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Unhappy Girl Faraway Part 2Chapter 17Category: (general)
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
03:51:42 PM (GMT)
Mindy went upstairs with the doctor and they went into Cory and Courtney’s room.
The doctor check what her temperer was it was 101. He put a wet cloth on her head. He
gave her medicine that was healthy for the baby. The doctor hand the bottle to Mindy
and left. Mindy stayed with Courtney. When Courtney moved and open her eyes a little.
She look around then ask 

Courtney:  Where is Cory?

Mindy: He left for work. 

She started crying for Cory. Mindy paged Cory asking if he really need to work right
now. He page saying no and he is on his way. Mindy comforted Courtney to she fell
asleep. Cory came in and smile. He took off his shoes and took Mindy’s place. Mindy
left and went downstairs to take care of there twins. Cory got up and left to help
Mindy and Tamika.  They all left to go to the park. Courtney woke up looking for Cory
again. She sat up but she fell back  on the bed. She got up again and she grab on the
dresser. She slowly walk out the room. She got to the bathroom and she got to her
knees and she puke. She flush the toilet and she got up and went downstairs. She went
outside. It was cold out. She went to her old car and she sat in it. She reach in the
glovebox and got her keys. She start the car and she backed out. She didn’t go far
Cory got out of the van and he stood in front of the car. 

Courtney stop and Cory went to her side. He picked her up and went inside Mindy park
the car in the drive and move the other car back in.  Cory put Courtney back in bed.
He yelled at her for the crazy stunt she did. She roll over and she had her back to
him. Cory turn her over. She looked at him. He got out the medicine and spoon and
gave her some.  She saw him leave. She fell asleep.  Isabella came in and crawl on
the bed and next to Courtney. Courtney smile and gave her a hug. They fell asleep.

Cory came in and he smile at his two girls. He picked up Isabella and put her in her
own bed in her room. He went back to Courtney and he laid next to her and she looked
pale. He reach for the trash can. He put it near Courtney. She moan. He put it down
and held her close. She moan and she bend there the trash can. Cory held on to her so
she won’t fall. When she was down Cory wiped her mouth and he held her close again.
 She moved and she climb out of bed. Cory sat up and look around. When he saw
Courtney trying to walk out of the door he got up and picked her up. He place her
back on the bed. She lay on her back. Cory saw her shirt was soak with blood. He lift
her shirt up and her stomach was bleeding. He called downstairs and ask to call 911.
He got a towel and held it on her stomach. Mindy came upstairs and walked in. When
she saw what the problem was she rush to help. The medic guy came up and help her on
the stretcher.

They put her in the ambulance and Cory went with her. The rush her inside and into a
room doctors and nurses ran into her room and they clean the wound and they stitch
her stomach up. The check if the baby was OK and he was. The doctor something sharp
cut her when she was bending over something. Cory knew it was. He thank to doctor.
They move her into a clean room and she was going to go home tomorrow. Cory watch
her. Courtney was crying. He stroke her arm. She try to move to get comfortable but
it was hard for her to move. She scream in pain. The nurse came in and gave her some
pain pills. Courtney calm down . Cory rub her stomach.  He left and went home to be
with the kids. The kids where scared. He pick them both up and brought them upstairs.
He gave them a bath then dress them. He put them to bed. He went into his and
Courtney room and he clean up. He check the trash can and there was something sharp
pointing out. He took the trash can and throw it out the window.

He got undress and went to bed. He was in a deep sleep when he woke up to screaming.
He got his bath rob and put it on and ran to the girl’s room. Isabella and Sophia
was crying. He went to them and ask 

Cory: What’s wrong?
Isabella: We want mommy.

He hugged them. Sophia went back to sleep but Isabella kept crying Cory didn’t know
the song Courtney sang so he just rocked her that made her cry more. He got so mad
and frustrated that he scream shut up and he slam the door hut and went to his Car
and left.  Mindy came in the twins room and comfort them and rock them. They stop
crying. The next morning there was a honking noise . Mindy got up and went down
stairs with the twins. Courtney open the door with her key. Her kids ran up to her
and hugged her. She hugged them back and smile at them. Mindy took them upstairs and
gave them a bath.  Courtney went upstairs and she notice Cory wasn’t there. She got
dress and went downstairs to eat. While eating she called Cory’s cell phone. Cory
didn’t answer. Courtney sigh. 

The twins came down stairs. Isabella sat on Courtney’s lap. Courtney hugged her and
braid her hair into two pigtails. Isabella got down and Sophia hop up. Court braid
her hair into a pony tail and then hugged her. She got up and picked up Isabella and
took them to the van. She put them in there car seats and she told Mindy she will
drive them to daycare and go to work.  She did what she did  when she drop the girls
off she drove to work.
Will Cory come back or will he be gone forever. Will the girls have to live with out
a father. How will Courtney take this fine out in the next chapter 
Last edited: 11 March 2009

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   11 March 2009   732175  
What? No next chapter yet? Why must you do these things to me?
*Dramatic sob*
Oh, God.
This is srsly awesome.
‹Emma Bear› says:   11 March 2009   362884  
Thanks there will be more soon
English_Boy_101 says:   12 March 2009   376165  
no new chapter? *dramatic sigh* Why must these things happen to me?
English_Boy_101 says:   12 March 2009   913572  
kidding, it was very good
‹Emma Bear› says :   12 March 2009   949817  
lol thanks


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