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Its been a really great week off. :]Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 November 2008
09:33:17 PM (GMT)
Last friday, I spent my entire night relaxing, just being happy that I wouldn't be
in school for ten days. Saturday I hung out with Caroline, went on a date with the
boy that I love and went and saw Twilight. Twilight was disappointing in
comparison to the book but...I was glad I saw it. Haha. Oh, and while I was there, I
noticed everyone looked the same. Every single girl in my age group
(eh...thirteen-sixteen)  looked indentical. Some variation of a North Face jacket,
straightened hair, and jeans tucked into Uggs. It was kind of funny. I stuck out like
a sore thumb with my white coat, curly hair and leggings. Hahaha. 
Then on Sunday I worked from 11-4, made a little bit of extra cash to pocket, and
went to the Iron and Wine/Blitzen Trapper concert. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.
Monday I woke up, thought it was Sunday, went to Waffle House, and saw Twilight
again. I'll admit it was better the second time.
Tuesday, Caroline picked me up around noon, we shot the breeze, discovered a new
place to get coffee and had gelato. It was fantastic. Then I worked 4-7, went home,
took a shower, and Chris(my boss) and Alaina(whom was blazed out of her mind) picked
me up. We went back to his apartment. He rooms with two of my other boss's. Funny
story, really. They bought us beer and we played circle of death until I passed out
at four in the morning.
Wednesday I woke up at Chris's apartment on the couch, had a pounding
headache(obviously), went home at nine thirty, and took a shower. Immediately my Mom
wanted to go to Cracker Barrel and pick out a Christmas tree. Bad idea. So I went and
played it, and threw up everything I ate. But that was expected...bad
decision. We got a tree, I got sick a couple more times, we went home, I immediately
passed out on my bed and woke up four hours later, at six thirty. I watched American
Beauty, and fell asleep...again.
Thursday I woke up and had nothing to do...basically. So almost all day I just layed
around the house and spent my time on some well deserved relaxation. I ate...drank on the computer...ate...stuff like that. Alaina texted me and told me
that we were going to Chris's on Saturday again. Which brightened everything up. Then
Caroline wanted to hang out so I got dressed and we drove around, did nothing, as
usual. But it was nice. 
Friday I don't really, honestly even remember what I did. I just know that at some
point during the night I was with Caroline, and she ran out of gas.
Saturday was a great day. I woke up and layed around the house anticipating
nightfall. I fiddled on the computer, stuff like that. Then my mom and I fought. I
ended up having to go to dinner with my step grandparents, my mom, my stepdad, and my
brother. Which sucked. Because I really don't even like Outback Steakhouse,
but...whatever. When we got home Alaina picked me up and we drove around aimlessly
until Chris got off of work so we could go to his apartment. Somehow when the time
rolled around that we were going to his place, we had fifty-some beers total to split
between the three of us. I don't stomach beer well. So...I got completely destroyed
in the first round of circle of death. We had a smoke break, went to Kroger, got
food, and came back. Second round, Alaina got destroyed. Smoke break. Third round,
Chris got destroyed. I passed out sitting up outside. And that was that. I fell
asleep in my boss's bed with one of my best friends and my boss. AWKWARD. Went to
work in the morning, hung over, and about died. But Chris was there. And that was
comforting, but also weird. Because I walked in and was like. Hey! Slept with you in
your bed last night! 

But regardless.
It was a good week, to let loose, and I'm glad I got that out of my system...for now.

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