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Saturday, 15 November 2008
10:03:08 PM (GMT)
Name  Carley
Birthday  june 2 1994
Birthplace   i dunno....maybe a cardboard box x-x
Zodiac sign  gemini
Shoe size  7
Skinny/Average/Pleasantly plump/FAT  Average
Righty/Lefty  lefty WOO
Can you afford to lose weight  mmm..probably haha..but who coulden"t?
Fave part of your body  my eyes...and my tongue XD lawl
Least fave part of your body  my hips...does that sound girly x-x?
Fave part on the opposite sex  mmmmm....good hugs =3
Biggest Turn-On  bright baby blue eyes and dark hair.
Biggest Turn-Off  horrible ass personality
Describe the perfect date  i dunno...just hanging out x=x"
Top 4 qualities you look for in the opposite sex  sence of humour, good taste in
music, taller then myself, good personality, cute ^^"
First Kiss  mmm...nothing special...
Are you dating anyone  nope..single
If not, do you wish you were  mmm..sometimes..but i dont really care.
Who  who what?
Ever kissed a member of the same sex  x=x...yes
Current Crush  thats between myself and i.
If someone really liked you, would you want them to tell you  sure....i dont have
mind reading powers or anything
Long distance relationship or no relationship  long distance...
Coke or Pepsi  pepsi
Cars or Trucks  trucks!
Cats or Dogs  cats
Hot or Cold  cold
Pants or shorts  pants
Long sleeves or short sleeves  short sleeves
What are you wearing right now  ripped jean short shorts, a black and white striped
long sleeve Paramore T-shirt over that and Lukes sweater.
What are you listening to  Paramore thats what you get live.
If you could have one wish, what would it be...i wish not to share that.
What is your favorite season  winter
What is your favorite type of music  rock...or punk
Do you have a website  mmm no....but my friend does that we basicly all use x-x"
Have you ever been in love  yup
How many times...twice i bileave  
With who  they know who they are.
Do you like camping  its alright
Do you like theme parks  YEASH!!!
Indoors or Outdoors  outdoors
Favorite type of movie  horror
3 names you might name your son  Axel, conner,Jacob
3 names you might name your daughter  Teri, Ami, Sara
How many kids do you want  1
What age do you want to get married  i dunno..
What age do you want to have your first kid ...i have no clue..
Do you have any siblings  yup..
How many  2
What pets do you have (if any)  a cat
T.V. or Computer  computer
Do you play an instrument  drums..and im learning guitar
Do you speak more than one language  english..and abit of Japanese french and
What are your 3 favorite sports  lacros soccer and hockey
How many posters are on your wall  1
Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom  carpet
Is your room messy or tidy  messy like you woulden"t bileave
Would you let your crush or b/f in your room  sure..why not XD i have nothing to
Do you like to burp  errr...
Top 5 favorite foods  sushi. rice. Pizza, pocky,dumplings mmmm
Have you been on stage in the last month  not in the last month x-x
How many best friends do you have ...oooh..umm...4?
Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie  movie..cuz they we get kicked out
andgo rent a movie XD
When was your last date  umm...i wen't to dinner with my friend luke does that count
3 Favorite things to do at home  well...hang tih luke since i live with him
viedeo games, and draw
Swimming in the ocean or a pool  mmm..ocean
Are you confident  pfft..yea
Do you like to take risks  sure.why not =3
Favorite subject in high school  Art and english
Least favorite subject in high school  math...
Are you in high school  yup ^^
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping  cloth shopping
Do you have a job  not at the momment
Do you drive ...sometmes but not on roads with cops cuz im not of age XD
Say one extra thing about yourself im rather random =3

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