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Tekkoshocon VII 2009Category: (general)
Sunday, 5 April 2009
08:13:03 PM (GMT)

Tekko 2009 is OVER!

I’m still in that “OMGWTDBBQVCR” moment that usually follows the end of Tekko,
a feeling that never is pleasant but somehow comforting. It’s over. Done. No more
worries about costumes, moolah, etc.

So, now that I’m home, I decided that I might as well chronicle all the beautiful
events that made Tekko the best time of my life. 



Arriving at the convention center. It was a big sham-wow for all of us; we were
amazed by the sheer size of the building.
We registered and just walked right in, throwing ourselves into a huge group of
cosplaying madness! 
The first picture I took with my camera was of Tamaki and Kyoya from Ouran High
School Host Club. 

Stumbling across Goldenrodfairy. She’s an awesome youtuber and cosplayer that I had
been watching videos of for a while. I met her when I first got there, but I had no
idea who she was until later on Sunday. She was like “Oh yeah, I did an Akatsuki
skit at Ohayocon once. It was called: The Akatsuki Can’t.”
She was all “…Yeah.”
I gave her a hug. She laughed. We met up with her a bunch of times during the con.

The cross-dressing Hinata. This may sound like a strange occurrence, but I definitely
will remember it for the rest of my life! Random dude dressed as Hinata walked up to
us and posed; we took mucho pictures. Later, he appeared as an entrant in the
Masquerade contest, and should have won Best in Show! But he did win a good award,
too. The next day, some random guy came up to us and was all “Hey.” It took us a
good minute to realize that OH! That’s the cross-dressing Hinata!

The first trip to the Dealer’s room. I didn’t get anything; it was more just
looking around, but the size was pretty good this year. 

Dancing randomly in the lobby while being videotaped. We were jamming to the YMCA!

Hobo-Hidan / The Hidan Fairy. Two different names, same man! There was a Hidan on the
first day whom we took a picture of. The next day, when we went out at around seven
AM, he was the only one still awake. He had stayed up the whole night! He was sitting
on a couch, all by himself, and the name Hobo-Hidan just stuck. Then, later, we found
pennies on the couch, and decided that the Hidan Fairy must have left them there for
us. Anyways.

The Phoenix Wright mock-trial. Ran a bit late, as always, but still great. One girl
played an over-obsessed fangirl and did an amazing job of it. Props to you, sister!

The Great Ulquiorra and His Awesome Wings. This cosplayers had retractable wings!
RETRACTABLE! They were insane! I didn’t get a picture, but I wish I had!

Splurging at Artist’s Alley. I bought mucho prints (Gackt, Xigbar, Rufus Shinra,
and a Naruto cast one), a crapload of buttons, and random small things for my besties
as souvenirs. 

Light Yagami riding a cow. 
Not much I can say about this one.
(A cosplayer dressed as a cow was giving Light a horsey-ride in the middle of the
hallway. We all took pictures!)

Waiting in line for the Masquerade. The chicks behind us were pretty dang sweet, and
we all fangirled (and fanboyed, if you’re a Ryan) together.

The Masq itself! Hinata’s skit was rockin’, the “Fried Rice, White Rice” skit
was cool, and a buncha other stuff was amazingly impressive. Oh, and yay to the MC,
Cid- I mean, Balthier! 
Dancing Polar Bear!
I Lost the Game!

Chasing the Kariya cosplayer. I looked everywhere for him, but I only saw him once,
and he was far away. I wanted that man’s picture BADLY! But, I digress.

Going to see Otokage. This was the best thing. EVER. Otokage is a band of ninjas from
Japan that play some of the greatest music that ever reached my ears. I managed to
squeeze myself as close to the stage as I could get; I got near enough to count the
strings on Hitt’s guitar. 
I am content now because guess what? The DNA of an Otokage member is in my body.
Right now. Not kidding. When the lead guitarist took a drink of water, he spewed it
out all over the audience like a fountain, and some landed riiiiight on my mouth.
I was able to get all four members’ autographs, plus a picture with the band. Hitt
actually wrapped his arm around me! *sigh* … <3

The Rave. No, we didn’t stay for too long. We were tired, plus we had to wait
through the Freezepop concert (no offense, Freezepop, just not our cup of tea) to
even start dancing. We danced for a while, but soon got extremely tuckered out and
decided to crash back at the hotel room.

Ashley and I were going to go find a schedule for Sunday at Tekko, so we went up the
stairwell to try and get to the Convention Center. The door to the center was locked,
so we walked back down. But when we reached the bottom of the stairs, the door had
been shut and locked behind us! We called my mom, banged on the door for a couple
minutes, and, finally, a man came down to open up the doors and found us there.

Buying Sasha, my Keyblade. I saw it. Couldn’t pass it up. And Ryan helped me get it
^.^ I now have a replica of Sora’s Keyblade in my room, which I named Sasha after
Jenxthejinx’s sitar.


This is the most significant of all events. Meeting “the group” changed our
entire Sunday and basically warped our lives.

We just hung out with them. That was it. But soon, we all became a close knit group
of cosplaying individuals that was having the time of their lives.

We went up to the rooftop of the Convention Center and had an all-out melee. Me,
Ryan, and Ashley just watched, because I was terrified about getting into trouble.
But watching it was amazing, too! 

We all started doing the Caramel Dance together, which will probably end up on
Youtube by the end of this week! The awesome Fried Rice, White Rice did their
expertly choreographed dance for the passerby!

Hobo Hidan drew his Jashin symbol on the ground. With ketchup.

Light, L, and Itachi sacrificed a stuffed panda inside said Jashin symbol.

We played ‘Glomp the Pein’ (which had it’s own cheer to it that included
clapping on time and yelling GLOMP THE PEIN!). A good amount of us stood in a line
and took turns glomping a smokin’ shirtless Pein. When I glomped him, it was kind
of from the side at an awkward angle. He managed to hoist me up onto his back and
carry me off!

Choosing the Shadow Heartless as a tribute and kidnapping her. A bunch of the really
strong men held her right off the balcony. We were all terrified that she was going
to fall off the roof! But it turns out there was ground protecting her from falling,
so she was fine the whole time.

Screaming I LOST THE GAME! off the roof of the hotel at a passing helicopter. We
better be on the news!

Naruto yelled “SASUNARU!” as a signal word, and we all dropped our bags and
started doing the Charlie Brown at the same time. Oh, the looks we received!

Looking over the balcony to the ground floor and seeing, at the very second I look,
an Angel Starr cosplayer trip and fall, tearing down the photo sheet and knocking
over equipment!

Being convinced to go see the Resident Evil Musical, and falling in love with it! It
was an amazing parody of an amazing game. Thanks guys for getting me to go! I’M

Well…this is the summary. These events were mostly random, but they made the
weekend a perfect one. 

All Tekko-ers, thank you!


gothprincess says:   5 April 2009   985878  
wow...im kinda scared...

i am so comin nxt year lol
Katilix says:   6 April 2009   886573  
You better! We missed all of yins while we were there!
NinjaKitty says:   10 April 2009   915189  
;-; WHY COULDN'T I COME?! *sob*
Katilix says :   10 April 2009   856769  
Sowwy *pats on head*
There's always next year...


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