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Alls abouts meCategory: (general)
Monday, 23 February 2009
08:23:21 PM (GMT)
Konichiwa, watashi Misa Midgar desu. watashi L ai desu!!! In other words my name is
Misa Midgar, and i love L!!! He is so awesome. I am born into the Midgar family, many
of you might know, my clan is very complex and tight. Very few of us are ever adopted
into the family with exeptions to my sisiters and best friends. nothing can tear us
appart. we've got cloud, yazoo, kadaj, zac, vincent, aerith, tifa, age, riku, and me,
but thats only the children. my father is sephiroth (ewww, i knows) and my mother is
lucrecia, my brother/uncle is vincent, most know him by vincent valentine, he got a
name change after sephy died, again. my closest brothers are vincent yazoo riku and
kadaj. if you can keep up with me well then you have an open mid or your like me,
dumb as sh** but can understand all the complex crap. i have many enemies within my
clan but you know what they stay close 2 ur friends but closer 2 ur enemies, it
doesn't get any closer than blood.i draw art in my spare time or go into my own
little world 2 keep my mind off of my home life, bottling things up makes me
schitzophrenic, bipolar, and multi-personality which explains my extreme mood
changes. not mood changes just personality changes. dont hold it over me i'm just a
messed up person. i might be clinicly insane *heh heh heh* but i'm not a weakling,
like the rest of my family i have been trained in the arts of the ninja requiring my
to be completley emotionless and ruthless at times and if you don't beleive me just
ask my sisters. i look like your average silver haired midgar but i'm no joke when it
comes to destroying anything in my way. my sisters are stronger than me because we
have all been trained in different fields. Me: stealth, ninjustu, and speed Tifa:
extreme strength, power, and speed Age: everything we have and more, including
extreme intelect. i want to be known as a great midgar someday and with the help of
my sisters i think its possible... if u can handle me by all meens go for it, but
you've been warned...

Akiba23 says:   24 February 2009   377476  
Ja! Ja!*weak ninja kick but hugs Misa instead*
Welcome back!
rikus_gurl says :   19 March 2009   741182  
Damn right! *gir voice* I like this diary!


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