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From poptarts to gay bars we have it all (Pg3)Category: From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (story)
Monday, 29 September 2008
07:30:04 PM (GMT)
The blaring alarm called Melody from his wonderful dream about Angelina Jolie. He
slammed his fist down on the plastice sleep button and then lifted his head to look
at the green digital numbers. "Five A.M.?!"  He yelled and threw the alarm at his
door.His door was still open from when he came home and so the cordless alarm clock
tumbled down the stairs with several loud clunks. As the little alarm clock hit the
last step and fell off landing at he entryway to the livingroom Harmony decided to
return to the kitchen. 
                 "Melodie's awake." He said and leaned against the counter inbetween
Anya and James. "I could tell." Anya said and drank a sip of her hot chocolate. James
put his arm around Harmony's shoulders. "You know you probly should'nt have set his
alarm for him and just told him to set it for five." He advised and took a sip of his
coffee. Moments later the french door sperating the livingroom and the kitchen
slammed open with a very loud noise. Harmony flinched and tried to sneak away
unnoticed, but failed miserably. Melodie held the back of his twin's hoodie as
Harmony struggled to get away. "Harmony, why is my alarm set for ten hours earlier
than it should be?" Melodie growled. Harmony chose to intervene when Melodie looked
like he was about to grab the vase on the shelf beside him and hit Harmony in the
head with it. "Melodie hurry and get dressed, we've got to pick up Tereasa." Melodie
then noticed Anya for the first time and let go of his twin brother. "Anya!" He ran
up and hugged her nearly making her drop her hot chocolate. "I haven't seen you in
months!" He chaired. He lifted her up and looked at her hovering above her. She
glared. "Put me down." She said sternly and he complied. "Go get a jacket." SHe said
and shooed him off. Seconds later they heard footsteps coming down stairs and
expected to see Melodie, but it seemed that they had awoken the twins' mother. 
                   Thier mother stood in the kitchen doorway holding the pieces of
what use to be Melodie's alarm clock. "What's this?" She drowsily inquired. "Oh, it's
nothing Mrs. Vander, we just woke Melodie up a bit earlier than expected and he was a
little surprised." Anya said and waved at her. Mrs. Vander seemed to perk up. "Oh,
Anya! I haven't seen you in forever!" she cheered up. Anya smiled. "It's nice to see
you too Mrs.Vander. Mrs.Vander put her hands on her hips. "Now, i've said you can
call me Olivia, so why must you insist on calling me Mrs.vander?" she asked. Anya
could see Melodie quietly step around the corner into the living room behind his
mother, plae as a ghost and looking at his destroyed alarm clock that he knew he'd be
chewed out for if she saw him. Melodie snuck out the front door and moments after
idley chatting ( AKA: coering up the noise the door made and distracting olivia.)
James, Anya, and Harmony exited the house. 
Harmony said they had to leave.
                  Melodie was already in the driver seat so the other three sueezed
in the back so that when they picked up Tereasa she could sit beside Melodie. As they
picked up Tereasa, Anya fell silent and started to just stare out the window. They
drove all the way to the arcade with the sounds of the classical music staion on. All
the people in the back were extremely happy to escape the calssical music. It was
nice every now and again, but when Olivia was always playing the flute version of
every beathover, bach and robert w smith she could get her hands on. BEcause of the
Harmony got a taste for classic rock, and Melodie was all classic music. all the
                 They all walked into the Arcade, first costumers of the day, and
started to yell and cheer. Thier idea of waking up the first shift workers.  Anya
just on top of the air hockey table. "Okay! Where all here! So, let's have a pocky
game contest!" She cheered and pulled the box of pocky she'd won the other day out of
her purse. "Alright let's go! We'll vote what loser has to do this time after we have
the results." She said and hopped off the table. Terease looked at her. "Um...what's
a pocky game...thingy?" SHe asked. Anya sat on the pinball maching across from the
air hockey table. Melodie looked at her and started to explain. "Here's how you play,
you and your partner start at differrent ends of the pocky stick and eat until you
meet in the middle. First one to pull away loses. When where all done with our first
partner we swich partners. At the end whoever lost the most is the overall loser and
is then humiliated mercilessly." Tereasa eyes widened. So basically the partners have
to kiss? And we are all gonna be partnered so that means were all gonna kiss
eachother? No way. I am not kissing anyone besides you, and you aren't going to kiss
anyone besides me. This game is so stupid, but" She glared at Anya, "I bet this is
the only way you can get kissed, isn't it you two-bid whore." Tereasa said to Anya
before grabbing Melodie's hand and pulling him toward the exit. Melodie looked over
his shoulders at anya and mouthed the words "Sorry." 
                  After Melodie had been dragged away Anya got off the pinball
machine. "I knew it was a bad idea to invite her to our game day, but who cares,
let's get on with the fooseball!" She said in a cheerful voice with a deressed
Last edited: 29 September 2008

SarahGoesRawr cries:   1 October 2008   651546  
Awwww.... It saddens me....
Hippityhop says :   1 October 2008   719427  
Sad? Oh noes why?!


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