Playing with Eyeliner II:: SEXUAL CONTENT:: ::DO NOT READ IF
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Playing with Eyeliner II:: SEXUAL CONTENT:: ::DO NOT READ IF
Category: sex story
Tuesday, 27 January 2009
11:31:30 PM (GMT)
Sexual content, yadda yadda yadda, don't read, don't care.

type: m/f

“Stop,' Annie suddenly said, and my heart skipped a beat. 'The eyeliner will rub
off on my skirt. I'd better take it off.”

I relaxed again. Her skirt was white with a pale pattern. She sat up and pulled the
skirt off. Considering how she had touched me, I decided to have a go at it.

“It might rub off on your panties too,” I said, fighting to control the
excitement in my voice.

Annie hesitated and I held my breath. It felt as if it was now or never and she took
ages, thinking about what I had said. Finally, she looked up at me, all blushing and

“I'll take them off, if you take off yours,” she said.

I had already had my moment of embarrassment, when I took off my jeans and she could
see my hard dick bulging.

“Okay,” I replied, trying to sound as nonchalant as I possibly could.

She hesitated again.

“You go first,” she said, shyly.

That made me a little timid too.

“We'll do it at the same time,” I suggested.

“No, you go first,” Annie insisted.

There was no other way. I didn't want to stop . . . no way.

“Okay,” I said and began to fumble to get my jocks off.

Annie stared at my dick as it jumped out. It only made me clumsier, but I finally
managed to get them off.

“Your turn,” I said, my eyes fixed on Annie's panties.

She lay back on the bed and pulled her panties off, pulling her legs up and blocking
my view. When they were off, she lowered her legs again and I could see her
completely naked. She had her legs tightly together again, but I could see a small
patch of red hairs at the top of her crotch.

Again, I forgot what it was I was going to do, but all the black lines on her body
reminded me. I leaned over her and began to draw on her thigh. 

It was difficult, because my eyes kept drifting to her crotch all the time. The small
patch of fine hairs made a triangle above her lips, ending just where the lips began;
as an arrow, pointing to the slit between the lips.

I was almost afraid to get close to her crotch and I drew a big, elaborate pattern.
At one point, my hand moved down between her tightly closed thighs. It made her
spread her legs a few inches. Finally, I finished my maze at the edge of the fine,
red hairs. My hand touched the hairs. They were so soft and fine, like fine threads
of silk.

As I leaned over her and began to trace the lines I had drawn, I could smell that
special scent again, only stronger. It was intoxicating. My fingertip moved fast,
skipping a few lines to get to the end fast. Once there, I moved my finger into the
hairs and looked up at her to see if it was okay.

Her eyes were closed and her face looked very tense and concentrated. Seeing no signs
of disapproval, I threw my last precautions overboard and began to move my finger
down to her lips. I noticed that the room was very quiet except for her heavy, noisy
breathing through her nose.

I moved my face closer as my finger touched the spongy lips. Being so close, I could
see and feel the downy fuzz that covered them. I looked up at her face again to make
sure it was okay to proceed. Her eyes were still closed, her face concentrated.

My finger caressed her lips very lightly. Annie took a couple of deep, noisy breaths
through her nose, making me look up at her again, fearing that something was wrong. I
couldn't see any change.

The little slit between the lips attracted my attention. It was there between the
lips . . . it was in there that her clitoris and vagina were hiding. Very cautiously,
I tried to slide my finger in between the lips. My fingers sank in, into the hot,
slippery crevice between them.

Annie gasped and jerked. I pulled my finger back.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, frightened.

“No . . . it felt . . . kind of good,” she whispered, short of breath.

I slipped my finger in between the lips again. I could feel a lot of soft, spongy
flesh and when I moved down, I could feel what had to be her vagina. I didn't dare to
try and put my finger in. I knew a girl had a maidenhead and that it hurt, when it
was penetrated the first time.

Instead I moved my finger up again and sort of let it slide up and down through the
slippery folds. Annie's breathing was rapid and ragged. Her eyes were closed but a
hectic smile passed over her face as I looked up at her.

