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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 10Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 December 2008
03:47:35 PM (GMT)
Jacob: What’s wrong honey? 

Cindy: Jacob why aren’t you taking me home? 

Jacob: Well your mom gave you up and she ask me to let you live with me so I said

Cindy nodded and she got out of the car. Jacob shut off the car and walked behind her
and hugged her. He walked beside her and he put his arm around her. The walked in the
house and Jacob took her in the kitchen and sat her at the table. He went to the
kitchen and took the bread, ham, roast beef, mustard, tomatoes, and lettuces, He made
a sandwich for Cindy and one for him self and he got two cans of soda.  He went to
the table and put the sandwich in front of Cindy and he put a soda in front of her.
Cindy picked up the sandwich and began to eat slowly. Jacob at his sandwich while
watching her. When Cindy was done eating her sandwich she open her soda and she drank

When they where both done eating and drinking, Jacob got up and he put the plate in
the dish washer and put the cans in a trash bag with other cans. He took Cindy up
stairs. He walked to his room and she stood in the door way. He sat on the bed and
she watched him. He smile and told her 

Jacob: Come sit. It’s going to be a while to they fix up your room. 

Cindy walked in the room and sat on the bed next to Jacob. Jacob smiled and Cindy
smiled back.  Laid back on the bed and he fell asleep. Cindy took off her shoes and
laid on his chest and fell asleep. When Jacob woke up he saw Cindy’s head on his
chest. He smiled and kiss the top off her head. Cindy woke up and smiled. Jacob heard
his mom come in and took a picture and she smiled and said the room is ready. Jacob
got up and he tied a blindfold over her eyes and lead her to the room across the
hall. He lead her inside the room  and he un blindfold her and the room  had purple
walls and every thing was purple. She had a huge walk in closet with lots of clothes
in there. She hugged Jacob and his parents and laid on the bed. 

Jacob was happy to see a smile on her face. He laid next to her and the parents left
to cook dinner. Cindy saw her teddy bear she loved so and she picked it up and hugged
it close. Jacob kiss her head and Cindy said 

Cindy: I never had my first real kiss before. What is it like. 

Jacob: Well its like this. 

Jacob kiss her and Cindy kiss him back and it last for 15 minutes. Cindy smiled and
said wow. Jacob smile back at her and then they was called down to dinner. Jacob and
Cindy walked down stairs hand and hand and sat at the table . The said a prayer and
they ate there chicken and rice.  After dinner they watched a movie then they went
upstairs and brush there teeth and went to there separate rooms.

Cindy fell asleep and she was dreaming this. She was in the park she was young and
she was running down the trail someone was behind her. She ran faster and faster but
the guy was going to fast for her. She trip. She got up fast and ran faster she got
to a maze she ran into it. She was tired and the guy was gaining on her. She fell
again this time the guy grab her. She screamed and screamed and the guy stab the
knife into her stomach. She was still breathing and she started to scream louder. She
heard someone call her name and shack her. She sat up and open her eyes and Jacob was
holding her and she cried into his shoulder. He laid down next to her and kept her
close. Cindy was shaking and Jacob rocked her. His parents came in and said 

Parents: She mush of had a really bad nightmare. 

Jacob: Yes I wonder what her dream was. 

Parents: Why don’t you sleep here tonight so she won’t be scared 

Jacob: Ok 

Jacob laid down and held Cindy close. He put the blanket over them.  The parents shut
off the light. Cindy fell asleep again and Jacob did to. The next morning the alarm
clock woke them up. Cindy head to her bathroom to take a shower. Jacob went to his
bathroom and took a shower too. After the shower Cindy got dress in a long pink skirt
and a short sleeve white shirt. Jacob put on jeans and a white t-shirt. Cindy put on
a pair of toe socks and she put on a pair of flip flops. She comb her hair and left
it down. She grab her bag and walked down stairs. Jacob was no where to be seen. She
went back up stairs and he wasn’t in his room. She look out side and nobody’s
cars where there. She went outside and she walked to the corner to wait for the bus.

The bus came to a stop and she got on and sat in the second row on the left. She sat
there quietly to she had to get off. When she got up she walked to her and Jacobs
locker. Jacob wasn’t there either. She open the locker with her key and she took
out her books for her classes and she took out her binder and pencil case. She shut
her locker and head for her new home room. She was in room 106 Mindy’s homeroom. 

She went in and every one was already seated. The stared at her and Mindy waved. She
waved back and sat in a empty seat next to her. Mindy and her talked to the bell rang
for 1st period. The kids all got up and left. Cindy head to room 100. She saw Jacob
was in there with the other boy.  Cindy went in quietly and sat in the back row. She
took out a pencil and a note book and class began. Cindy listen to the teacher and
when the bell rang she got up. Jacob walked the other way. She climb the stairs to
health class. In health class she sat next a girl that hated her and during class
Cindy feel asleep. 

The next two classes Jacob kept ignoring her. She ate lunch with Mindy, Tamika, and a
boy name Cory.  Cindy didn’t bother eating and when she was down she said she was
going to sit some where else. She sat at another booth by herself and slept. After
lunch she went to her last 3 classes and Jacob still didn’t talk to her.

When she went to homeroom she notice no buses run in the afternoon so she was stuck
walking in the rain. When the home bell rang she walked out side and walked slowly
home. When she got home Jacob was the only one home and when she open the door it was
locked. She sat on the steps and waited for his parents to come home.

She was soaked when the car pulled in the drive way. The parents walked to her and

Parents: what are you doing out here in the rain?

This is what the bedroom look like 
Last edited: 24 December 2008

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   24 December 2008   245266  
Oh....my....gosh...that is so freakzin awsome!
‹Emma Bear› says :   24 December 2008   944893  
thankyou after I write this story I'm going to try publishing it


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