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umm...dnt no wat 2 call it...but itsh a quiz...sooo...YAY!!! xCategory: (general)
Sunday, 16 November 2008
02:51:39 PM (GMT)
[Spell Your Name In Songs]

American boy
Take a bow
Lemme get that
Nobody's home 


Name: Caitlin Anne Brown
Birthdate: 28th august 1995
Nicknames: Caity(only my family call me tht), BIG C (lol! dnt ask! xD!), Squeg (
again dnt ask) lol xD!
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Hair Colour: Blonde. Blonde hair, blue eyed godess! lol xD!
Zodiac Sign: Virgo! xD

[Random Questions]

The Shoes You Wore Today: Got em in Canada, they have a star on it and a rainbow at
da front& they're flats! xD!
Your Weaknesses: Puppy Dog Eyes & Hot Guys! (lol! hey tht rhymes!!! awesome! lol
Your Fear: Spiders, Piosenes Snakes & Ummm...Loosin My Family Or Friends! LU 2 much!
Your Perfect Pizza: Seafood (its amazin)
Goal You'd Like To Achieve: idk! xD 

[Bit More Random]

Your Best Feature: Blonde Hair Cuz Blondes Have Mre Fun! lol xD! & My Blue Eyes!
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Princess! xD
Your Bed time: I Dnt Hve 1! whenever i feel tired! 
Most Missed Memory: My Grans & Been A Wee Kid! x

[This Or That]

Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds! XD 
Adidas or Nike: Nike!! xD
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: Lipton Iced Tea! xD
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla! Duuhh Its Da Best!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino XD

[Do You]

Smoke:  Nop, Its Yukkkkkkyyyyy! lol xD! 
Curse: Now Y The Fuck Would U Think Tht U Bastards&Bitches! lol xD!! 
Sing: YupYup
Dance: PARTYS!!!!! Duhhhh 
Shower Every Day: yeshhhh!!
Have a Crush:U Will Never Find Out! xD
Think You've Been In Love: Oh I Dnt  Think I No! lol XD 
Want To Go To University: umm...I Suppose
Like School: Somtimes! xD 
Want To Get Married: HELL YEA BABY!!! XD
Get Motion Sick: Nope. 
Think You're Attractive Sexy: idk! 
Think You're A Health Freak: I No Im Not!!!!!
Get Along With Your Parents: Somtimes!

[In The Last Month]

Gone To The Mall: Yesssshhhh! (i cnt lst a month without gion shoppin!)
Eaten A Whole Box Of Oreos: Nop!! 
Eaten Sushi:  Noooo!
Been On Stage: Nop! (i somtimes have stage fright) lol XD
Gone Skating: i cnt sk8!  
Made Cookies: IN SKOOOLLL!!! LOL XD! 
Gone Skinny Dipping: 2 Cold Over Here! 
Stolen Anything: NOP! itsss baddddddd!! lol xD

[Have You Ever]

Played A Game Involving Removing Clothing: my cousin (whos a guy) tried 2 get me 2
play wae  him&his mates, i said no ( 4 obvious reasons) i jst watched instead (his
friends r STUNNIN) lol xD! trust me! 
Flashed Anyone: Nop!!
Been Beaten Up: Nop!!
Shoplifted: Nop!!

[More Questions]

Age You Hope To Get Married At: idk, about in my twentys!
Number Of Children: 4! XD
Dream Wedding: idk! gettin married 2 the perfect guy (thts why its called a DREAM)
lol xD
What Country Do You Travel In Most: Scotland! DUHHH!

[In The Opposite Sex]

Best Eye Colour: Blue
Best Hair Colour: Blonde. XD!
Short Hair or Long Hair: Dsnt Bother Me! aslong as he has mucles! lol xD
Height: Taller Thn Me! So Bigger Thn 5'7


Number Of People I Trust With My Life: About 20 abit higher probzz! (all of my
cousins i have a very big famiy& 3 of my friends) 
Number Of CDs I Own: im NOT gonna go count! 2 many!!! about 3 shelves full
Number Of Tattoos: 0.
Number Of Piercings: 4!  

[Randomer Than Before]

Do You Like Candy Necklaces: YupYup!
Listen To Music Every Day: Almost Every Day! 
Do You Still Go Trick Or Treating: Hell Yea Baby! 
What Was The Last Thing You Ate: Dinner!  
Are You A Fast Typer: Yup! XD 
What's Your Favorite Kind Of Pop: IDK
Have You Ever Won An Award: Yup!
Are You Listening To Music: No. XD
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‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   16 November 2008   118399  
WOA i wanna do it but its waaay too looong
Maybe laterz
‹♥ ≈ ●ςдї†ұ● ≈ ♥› says:   16 November 2008   357279  
lol XD!
u did do it! XD
♥ x
‹ifONLYtonight.› says:   16 January 2009   439928  
;oo am doin it xcept its.. long.
‹♥ ≈ ●ςдї†ұ● ≈ ♥› says :   16 January 2009   663648  
♥ Xx

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