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Happy Birthday, BebeCategory: (general)
Monday, 22 September 2008
12:02:10 AM (GMT)
Her twelfth birthday = spazzy Wendy = FANFICTIOOON. O' course, to my super best friend. You guys are all r-tards if you don't know who she is. :U [By the way, I posted this at 9:12 PM my time because I might not be able to post it tomorrow on Kupika while Bebe's on. Besides, it's already September 22nd where she is. 8D {And, like, on Kupika, it says September 22nd, anyways. XD}] -- I wrapped a blindfold over Bebe's eyes. I was pretty sure she couldn't see through the black blindfold; I'd tested it on about ten people earlier, including myself. "Whoa!" I had caught her by surprise. "Wendy, what the heck?!" "You'll see," I replied grinning. I gripped her shoulders firmly and led her to my house, where her surprise birthday party was being held. "What? Where are you leading me?" she asked nervously. From her voice, I could tell she was wondering if I was going to lead her to a cliff and push her off. "I said you'll see, woman!" "Tell me!" she demanded, clenching her fists. She did nothing, though. "I have a gun in my pocket!" she threatened. "And I have a knife. Much more enjoyable." I reached into her jacket pocket and retrieved her gun. "But thanks for telling me!" I chucked the gun in a random direction. "My gun!" she cried, reaching out, trying to find it. Instead, she touched the door of my house. "Turn the knob and open the door," I ordered, smiling. I really hoped she was going to love this. Her fingers found the knob, and she turned it and pushed the door open. Instantly, I pulled her blindfold off. "SURPRISE!" Everyone I invited jumped out of their hiding places. "Oh!" she exclaimed, shocked. "Wow!" Kenny, Stan, Christophe (who demanded to be called the Mole), Lola, and Red were there, smiling. Bright-colored confetti was everywhere, and streamers decorated the room, making it seem very lively. In the corner was a stack of presents, but they were oddly not pressed up against the corner; they were like a wall. Stan and Kenny did a really good job getting the place ready for a party. Bebe's eyes locked on the Mole. "I remember you from a long time ago! Viva La Resistance!" A wide grin spread across her face. The Mole's eyes narrowed. "I zoo not remember you. Why am I here?" "It's her birthday, retard," Stan said, rolling his eyes. "What else is that for?" He pointed to a banner above their heads, which read 'Happy Twelfth Birthday, Bebe!' and had pictures of shoes all over it. "Look, look!" I said, pointing to a table with food on it. She walked over, glancing at the different foods. Everyone, including me, crowded around her, anxious to hear what she thought of it. "Candy, spaghetti, ice cream," she named the foods. "Ooh, soup!" She flashed a grin, and we all sighed in relief. "Fook," the Mole added automatically. But suddenly she jerked her head forward and looked around. "Oh." Her face fell suddenly. We all looked at each other. Oh, boy. Red's face twisted up, empathetic, and suddenly everything clicked. Bebe noticed a certain someone was missing. "Well!" I said quickly. "Before we do anything, you need to open presents!" Lola and I took her hand and dragged her quickly to the corner. "Geez," Bebe said. "Let me savor the moment." "Savor, shmavor." I blew a raspberry. "You'll like this better." She rolled her eyes, and picked the top present off of the 'gift wall'. She ripped off the wrap like a predator attacking its prey. "Shoes! Omigod, shoes." "It's the one I took from you in fourth grade. Remember? I ended up with your shoes and gun," I told her. She examined the shoes. "Oh, yeah!" She happily twirled in a circle. "It's just as cute as the last time I saw it!" She placed the shoes in front of a light, admiring it even more. Kenny whistled. "Shoe-obsessed, much?" He winked jokingly. "You know it!" she replied. Actually, what Bebe didn't know was that the whistle was an alarm. For the greatest present EVER. I nearly let out a squeal in excitement. Kyle emerged from behind the presents, stretching. His lankiness hadn't helped him hide behind the gifts. He easily knocked down the gifts (which consisted of mostly shoes) and wrapped his arms around Bebe's middle. "Hey, gorgeous." He grinned victoriously when Bebe blushed a very deep red. We all stared, mouths agape, different emotions on our faces: shock, disbelief, joy. "Happy birthday," he whispered in her ear, then picked her up bridal style and left, for the old clubhouse. I took a deep breath and smiled. "Okay, anyone have a video camera?"
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StrawberrySHOCK says :   22 September 2008   292957  

You included all of our inside jokes! 8'D +The happiness doesn't
xD +Dies+

+Sniffle+ Best..present..EVER TwT
Thank you TwT


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