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Sunday, 22 February 2009
08:40:15 PM (GMT)
WATS UR Name: Jessica
Age: 15
 B.Day: -April 12
 Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Cornwall.
Orientation: Bisexual.
 Lucky Number: 26 FAVORITES Color: black and red
 Cereal: Rice Crispies.
 Drink (non alcohol): Root beer
 Drink (alcohol): Coolers
TV Show: A lot
 Movie:More then you know
 TV Commercial: Haha.
Love Song: I’d come for you
 Dance Song:Low
 Listen To When I'm Angry Song: Welcome to my life
 Top Favorite Song: … not sure
Music Video: I don’t usual watch music videos
Disney Movie: Peter Pan
Comedy Movie: - Meet the Spartans and the epic movie
 Scary Movie: Not sure.
Action Movie: -Fast && Furious
 Romantic Movie:A walk to remember.
 Snack:Pizza Pockets.
 Breakfast:Bacon and Eggs
 Lunch: Turkey Wrap
 Fruit: Strawberries
 Unrealistic animal: Unicorns WebsiteI go on a lot
 Disney Princess:Snow White
 Super Hero: Spiderman
 How old were u wen u had ur 1st boyfriend/girlfriend? My real boyfriend would be
when I was like hmm… maybe 13
 How old were u wen u had ur 1st tap kis on da lips? Can’t remember
 How old were u wen u had ur 1st tongue kiss? Like 13
 Wat was the longest u've been in a relationship? Umm over a year
 Wat was the shortest u've been in a relationship?Like 2 weeks
 Wat's the farthest u've ever gone with a guy/girl? Till the end
 Do u masturbate? Ahh no!
Have u ever masturbated infront of someone? I don’t masterbate
 Were u ever caught masturbating?For sure not.
 How old were u wen u 1st masturbated? Havent figured that out yet
 How old were u wen u had ur 1st orgasm?umm…
 How long was the orgasm?pfft.
 Are u a virgin? Nope!
 If ur not wat age did u lose ur virginity? 15
 Wat age was the person dat took ur virginity? 16
 Did it hurt? Kindah
 Did u bleed? A lil
 How many times have u had sex? umm .. a couple times
Wen was the last time u had sex? lol ...
 Wat position(s) have u already tried? Just the missionary, the cow girl and doggie
 Wat position(s) do u want to try? im not sure..
  Wat position(s) feel da BEST? doggie style
Wat position(s) hurt da most? missionary
 Did u ever have a 3some? Nope. 
If u never had a 3some would u ever wanna have one? Not too sure, I don’t like
sharing my men!
Wen u 1st had sex were u scared to show ur vagina to ur partner? NOt really i was a
little nervous though.
Wats da biggest penis u ever f''ked? Umm ,,, i've only f*cked one.
 Wats da smallest penis u ever f''ked? Only f*cked one.
 Wat looks better a circumsized penis or uncircumsized penis? Circumsized.
Did u ever give a guy a handjob? Yes lol
 If so for how long? Till he cummed.
Did u ever gave a guy a blow job? Yess
 If so for how long? Till he cummed
 Did a guy ever eat u out? Yess
 If so for how long? Till he was done
 Did u ever eat out a girl? Nope
Did u ever finger a girl? No!
Did a girl ever eat u out?Not yet
Did a girl ever finger u?nope 
Wats ur fetish?Not sure… nothing really
 Would u ever let a girl put a strap on and do u? NO!
Besides penis wat else have been in ur vagina? fingers, and a tongue.
Would u ever put some kind of food in ur vagina? Never tried
 Do u moan wen u have sex? Depends
 Would u ever wanna be in a sex video?-Nope
 Did u ever get caught having sex? Not yet… thank god
 Have u ever had food sex?Nope  
Do u regret losing ur virginity? Not to the guy I lost it too ♥
 Are u confident with ur body? Not really
 Wat bra size are u? A B
 Are u happy with ur breasts? Nope
 Do u like how ur vagina looks? I guess…
 Wats da sexiest part of ur body? I don’t know
 Wats da ugliest part of ur body?I don’t know
 If u can change 2 things about ur body wat would it be? My boobs and my legs
WATS THE Craziest thing u've ever done? ever? Tried commiting suicide
Funniest thing u've ever said? I don’t know
 Stupidest thing u've ever done?  im not sure
Stupidest thing u've ever said? I say a lot of stupid things!
 Smartest thing u've ever done? I don’t know
 Smartest thing u've evr said?hmm…
  HAVE YOU EVER Cheated? Just once
 If so how many times?1. but its was only because he cheated on me, and I wanted him
to know how it felt.. but then we broke up 
 Stole Something? LOL! YEA!
 If so wat did u steal? Lots of things
Lied? Once in a while
 Wats the most recent thing u lied about? Hmm not caring about something.
Cried in public? Of course
 If so wher did u cry? At school
 Cried urself to sleep? Not really, ive cried before going to bed 
 Cried about something stupid? Yes
 If so wat stupid thing did u cry about? I can't remember it was really stupid,
Wanted to die? or Cut urself? Yess both
 Try to make urself throw up? Nope
Try to not eat at all for a day? Tried, never succeeded.
 Went to a psycologist? Nope
Got an STD? Nope
 Cursed at ur parents? Yeahh
 Hit ur parents? Nope
 Got raped? No 
r Got abused? Nope
If Got sexually harrased? Not exactly
 If so how did dat person sexually harrassed u? Not too sure
 Ever dated a teacher? Hellz no
 Ever went to jail? Nope
 Ever got drunk? Yup
 Ever used drugs? Yeahh lol 
If so wat drug(s)? Did weed
 Ever got caught stealing something? Kindah, but I denied it
 Went out with a chubby guy? Yeaahh
 Went out with a muscular guy? Sorta
 Went out with an ugly guy? Possibly
Last edited: 20 July 2009

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