Suddenly, I realised that she was moving her hips a little bit and pushing against my
finger. She had also spread her legs a little more. Her tummy was moving up and down
as if she was going to be sick, but her face showed no sighs of sickness.

The way she looked, the way her legs spread more and more and her hips moved. The
strong smell of her, the ragged breathing and the way her pussy pulsed around my
finger, hot and wet. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I was totally
absorbed at the sight and the feel of it.

It all ended abruptly when she closed her thighs tightly together, my finger trapped
between them. She opened her eyes and looked at me, blushing fiercely. Her eyes had a
feverish glaze and she was panting heavily. I froze. I waited with my heart up in my
throat. Then she smiled; a shy smile that made me relax.

“It's . . . my turn . . . now,” she gasped after a short while.

We changed places and I lay down. The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Annie forgot all about the eyeliner and drawing and everything. She leaned over me
and brushed her hands up along my dick. Her hands brushed over it as if they were the
wings of a butterfly.

My dick jerked between her hands, making it press hard against her hand. This time,
Annie didn't giggle. She continued to touch and feel the skin on my dick and balls,
very lightly. Every touch made lightning flashes on my inner eyes.

The foreskin was pulled half way back, exposing the tip of the head. Tentatively, she
put her finger on the tip. It was almost too much and I jerked involuntarily. Annie
let go.

“Did it hurt?” she asked anxiously.

“No, it was just . . . too direct.”

“Can I . . . hold it . . . like . . .?” she asked, not finishing the sentence.

“Yes,' I gasped in reply, continuing inside my head: 'Please . . . please do.”

She put her hand around the shaft and held my dick. It jerked in her hand, out of my
control. Slowly, she moved her hand just a little, pulling down the foreskin a
fraction of an inch.

“Does this hurt?”

“No . . .' I gasped. 'It feels good.”

She kept pulling painfully slowly, until the rim of the head appeared. It felt so
good, much better than I had ever imagined. I was extremely excited.

Suddenly, without any warning, my dick jerked and began to spurt. I didn't feel it
coming, it just happened.

My cum shot out over my stomach and her hand. She got a few drops in her hair as
well. It felt so good, but it almost happened too quickly, too sudden for me to
really enjoy it fully. And it had only just ended, before I suddenly felt terribly
embarrassed about it.

Annie stared with her eyes and mouth wide open. Then she giggled.

“Cool,' she said, 'way cool.”

I couldn't help laughing. It helped and the embarrassment disappeared. Annie reached
over to her bedside table and got some Kleenex. She wiped my cum off her hand and my

Time had been flying much faster than we had realised and I had to get home. We
dressed quickly and I kissed her goodbye. Just as I was leaving, 

Annie hugged me again.

“It was fun,” she whispered in my ear.

“It was wonderful,” I answered and kissed her.

At dinner, mom suddenly asked me if I was okay.

“You're so quiet. Has something happened in school that I should know about?” she
asked, sounding motherly.

“No, I'm fine,” I answered.

It had been so exciting. It ran like an endless movie before my inner eyes. I
couldn't think of anything else. How it had felt and looked. I suddenly wondered if
Annie had come. Maybe she had, I just didn't know what it looked like, when a girl
had an orgasm. It was so much easier to tell with boys.

I went on just thinking of Annie until I went to bed and fell asleep, dreaming about
her; her tits, her smooth, silky skin and her pussy, all of her.

She was occupying every available cell in my brain.

I just wished I had a bigger brain.
Last edited: 28 February 2009

‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   29 January 2009   543544  
Read both parts =) Great story. keep it up!
On_the_way_down says:   31 January 2009   888521  
Great job.
I love how they didn't even have sex. 
And the end is very cute :3
kattany3 says:   31 January 2009   432162  
lol OMG!!!! XD totaly hott and funny =P
Yehyita says:   15 February 2009   856982  
i love it!
yourstalker says :   22 December 2009   614664  
that was really good.
it was soo hott.
but cute at the same time x3 good job

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