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Sunday, 18 January 2009
11:52:54 AM (GMT)
Number's XV and XVI have decided to join the game, their names; Xena and Xamexlia.

Let's begin with Xena, she's the same height as naminé and she's tough, very tough.
Her element; strength. She's well known throughout the castle....but not in the best
way. Many of Castle oblivion on goers like axel, roxas, demyx, zexion, lexeus, xigbar
and so on (not xemnas or sïax) like her, but hate her all at once, mostly like her
though. Her hobby:  pranking everyone. She has her list of daily victims  that she
studies everyday; with the help of her dragon, she seals the deal and pranks
everyone, including her supiriors, and amazingly enough, she has never gotten badly
injured, most of the time it's her victms. She, herself, can probably balance the
heaviest elephant in the world on one finger, maybe even juggle them. Though she's
strong xemnas can easily get rid of her because he is supirior, but he has no
intention to because technically she hasn't done anything wrong, but that's what he
thinks. Everyday when she's not in the castle she'seither in hallow bastion warning
the gang about the orginizations new plans, or on destiny islands speaking to sora,
riku, kiari, misty, and everyone else on the island also warning them and telling
them about the newest plans. In the castle only two people know about this, naminé
and Xamexlia because Xena trusts them, but she trusts naminé more because naminé
and her have been together since birth into the orginization. Xena, like naminé, is
also a witch/nobody, except she does the opposite of naminé... She is the opposite
of naminé. Though naminé and her are just like sister, nothing about them is really
the same. Naminé has long blond hair, Xena has short red-brown hair. Naminé always
wears white, Xena, on the otherhand always wears black. Xena also has a pet...naminè
is a pet to the orginization. Another thing is they're drawing skills. They're both
great artist but they share opposite powers, Naminé draws the past and xena draws
what happens in the furture. Both of them are happy though, but will that happiness
last long??

Next is none other than number XVI, Xamexlia. Her element; air. her hobby's including
making airplan models, playing with her pet air pheonix, zenex, and running around
the halls acting like shes an airplane, even though she's 15, smart isn't she. Her 
most favorite people in the orginization include Demyx, roxas, axel, Namine, xigbar,
zexion, lexeus, xena, Xaldin, marluxia,luxord and larxene. Her and Demyx are the
closests, both silly at all times and both baby's, Demyx being hte water baby, and
her being the air head baby. she's litterally an air head, often oblivious to her
surrondings, along with demyx of course, acting as if they have no idea what theyre
doing. both of them like the color blue . . . well love the color blue. Xamexlia on
the other hand has long blue hair that goes a little past her knee's thats always in
a long braid, and the prettiest, clear blue eyes you could ever see.  she always wore
a red scarf alnog with a pilot out fit and goggles that she never took off. her bird
also had a scarf to symbalize that he was hers. even though she's silly around hte
castle, she is very loyal to her supiriors, no matter the job, she'll get it done.
her weapon of choice is always her flute which plays different tunes to control teh
air, sky, and clouds, and when in attack mode, her flute gets large and turns into a
long staff like pole wityh a large ring on top and a blue orbs with clouds inside
it.out of the few times that  she has fought sora not once has he won . . . . but can
that change??

okieeee corny endings but at least their detailed stories!!!! XD
Last edited: 20 January 2009

KHKiari23 says:   18 January 2009   865642  
uhh.... This post took a while cause I'm on my iPod touch and I
didn't get a chance to do the other chracter, I'll make another diary
for her but first I gots to eat breakfast :D
The_Kingdom_Hearts_Project says :   21 January 2009   678174  
Cool!!! :D


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