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Saturday, 21 March 2009
07:24:32 PM (GMT)
Do you live with your parents ? Ayee Are there any embarrassing school pictures of you anywhere in your house? Many Can you do a blackflip, or anything else of that sort? Not to save my life What moment in your life have you been most scared? I'm always scared :| Do you have any ex's you can't stand anymore? No What happened to cause you to feel that way about them? What? Do you ever make your own surveys, or just take them? I've made one before What would your parents do if you told them you were pregnant right now? Make assumptions Have you ever actually thought you were pregnant? Nope Were you? Of course Are you more of a phone or a computer person? Computer Do you like to cook, or do you prefer when other people cook for you? I like it when people cook for me How old do you think you'll be when you move out on your own? Eighteen, we've planned this out Do you have a job? If so, where do you work? If not, do you want one? I applied for a paper round a few weeks ago Have you ever ripped your pants in public? No Do movies such as 'Saw' and 'The Grudge' scare you easily? Never seen them Who do you talk to the most on MSN? Joe and Reeve ♥ How many best friends do you have? What are their names? Three. India, Joe and Reeve (: What's the craziest thing you've ever been dared to do? Make out with a wall Did you do it? Yep That wall was a damn good kisser Do you know anybody who has a birthday today? Nope When is your birthday? How old will you be? 16th September And I will be 15 Do you change the radio stations repeatedly in the car? Nope Can you drive? No Have you ever thought someone was talking to you, but it turned out they... were on the phone? Did you play it off ? Yeah xD And no Do you feel bad for homeless people? Yeah What do you consider to be a good grade? Er, 7A? Shush, my grades are different to yours What do you consider to be a bad grade? 5C Have you ever had a teacher who hated you? Oh god, Miss Sharma Can you remember who your grade 5 teacher was? Did you like them? Miss Brown and Miss Arrowsmith And yeah What's your favourite T.V show? Ooh, I have a few In your opinion, who is the best looking celebrity out there at the moment? Johnny Depp ;] Do you like peanut butter cookies? Ayee Do you know anybody that has severe allergies? Yus Do you have an ipod? How many songs are on it? I do, and 682 I think Who was the last person you slow danced with? Haha, no one What was the last song you listened to on repeat? Adventures In Solitude by The New Pornographers What's your favourite song at the moment? She Had The World is always my favourite song (; Do you prefer headphones or earbuds? ... what? :| Do you ever ride the city bus? How much does it cost you? Yus And it costs 80p How do you get to school? If I'm at Mother Jess', then I walk From Father Jess' I either get a lift or get the bus Speaking of school, do you like it or hate it? Eh, it's okay Are you a social person? Usually Are you reliable? Sure What person/people of the opposite sex do you trust the most? Joe and Reeve What person/people of the same sex do you trust the most? India Do you say 'like' a lot? Not really What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? Erm, I think it was Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer And yeah Do you buy CD's anymore, or just download the songs? Both What is your favourite beverage to have in the morning? Coffee ♥ Do you scream out the answers will watching game shows on T.V? Game shows are for losers Who in your life do you care about more than yourself? Pft Would you ever consider adopting a child with a severe mental illness? Probably not Do you have a brother or a sister? If so, are you close with them? Yes, and yeah, kinda If you are an only child, do you ever wish you had siblings? - When was the last time you were with all of your bestfriends? Friday night, heehee Do you ever go into photobooths? Not often Do you waste money on unneccesary things? Yup Which wild animal would you most like to have as a pet? Zebraaa :D

‹A girl like me;; Impossible to find› says:   21 March 2009   843376  
 I like zebras 
JessHadTheWorld says :   22 March 2009   883271  
Who doesn't like zebras? :D

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