is bad since, even though
she's a happy person, she tends to get angry easily.
*The only person who can get her super angry is Luke Cratoreal and Brianna Benz, or
*She likes to try and prove she's not just a short girl, which leads her to make
wagers she can't live up to.
*She's not exactly 'pretty'. She's got a weird piggy-like nose, a big mouth, super
short, and her hair is absolutely wild and everywhere.
*Even her friends poke fun at her. But it's all in good fun. [[She does get maddish
though. xD]]
*The only thing that people compliment her on is her golden eyes.
*She has an unintentional tomboyish look. It's not that she doesn't like girly
things, she just takes a liking to more 'boyish' clothing.
*BTW, her hair is orange, with red 'bangs', which are long and flip in and out and
ugh. Her roots are red too, so, until they meet her, people believe she dyed her
hair. She never wears it down, which annoys some people. They REALLY wanna know...
what does it look like down???
*She prefers more skin revealing clothes. Not hussy-ish, but, like, tank tops and
thigh-long shorts. The only time she'll wear longer clothes is when winter finally
gets to her, it's raining, and at night.
*Sometimes, she'll wear a sweatband on her wrist, even though she doesn't sweat.
*She refuses to take off the fake-vending machine ring necklace. It's the only
connection she has to her past.
*A burn tattoo is on her lower back. She doesn't recall how she got it, but she keeps
it covered.
*Her left ear is pierced in the ear lob, and twice at the top; her right, only the
ear lobe. She doesn't know why she has her ears like that, either.
*She can't stand water. When it's raining, she gets tired, and it's hard for her to
maneuver. She takes hot-hot-hot showers, which is the only type of water she can
stand. At the beach, she only sits on the sand. Her natural instinct says it's a bad
idear to be submerged under.
*She's up when the sun starts to peek over the horizon, and out when it disappears
again. In the winter, she sometimes goes to bed at 6pm.
*She doesn't remember her past, she just suddenly woke up one day as a 15 year old
girl in a freezing warehouse, wearing ratty, too-small clothing.
*Her hair gets lighter as the story progresses. [[Her hair started out red-orange in
the beginning.]]
*She starts out as a 15yearold Sophomore at Pecks Boarding School.

*Sarah's alter ego. [[-- But it IS Sarah. Not like a whole new person, like you see
in mangas. :U]]
*Really, she's more serious than when she's Sarah. You've got to when your a super
*Blond, more tamed hair. Same red bangs and roots. [[As Sunny, the red roots are also
lightening. But once she's Sarah, it goes straight to red again.]]
*She's always like 'I got this.'
*She has a natural liking for her superhero outfit to be orange, yellow, and red.
*She'd never go for an underwear-over-tights look. She wears orange, cargo jean pants
[[Just 'cause it makes her look taller]], an orange, red-hemmed tube top, A yellow
vest-jacket with a red hood, red shoes [[maybe Chucks]], orange bandages on her hands
and across her nose [[Her nose is too easily pointed out.]], and her golden choker
with a red sun in the middle.
*As Sunny, she's not scared to show off the tattoo, which she does when she doesn't
wear the vest-jacket.
*Sunny has two cool power/weapons: A sun 'staff', which has a miniature sun on one
end, literally a fireball, just resting on one end, the other side has a backwards S
in sharp points. Great for hitting people with. In her hands, she can create a 'sun
shield', which is like a force field, but the outer part radiates super heat, but you
rest comfortably in the inside. She can put the shield around others, keeping them
outta harms way, if she needs to.

Luke Cratoreal;;
@He's kind of a pleasant guy. He'd at least smile and wave if you looked at
him. But otherwise, he's pretty distant from the crowd.
@With Sarah, he's sarcastic. He acts like he doesn't like her at all. They constantly
argue, which begins with him 'teasing' her.
@When he's angry, he'd brush you off coldly.
@Usually, you only see one side of him. He's a pretty mysterious guy, but that's only
one of the reasons the ladies love 'im.
@He's the super hottie of the school. He's over 6feet, natural platinum blond hair,
which is covers his eyes and flips up in the back [[almost like Sasuke from Naruto,
if you need a visual aide, but shorter in the back and much hotter]], and beautiful
silver eyes.
@The only one who can successfully talk to him and keep a conversation going is
Sarah, even if they're just feuding.
@He has a 'punk-formal' wardrobe, I guess you could call it. He wears button down
collared, long sleeve shirts, even on non-school days. He always wears pants. It's
hard for me, as the creator and artist, to even imagine him with shorts. ...Now I'm
trying to imagine him in a bathing suit. ...DROOOOOOL.
@Anyway. He's nocturnal, which is bad when he has to go school still. He tends to
sleep in classes early in the morning.
@He thrives in the winter, loving the cold and longer nights.
@He starts out as an 18yearold Senior in Pecks Boarding School.

