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Anime theory 1 (Bleach)Category: Anime theories
Friday, 6 February 2009
12:17:00 PM (GMT)
Sosuke Aizen = Raito Yagami. This is one of my theories I was explaining to
Bootheghost through the roleplay, and I got a little carried away. xD By the way, I
will be posting more of these soon... Muhahahahaha...

When out dear pal Light was defeated pwningsomely by Ryuk and Matsuda (Hanatarou!),
it is hinted at an extra chapter in the manga that Light became a shinigami. It also
seems that the Shinigami King can be bribed with APPLES. (Important hint later on!)

Knowing this, after decades and decades of playing Kira without any competition in
the shinigami world, Light grows tired of it. No matter just how many times he must
use the note, the world fails to turn into a utopia or please him at all. Everything
is the same. 

Thinking, he realizes that the world must change completely. "The person who is
ruling over both worlds isn't do such a good job, is he?" Light realizes. 

He must acquire greater powers, no matter how much the cost, no matter the time or
the difficulty. 

After much tricky and painstaking bargaining with Ryuk, he presents many, many a
bushel of apples to the Shinigami King in order to bribe him thoroughly. Light
wishes to go to Soul Society in human form. This is then granted, sending Light all
the way to Soul Society but in a human form year and years older than what he once
was. His face looking indeed changed, but perhaps if it got Misa, L, and everyone
else to trust him before...

Raito Yagami A.K.A. Sosuke Aizen advanced through the ranks swiftly. He had to take
on an alais because if one person were to discover his true name, then he would be
forced to return to the Shinigami Realm (Ryuk's place). He picked up two
acquantainces, Ichimaru and Tousen who work beside him for their own reasons.
Learning quickly of the Soul Reaper system and everything about the Hollows, he
conducted an experiment on those who were close to discovering who he truly was.
Thus, the Vizards live to this day, waiting patiently to strike equal revenge upon

There were many close calls. Much manipulation took place. Soul Reapers were
amazingly easy to take advantage of, more trusting than the humans on Earth. But
then again, that's what they got for staying in such a low technology world. Then
there was one person...

Kisuke Urahara. He had before met many genius eccentrics, but Urahara was different.
He had his own moral guide, he wasn't like L or Near, with them only doing it
it was a challenge needed to be won, a game. He did things because naturally, for
were they not the right actions at the time? Not so high in ambition as Aizen, yet
the world needed more good people like Kisuke.

Shame he was a bit too smart for his own good. Wrong place, wrong time and certain
mistakes needed to be covered up... Soon, he was exiled, and out of the way.

Captain-rank, the scheme would soon take place. Hmm. What a devoted Lieutenant.
Perfect, she doesn't make mistakes like Misa does and I doubt she'll ever pounce on
me. Her affections take much less maintenance to keep strong. 

How weak. I'll have the pleasure of breaking her soon. Hinamori was a very
interesting tool.

What is this? Yes, I can improvise a plan that will accept those Ryoka that have
entered... It seems Urahara has trained them... then he is not to be taken lightly

After the Rukia occurence, Aizen managed to create a grand system in Hueco Mundo. He
observes the Ryoka and realizes thier worth, kidnapping Inoue. Holding hostages is
not unfamiliar to him, as with what his younger sister once taken prisoner. But this
is a different kind. The opponents in this game are more impulsive. Foolish,
bargaining would have saved them much trouble...

(End Sosuke Aizen is Raito Yagami theory. I had fun typing it. xD)
Last edited: 6 February 2009

Bootheghost says:   6 February 2009   247134  
-round of applause-

Yay!~ Epic win!
‹A role to play› whispers :   6 February 2009   815521  
Lol, I kept switching in and out of narration and Light's point of


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