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Saturday, 20 September 2008
11:41:09 PM (GMT)
NO WTF I'M NOT FOLLOWING THE CRAZE. Besides, it's too late, it has long faded. ~rolls eyes~ I'm just bored. I'm, like, 400-500 pages into the book? Spoilers follow. ^ ^ You've been forewarned! Twilight Summary: "EDWAAARDDD, I LOVE YOU AND ALL YOUR GLITTTEEERRR. MAY I SPRINKLE YOU ALL OVER MY BANNER FOR HOMEWORK SO IT'LL LOOK PURDIER?" What's up with all the boys liking her? Tyler, Mike, blah de blee bloh bloo. Jessica seems better than her, with her gossip-y flaws and stuff. T_T New Moon: Bella concludes, after going ultimately zombie, that since she can't have Edward's -65 degrees body around, she decided to have Jacob's 1933409 degrees one. Yuh-huh. This book emphasizes that Bella is a Mary-Sue. She never missed a day of school during her zombie-mourning state, and she also gets straight As? Wouldn't Edward's absence have affected her schoolwork? And then Jacob says that he thinks Quil likes her. OH. MAI. GAWSH. Eclipse: Unfortunately, yet to be read. ;[ Breaking Dawn: "PILLOW FIGHTTTT!" "NO, EDWARD, THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" I would've liked Bella to stay human, kthxbai. And what the heck is up with Bella Leech-A-Lot going kung-fu on Jacob for nicknaming her daughter "Nessie"? COME ON, IT'S NOT THAT BAD. Seth cannot keep on saving Jacob's butt. Seriously, you guys. Jacob, Leah, and Seth are my top three favorite characters, followed by Jasper, Emmett, and Esme. And then Carlisle. And Alice. More of a wolf dudette than a leech dudette. ;P -Kenny-

‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   20 September 2008   161469  
One of the best summaries I've found, definitely. XD

StrawberrySHOCK says:   21 September 2008   461341  
xD Lolol.

That was the best summary ever!

I think my favorite character is Nessie now :] She was so cute! >w<
Now it's:
Nessie, Seth, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Kate [The lightning girl :3],
Yerr :]
I hate Rosalie D< And Bella after Breaking Dawn and New Moon. She's
pretty annoying with her Mary-Sue-Ness.
I've never really liked Jacob e.o He's a bit..Kenny-ish at times xD;

Conspiring says:   21 September 2008   476769  
WonderDORK- xDD Thanks! SHOCKer- Thank you. ;P I wish Renesmee was a boy, though. I really liked the name Edward Jacob. Rosalie got annoying, but I loathe Bella more. e_o LOLOL, Kenny Jacob. How awesome.
‹Miharu-chan› says:   21 September 2008   957475  
I read Breaking Dawn also..I borrowed it from a friend. Bella's changed sooo much. She's turned into a Mary-Sue (Oh goodness..).
Conspiring says :   21 September 2008   544182  
Yeah. 8/ She was completely out of character.


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