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Bored, and not doing much to helpCategory: Random story going through my head!
Wednesday, 22 October 2008
01:36:01 AM (GMT)
"AH!!!" she cried as her older brother pretended to beat on her "ah  ha ha ha." She
couldn't help but laugh at her brother's pathetic attempt to harm her. Her long
sunlight brown hair began to tangle with all the movement, her bright blue shirt
collected grass stains. She loved the fact that her clothes would get so dirty
outside when she played, though she was jealous of her brother and his head to toe of
black clothes. 
She stood up and half expected for her brother to tackle her down. Yet he didn't. She
stopped. Looked over at her tall strange brother as he stood between her and an
elderly man. Her bright blue eyes looked at Jason her brother, and Wicker the elderly
man. She couldn't figure out why her brother was always protecting her from this old
man. She remembers once she took a piece of candy from him, yet Jason took it from
her hands and threw the piece of chocolate at him. "What's the matter Jason?" she
looked at her brother as he turned around and picker her up. He carried her up the
stairs, she was still bewildered at her brother's actions.

As they walked inside the little apartment they had, their mother - who was barely
there and when she was Jason kicked her out- looking as if she had just stayed up
seven days with out food. Which was most likely the case since her last boyfriend and
her left them both alone to get high. Her hair a once beautiful light brown just like
the girls, now bleached and ratted. She was basically just skin and bones, yet what
do you expect from an addict. "Where is the money? I NEED THE MONEY NOW JASON!" she
practically pulled the only hair off her head as she said this. The beautiful young
girl stood there as her mother walked up to her, "AJ, sweety. Now listen to mommy. Do
you know where Jason puts all the money?" She said these words in a soft urgent,
needy tone. While her hand were fidgeting all over the place, and she looked as if
she needed to pee. "Mommy, I don't know where Jason puts it. But why are you here?"
She asked as if she was actually going to get a different answer than the one already
in her head. Her mother replied, "DAMMIT AJ, WHERE DOES HE KEEP THE MONEY?" Aj
started to form tears in her eyes. She began to run in the bedroom as Jason came out
of where ever he was and handed his mother a twenty dollar bill. "Get out of here,
that's all I am going to give you. You can start making your own money, for your own
problems. Your no longer welcome hear," Jason said this coldly, as his stair almost
killed his mother. She then took the rags she had, and walked out the door. She threw
the bill back at Jason, "that twenty wont help me, just like you!" she said back at
him AJ, walked over to Jason as he picked her up. Holding each other, since they were
the only family they had and needed.
Last edited: 22 October 2008

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