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CAP 2- OMGCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 10 March 2009
03:58:24 PM (GMT)
The next day I crawled out of bed noticing that Dez had left already. “he might
have gone to the coffee shop I thought to myself” I shuddered at this thought and
shook my head. I paced into the kitchen to see that Xis was already awake he was
eating cheerios I could tell because they were all over his mouth. He smiled at me
and winked “daddy weft erwee I herd him at um 5:00 er sumtin” he said smiling
still. I smiled back and chuckled
I walked up to the empty seat sat down and crossed my arms I started watching Xis
gobble up the cereal. The next thing know Xis was pushing my side with his back pack
on I must have nodded off to sleep I looked at the clock it said 8:30 
“FUCK!” I exclaimed I picked up Xis and dash out the door to the car. I put the
failing child down as I opened the car door. Xis stared at me for a few seconds
before I yell “well don’t look at me get in the car!” he scrambled to the other
side and hopped in. I hit the gas peddle and got on the road. When we made it to his
preschool I pick him up again and scurried into the school as I turned to corner I
ran head first into the most unlikely person; Jack he rubbed his forehead and shouted
“HEY WATCH WHERE YO-….Emma what are you doing here?” I held up Xis and he
waved. Jack rolled his eyes and smiled his eyes orange eyes seemed to twinkle, he
held out his hand presenting the hall way for me “next time watch where your going
okay?” he said grinning with his sharp teeth.
I nodded and charged to the class room. I dropped off Xis and walked out to my car.
Jacks motorcycle was still there when I drove off wondering what he could still be
doing at a preschool. But I didn’t let it bother me because today was Friday! Time
to go get Erin and Claire and go to the mall! I picked up Erin first when I pulled
into her driveway he and her boyfriend were outside…in a tree. They were making out
on the middle branch I got out of my car and raised one eye brow and cleared my
throat. They both looked down and erin grinned they started climbing down and Erin
feel she hit the ground with a resounding thud. I busrted out laughing as I helped
her up tears ran down my cheeks she scolded at me and I stopped laughing he said be
to her boyfriend and we got in the car I started backing up when she flipped out and
said “WAIT wait, I forgot my purse!” I sighed and said “well go on get it and
hurry up” I waited a little while and she came out. Now we were off to get Claire.

To be continued

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