Luke- The Super Hero Part;;
@Luke is a known alien, no secret identity, ever since he was 8, coming to earth on a
special mission.
@This is the main reason why he's popular at school. Millions of people wanna attend
his school.
@He wears whatever he wants, but a little tighter than his normal clothes.
@Drives to crimes on a super awesome motorcycle because it's easy to maneuver through
crowds and traffic.
@His popularity is why he lives in a secluded house concealed in the thick woods of
the city.
@In super hero mode, he's more cold. If someone wants to talk to him, he'd brush them
@His weapons/powers: He has this cool Sword, which has a natural glow. It's
cresent-shaped, and off each point, when slung, a new cresent forms, making a chain
of Cresent Moons.
@He was surprised when Sunny came to the scene suddenly, but he recognized who she
was right away. [[He never told her, though. He has his reasons]]

Ali Fronns;;
♥Ali comes from a family without a mother [[she died]], a distant father, who sent
them all off to boarding school at age 6, a twin brother, and annoying little sister.
It was only natural for her to turn to the 'bad crew' - GANGS. D: But before Sarah
came to the school, Ali met a certain awesome black girl, and she gradually came back
to regular civilian life.
♥Nowadays, she's peppy. She constantly has to be doing something.
♥Her wardrobe is more girly than the other two of the trio [[Diana's coming up]].
Her theme song would be 'Man, I feel like a Woman' by Shaina Twain.
♥She's a natural beauty, with brunette, model hair, which she decided to streak
with pink, a tall, slender body, and chocolate eyes. She tends to wear eyeliner,
mascara, lipgloss, the works, even with her God-given beauty.
♥Like Sarah, she's hot-tempered. In fact, she's almost bipolar. One second, she's a
happy girl, the next, she's ranting on something totally ridiculous... And she's very
♥She always has a boyfriend. Most end pretty quickly. The longest she's had a guy
was 3 months.
♥She's firm when she wants something done or just WANTS it.
♥Her favorite hobby is planning on how she's going to get Sarah and Luke
together... which ends up with an angry Sarah.
♥She starts out as a 16yearold Sophomore at Pecks Boarding School.

Diana [Di] Martin ;;
♣Diana is from a very broken family. She's one of the oldest of a rather large
family. Her mother, who was white, had an affair with her husband, sleeping with a
black man. She got pregnant with Diana, who came out black. Her husband, who had no
black heritage, was devastated and left. Diana's mom blamed her for everything, and
became addicted to having fatherless babies. When Di was 13, her mother decided it
was time to send her away... to boarding school. She couldn't stand to look at her
♣At school, she roomed with Ali, who at first scared her, but sooner or later
became friends.
♣Diana has a natural motherly attitude because of her lack of love from her own
mother and abundance in little brothers and sisters.
♣She's constantly scolding Ali or Sarah for their acts of nonsense, like sneaking
out of the dorm to go to the convenience store.
♣Some would call her a goody-two-shoes, but Ali and Sarah don't see it that way.
They think of her as just watching out for them.
♣Her clothes are always modest, mainly because she is self-conscience about her
♣She always smells good. e_e
♣She starts out as a 15yearold Sophomore at Pecks Boarding School.

*Suhn people are held in a higher position than the Moon's people, no matter they're
class. Suhn's slaves are higher up on the chart than Moon's warriors. And all because
Suhn controls Moon's lighting system.
*With that said, Mickey was a Suhn slave, who are marked. Royalty picked her out of
all the other slaves to go on a special mission on Earth. But a Suhn should never go
out without a protector. They picked a young warrior from Moon, young Cratoreal, to
assist her on the mission.
*When they got to Earth, all of the humans were amazed by their awesome powers,
leading to fame and fortune. They went to an elite school, Mickey in kindergarten,
Cratoreal in 2nd.
*A year later, she disappeared, kidnapped. Luke Cratoreal was absolutely shocked.
He... loved her. [[YES. LITTLE KID LOVE. <33]]
Last edited: 16 June 2009

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